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  1. Yeah, count me on the team "More wrestlers is better." I even don't mind more relationships, though I agree that Alter-Egos aren't really needed. Longer load times aren't that big of a deal to me, since I usually play the game while doing other things.
  2. Game of Thrones

  3. Shibata should definitely be a non-wrestler at this point
  4. Steven Universe Thread

    Except that Garnet didn't really beat her in a one-on-one fight. Yeah, Garnet was outmaneuvering her but nothing she was doing was really doing damage to Jasper. Even suckering Jasper into flying into the engine and crashing the ship into the Earth FROM ORBIT didn't do a whole lot more than piss her off. Hell, in future appearances when Pearl and Garnet go out to look for Jasper, I'm pretty sure they planned on fusing into Sardonyx to beat her. However, with subsequent appearances, much like Peridot and Lapis, she suffered from some rather painful Badass Decay. Although at least unlike the other two, she at least got some character development in the bargain.
  5. General Television Thread

    If you ain't watchin' Samurai Jack, you's a bitch.
  6. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    So fuck Nick Spencer. That is all.
  7. To which I would tell you to watch the BOLA night three preview.
  8. You still don't get to the Olympics by being a scrub.
  9. I'd seriously argue that Jeff Cobb's technical score isn't nearly high enough. Dude made it to the fucking Olympics.
  10. Steven Universe Thread

    Man, you guys. Steven had a big day.
  11. What music are you listening to?

    I just listened to Blind Guardian for the first time. Power Metal is the shit.
  12. What Did You Watch Today?

    Oh God. My mom's friends are over and the husband is controlling the TV. He loves superhero movies. Green Lantern. Then next on is Amazing Spider-Man.
  13. Steven Universe Thread

    I cannot handle the emotional strain of this StevenNuke. Bismuth Mr. Greg. I just can't handle it.
  14. EWR March '16 Update **Spoilers Ahead**

    Timothy Thatcher isn't British.