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  1. I am genuinely confused as to why seemingly no one is over at all. Even Zack Sabre Jr is a jobber in his own country and, even more bafflingly, a jobber in Japan, where he's had a very strong push in 2018.
  2. Yeah, you're right, fair enough. My bad.
  3. In the next update, can someone please remember that Chris Dickinson and Jaka have been an official tag team for, like, a year now?
  4. For the May update, Shane Strickland is the MLW World Heavyweight champion. Also, I'd bump Shane's overness up a few points.
  5. I hate to be a naggy nancy, but why is CM Punk 300k per appearance? Like, if it's just to make it so prohibitive to hire him that no one but AI WWE can do it because he's done with wrestling, then just delete him from the save. Also, Bryan's stats need to be bumped UP now that he's active again.
  6. Yeah, count me on the team "More wrestlers is better." I even don't mind more relationships, though I agree that Alter-Egos aren't really needed. Longer load times aren't that big of a deal to me, since I usually play the game while doing other things.
  7. Except that Garnet didn't really beat her in a one-on-one fight. Yeah, Garnet was outmaneuvering her but nothing she was doing was really doing damage to Jasper. Even suckering Jasper into flying into the engine and crashing the ship into the Earth FROM ORBIT didn't do a whole lot more than piss her off. Hell, in future appearances when Pearl and Garnet go out to look for Jasper, I'm pretty sure they planned on fusing into Sardonyx to beat her. However, with subsequent appearances, much like Peridot and Lapis, she suffered from some rather painful Badass Decay. Although at least unlike the other two, she at least got some character development in the bargain.
  8. If you ain't watchin' Samurai Jack, you's a bitch.
  9. To which I would tell you to watch the BOLA night three preview.
  10. I'd seriously argue that Jeff Cobb's technical score isn't nearly high enough. Dude made it to the fucking Olympics.

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