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  1. God damnit, I'm way more nervous now than I anticipated to be. Was hoping they would go for a crazy backline of Matic and McTominay or some shit. Pogba, Lukaku and Fellaini coming off the bench aswell is worrying. Ozil would of been really useful in this one, if they are gonna sit 10 behind the ball.
  2. Hi

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      Ehhhhh, what's up Doc? 🥕

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      Johnny Devine goes to medical school, sounds like something that'd be a big hit if Impact had a movies division.

  3. I definitely would like to help, although I would be pretty useless for anything besides WWE and NJPW. I am actually in the process of updating the game for myself so I can play (set to Jan 2018), and am going through every worker in WWE chronologically and am making some tweaks (up to Samoa Joe currently). Made some notes on what I've changed aswell..
  4. Arsene Wenger is a billion times smarter than me. Surely, he has to realize that we need to sign some folks if we wanna win anything. My head hurts everytime I think about it, I have no reasonable explanation for the lack of signings... Surely, if you buy top players like Ozil, Alexis and Cech and you charge the most in ticket prices your aim should be winning the league and not settling for CL every year... I know this is a random post, I just need to release this enormous amount of fucking frustration I feel inside me... The market value of players increase every year, next year they are gonna be even more expensive so just fucking go and spend now ffs... The other big clubs are fucking laughing at us... I honestly believe Pellegrini would be a better manager for us. Atleast he has some goddamned ambition... I respect you Arsene, but just go to PSG or something and let me feel some sort of excitement when it comes to Arsenal FC...
  5. Don't be silly mate, he'd much rather play Coq as our world class centre back...
  6. Apparently, Mahrez is doing a Vardy and snubbing us aswell...
  7. Get Fatfuck Carvalho off the field, he's sooo slow defensively..
  8. This Breel Embolo guy is hilarious, every time he touches the ball, he either falls down or miscontrols it horribly.
  9. Southampton 2-2 Newcastle Swansea 0-2 Chelsea Watford 1-3 Everton Liverpool 0-0 Stoke Spurs 1-1 Man Utd
  10. Bournemouth 1-2 Man City Norwich 1-1 Newcastle Liverpool 1-2 Spurs Leicester 1-1 Southampton Man Utd 2-1 Everton
  11. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham Watford 0-1 Stoke Newcastle 0-1 Sunderland Southampton 1-2 Liverpool Man City 0-1 Man Utd
  12. Norwich 1-2 Man City Bournemouth 1-1 Swansea Stoke 2-0 Southampton Aston Villa 1-3 Tottenham Leicester 2-2 Newcastle
  13. Everton 1-2 West Ham Newcastle 2-0 Bournemouth Swansea 1-1 Norwich Watford 0-1 Leicester Crystal Palace 0-2 Liverpool
  14. Southampton 2-1 Chelsea Stoke 0-0 Aston Villa Watford 1-1 Bournemouth West Brom 1-1 Crystal Palace Man Utd 1-2 Arsenal
  15. Bournemouth 1-1 Stoke (Sat 3pm)Chelsea 3-1 Newcastle (Sat 5.30pm)Arsenal 2-1 Leicester (Sun 12pm)Aston Villa 0-1 Liverpool (Sun 2.05pm)Man City 0-0 Tottenham (Sun 4.15pm)

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