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  1. A few questions: I'm looking to remove Lucha Underground as they have not been picked up for a fifth season and many wrestlers would be freed up for other commitments (Cobb in NJPW-US, Willie Mack in most places, Pentagon and Fénix for CRASH (yes I know they are almost everywhere but reverently won the tag belts there), Matt Stryker (he does MLW shows), several writers are also in MLW, Brian Cage, Desmond Xavier, Sami Callihan, Kevin/Killer Cross, Sammy Guevara, etc.) What does everyone else think? Since CM Punk is going to be an MMA announcer now, should he be added in game as an announcer?
  2. Thanks been waiting on Villano III Jr. and the other Luchadors. Can you do his cousins Rocambole Jr. and Villanova V Jr. please?
  3. I have been debating that in my current save I'm doing post that event Friday. I have had Wednesday as NXT since I did NXT as a playable brand. About two months ago 205 Live jumped to Wednesdays and I never changed it. The game only had one show per day so I kept NXT. But now that UK runs it maybe different. 205 Live and the two NXT shows run on Wednesdays so I'm debating renaming it WWE Wednesday for December. As for World of Sport (WOS), I covered this before in the September update, but EWR 4.2 is a NORTH AMERICAN game. The only countries promotions run in are USA, Canada and Mexico. UK/England/Britain wasn't added until the first TEW release. I have New Japan in because they run American shows every three or so months. Progress was a part of WWN when they tour America. I removed them a month or two after they stopped running their last announced tour. I'll likely add them back in for Mania weekend. I'll likely add RevPro and wXw (of Germany) as well for March/April and remove them again in May for Mania weekend too. WOS doesn't run in America nor has American clearance so due to the nature of the game, I can't add it. I'd add workers but when I asked in the September update only one was given. Unless a guy is given a WWE deal or starts regularly competing in America, I'm likely not adding them unless someone provides stats. I have as hard of enough time sometimes realizing which promotions I have to update. For instance, SHIMMER ran the weekend before the update and I just found out on Cagematch last night checking the profile for one of the Sea Star sisters. I'm fully open to any and all help for updates to this game. I'm wondering if you meant half of this is for TEW 16 since a lot of the issues are programming problems due to the created source code which was lost years ago. The best I can do is set him to non-worker and then continually set him to 0 in game via Arsenic or send him to rehab via Arsenic.
  4. I noticed a few issues so I did a data patch with a few updates as of today and a new promotion.
  5. I might try making a split for December...
  6. Well it is update time again. Here is the Update for November. I will be adding Game Changer Wrestling in December however I added a number of guys from it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ops06sqf7itym93/November_2018.zip/file Edit: I fixed some title issues, some MLW departs and added Game Changer from the talents I currently have (and moved Louie Ramos to production) https://www.mediafire.com/file/9bd8cpke1pj6n18/Post_Crown_Jewel.zip/file
  7. A little too late for this month don't you think? Not that I am against it, just saying I wouldn't be able to add it for tomorrow.
  8. I'm sorry. I appreciate any and all help I get whether it is splits or suggestions.
  9. I would totally be for a split but the one problem I run into is it hard to update a normal save let alone a split. If someone is willing to do it, I'm more than up for it.
  10. I try to do this for each month in the updates so I would start there. Obviously not everyone has a pic because I'm trying to use KyKy and I don't have Photoshop so cutting and pasting isn't easy on Paint and some photos aren't good for that. Namely many on luchawiki.
  11. He was removed because he last wrestled in the 2014 Royal Rumble. I think one of the earlier updates has him. Just copy the data down and add him into your game.
  12. Just to give a heads up I got a ton of adds coming for the game. I am looking to add quite a few lucha wrestlers currently not in the game, Sean Studd, the Carnies, Randy (the third Squad World Order member), Black Warrior (who was removed at some point) and his son Warrior Jr., Universo 2000 Jr., Villano III Jr. (he too was previously in the game under his previous name, but was removed with the purge) and Rocambole Jr. (again, he was previously in the game under a different name, but was removed in the same purge).

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