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  1. Just have the data. NXT and NXT UK were combined and 205 Live is its own brand again. https://www.mediafire.com/file/weyci2a583gan2y/Superstar_Shake-up_2019.zip/file After this I found that Garza Jr. has joined WWE. Add him to a developmental deal.
  2. Yeah I did that. Have a few minor updates and alterations I need to make for the Superstar Shakeup update. The May update will only have a few adds for WSU which I'll add back in.
  3. Just a heads up I might have to push back the Superstar Shake-Up update for just a May release. My father has been sick the last week, week and a half and now was admitted into the hospital. Nothing found yet. If anyone would want to make a split based off my data, great. However I will likely not be able to do much of anything for a few days until we know what exactly is wrong. EDIT: It is fungal meningitis so I should be fine doing the superstar Shake-Up mini-update. Also I am debating having again NXT and NXT-UK as a combined brand (since UK isn't playable in game) with 205 Live taking the fourth brand spot or not. I'd love input from people.
  4. I deleted Batista since he only had 6 or so appearences since he last "retired" in 2014 and it is pretty unlikely he'd return for good...
  5. They will NOT be in the game going forward. They are not North American promotions. Remember, EWR is simply a North American game with Total Extreme Warfare being more international locations for promotions. In the More Than Mania update, I didn't include Progress since they didn't run a Mania weekend show, like they have in the past. As of right now wXw, RevPro and Stardom do not have North American dates so they will not be in. If Progress runs another American tour, they'll be back in the game for those shows.
  6. I'll have to check if he was in a past update otherwise I'd have to do it blind which isn't ideal.
  7. For the most part CMLL talent only worked CMLL or aligned promotions (ROH and New Japan). Especially top guys. Only recently have they worked alongside The CRASH as well. I added those that work in CRASH to CRASH namely the Dinamitas, Titan and Peste Negra. Johnny Impact was under a written deal since he only really worked Impact and Lucha. Plus it kind of made him off limits to WWE... La Mascara I guess I forgot he was under a written deal. No idea Raven was and I think he is gone from Impact anyway... I have updated sponsors and removed about three shutdown companies.
  8. OK so I am only posting the More Than Mania version of the April update and I'll instead remove the promotions for a Superstar Shake-Up update. Rosters reflect Mania events and I'll revert them in the Superstar Shake-Up update. Enjoy. https://www.mediafire.com/file/4296kc9eb9rz2h7/April_2019.zip/file
  9. Internet outage preventing More Than Mania from being posted. I'll post it likely after work tomorrow. My apologies EWR fans.

  10. Working on the Update. Sorry it was later than I wanted to get it done.

  11. Yeah I'm bitter about the Dragon Gate ones...
  12. I will not have WrestleCon as a part of the More Than Mania update. Also More Than Mania staff will not be in the normal staff going forward if they are in other countries.
  13. Just an FYI I'll do the April update for Friday night and the More than Mania version should be up Sunday.
  14. That was what I was pondering given both have been fairly inactive even in the past two three years.
  15. Just a question due to the retirements of the Bella Twins and Jason Jordan becoming a road agent, does anyone have a problem with me deleting them as workers? Jordan I'll add as a producer but I'm not sure if the Bell as are good to be added as staff.
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