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  1. OK So I did redo all the Television shows and apparently there must be a problem on the 17th slot (WOW!) in code (this was AEW Dark in this month's update). I had both WWE Network and Fox complain about WOW!'s show on AXS TV this time I ran it. Not sure if that is coincidence or what. I think WOW is on seasonal hiatus and was debating deleting that, but I ended up deleting MCW Rage and Ascent for RISE instead. I also tried playing AEW since it "at war" with CMLL. I notice the ratings is low for TNT but the problem is WWE's image is based on WWE not NXT. Perhaps due to ratings issues, I could lower them and raise AEW to not war with CMLL. Perhaps I could make CMLL a bit lower too since it is mostly national in Mexico but it don't run outside of Mexico City and Guadalajara... I also noticed that AEW Dark is "too violent" for YouTube in Early Evening which is when Dark "airs" on YouTube. I raised YouTube to 100
  2. I vhecked and it shouldn't but I ran a series of shows to affect it and I stumbled across it on Fox with SmackDown. I did I didn't actually add Dark, that was in the update I didn't do. I deleted it and hopefully that fixes that issue. I'm half wondering if it is a code issue since this happened with ROH and Beyond for having the same channel and day but Dark effected SmackDowns and are on different days and different channels. Edit: I'm gonna try and re-add all the TV shows along with events and that. I do think I am going to remove CRASH (baring them not doing a Mania weekend show this year like they did in 2018). WWN I might wait until after Mania since they are doing the supershow again...
  3. Isn't Kai still with Dragon Gate? I know Dragon Gate wrestlers have appeared in All Japan off and on especially for tournaments. If I can get concrete proof he is with AJPW full time, I'll change it. If not, he is in Dragon Gate. I don't even think Dragon Gate ran their first 2020 show yet... Último Dragón i similarly left in All Japan at the time but it seems his contract was up and is fully back in Dragon Gate. Alex Coughlin and Clark Connors I left off of a touring commitment to NJPW since they are irregularly touring for the promoting. Colt Cabana I left off because he only did the tag league. Alexander Hammerstone I think is a similar case to Kai and Cabana, only in for the leagues. Douki I'll wait and see since he infrequently tours with New Japan. I don't typically rename workers who sign with WWE to real names. I just wait until they get their WWE names. Edit: Yuji Hino is the Zero1 champ so why would I remove him from Zero1? The Satos work both M-Pro and BJPW. Speed of Sound/Yapper Men do too but seemingly work M-Pro more at least of late.
  4. In the February update I can already state that GCW will see some changes. Currently both the GCW Extreme (held by PCO) and GCW Tag Team (held by Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) titles are suspended due to their champions being inactive. The tag team titles were only defended once and Los Mazisos only worked the GCW shows in Japan as they mostly wrestled Japan and Mexico last year (defending the title once in that double shot.) Hell, they worked AAA more times last year (though not consistently enough to keep them on the roster) than GCW. PCO has not appeared in GCW since he made his goodbye speech after signing with ROH last year. Like the CRASH removal and WWN Live split, I'd like to have feedback from others before I commit to it.
  5. Lite: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8sl3tbrrgaak4ft/January_Lite.zip/file Full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/krgxsr187jsu9wt/January_Full.zip/file How to Replace Data (so please don't ask again in this thread) Notes for EWR 2020 updates: Shimmer and RISE has merged in the game. Joey Kaos Munoz will be a staff under the name Joey Munoz as of February. He is a trainer since he runs the Santino Bros school. Only worked a handful of matches since 2016. I am debating removing The CRASH. Like most lucha libre rosters, it is fairly fluid and it honestly is a little too filled with unknown workers. Plus it limits some workers having a bigger promotion like Bandido. I am also debating separating FIP from WWN. Yes, I know it is in the WWN family but it has the most different talent of say Evolve and Shine. Only a handful work both Evolve and FIP. Shine I am looking to keep with Evolve as they have run double shots. All they share really is announcers and referees. Eric Bugenhagen is Rik Bugez as he is working under that name on Evolve in a few weekends. I was awaiting his return and use on NXT under the name. I'm taking EVOLVE bookings as use under the name. SmackDown and WK spoilers
  6. working on a few things for the EWR Jan 2020 update, namely event names, title updates and birthdates. Don't @ me about it...

  7. That was fixed. I hope to get the update done tonight if not in the next few days.
  8. Hi does anyone have pics let alone kyky for: 1 Called Manders AJ Gray Avery Taylor Chuck O'Neil Chuckles The Clown Clayton Gainz Cody Vance Daniel Makabe Destro Dominic (Mysterio) Dominic Teixeira Dulce Gardenia Dulce Kanela Eric Cairnie Eric Taylor Holden Albright Kevin Blackheart Lindsay Snow Logan Stunt Mark Wheeler Mike Jackson Mikey Montgomery Savannah Evans Steven Tresario Suede Thompson Titus Alexander Travis Titan
  9. Chuckles and Vita aren't in. I breifly only heard of Chuckles in I think the RoH/MCW Future of Honor 3 show that happend Final Battle weekend. Haven't heard of Vita.
  10. Sorry wasn't going for that... Anywho for now I have Vincent and Bateman as The Brigade. I'd add more if I knew who else was in it...
  11. Aja Kong is out injured so keep her. Alex Reynolds and John Silver look to be hanging in, I would get further into detail but.that's spoilery... Brian Pillman Jr., Dustin Thomas, Fabi Apache, Glacier, Ivelisse, Jazz, Nicole Savoy (especially with her starting in ROH), ODB, Priscilla Kelly, Ryo Mizunami, Sunny Daze, Teal Piper, Tenille and Tommy Dreamer all were one-time for battle totals so dump them. Jamie Hayter was there for two shows but not recently. Shasta I think showed up twice too... El Lindaman and T-Hawk I might wait for next month. Dragon Gate had a pretty big roster stand-up. Deactivate Maximum, Mochizuki Dojo, Natural Vibes and Tribe Vanguard. Add Toryumon: Add Dragon Gate: Also the Open the Twin Gate titles should be vacant.
  12. Yes but you'd think people would read through the thread and see it was already covered... I guess starting January I'll post it in the beginning of the thread...
  13. It is when every fourth or fifth post is about this which I believe is a sticky thread itself... This one alone had three posts about it.
  14. Did you drag the individual folders into your EWR 4-2 folder and hit "apply to all"? In the future, please don't hijack the update threads on this.
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