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  1. August and September had them in the full. This month I did a light update due to personal matters otherwise they normally do have pics, logos and banners.
  2. I think I'll wait on London since I typically wait a year and a half and he had a considerable about of matches in 2017/8.
  3. I'm back with the October update but it is a super-light one. Just data and no new workers. A lot of show updates this month. Just had a rough month. Should have some more freetime in October and November.. https://www.mediafire.com/file/kdjvd9okvin40u7/October_Super-Light.zip/file
  4. It is head to head. EWR is rather behind the times in that aspect. If you don't like that mechanic, I would play a more recent TEW.
  5. Actually while updating TV, I found that Beyond and ROH actually share the same day and timeslot. This is an update, due to Twitch being the home of Impact, I'm just moving it all to AXS. NTX-UK will also be an added show now too. I think for 205 Live I'm just lumping them into NXT.
  6. For October and October only, Impact will have two TV shows. For now they are running previews on AXS on the Tuesday slot Impact will have along with the airings on Friday.
  7. Fusion will remain an early evening show since the time length best reflects what they do each week. I believe that MCW is running ROH's Future of Honor shows. That said, they are also a full-time promotion otherwise...
  8. Hmmm weird... I don't recall Comet in the modern games.
  9. I will keep the majority of the AEW talent in until the tv kicks in. TV will shakeout the roster. I thought PAC renamed his "rings of Saturn" into the Bastardizer, not Brutalizer...
  10. Here is the September 2019 update. This wasn't as big as other updates but that is because I tried taking care of some of the issues with wages. Here we go. Lite: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vjo8nlwc3ymg5ru/September_Lite.zip/file Full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vav1cwupgf3blmj/September_Full.zip/file
  11. Thanks. Looking to have the September update up for tonight after All Out or tomorrow.
  12. DDT isn't even a touring promotion in game and that seems rather one-off anyway... But besides AAA, where has Omega worked AND is playable in the game since he joined AEW? Largely the AAA stuff is due to the relationship with AEW and relegated to the big quarterly shows AAA runs rather than say Killer Kross who is a regular. Yeah. I do updates for most people but I understand if certain changes I do aren't popular like say Jacob Fatu being in DEFY as tag champ or APW as world champ over AAW which is a bigger promotion, but he is semi-regular in. Which promotion a worker has is a bit tricky especially considering how many guys work for.
  13. Until he does he is unsackable as are the Rhodes and the Bucks (now that they are done with the indies).
  14. I have updated these. Just an FYI, corner moves are someone is in the turnbuckle or on a turnbuckle. So say the.KO Cannonball is a corner move but Vader Bombs, Bonzai drops, BMEs are not. I'm not sure about Dixie. I don't think she actually does anything and just have the minority ownership until it is bought off. If she isn't active, wouldn't it be better removing her from the game?
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