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  1. I'am looking for some input in this. I am also debating about Shibata being added back in or not.
  2. I fixed most of these that said I did not do the fonz factor because that is supposed to be the coolest of the cool. That and L.A. Parkas much as I love him even today, the guy don't look cool in the outfit with a dad bod while he has two sons looking similar and a long time impersonator... Similarly at one point Father James Mitchell would have looked menacing, now he looks like your scary uncle you only see on holidays. And I do love Mitchell mind you. I removed the Fonz Factor and didn't add superstar look for Dr. Wagner Jr./Rey Wagner since he don't look cool nor like a star anymore. I also made a few overness boosts based off of your suggestions namely Thief Ant and Zack Wentz. Also some like Blank and KTB I did a little more. Also i upped Gresham to 91 in technical rather than 88. He is one of the elite level grapplers today. Which folder are you trying to copy the data into? It should go into the DATA folder in the EWR folder and not into any save folders. Also are you clicking "Yes to all" when you copy/paste?
  3. The problem is the money in game for these promotions too. You can easily run an IMPACT, MLW or ROH out of business with those wages. Especially since they run TV AND monthly shows under typically open contracts meaning they are pay per appearance rather than per month.
  4. What should their stats be? I have this conversation several time in the last month/month and a half in regards to stats of any wrestler male or female being "underrated". See Double J or Smart Mark for stat updates. The wages are always a sticking point as game mechanics hurt the "realism" of wages. Indy talent make $10k per appearance and often Jack up their asking price at the beginning of the second month in game yet NXTers make $15k per month and are just as over. Wages are likely the hardest thing to work with in game. Also does anyone know Shibata's status?
  5. Being that there are more and more active or semi active wrestler producers (Billy Gunn, Chris Sabin, D'Lo Brown, Gail Kim, Glenn Gilbertti, Jimmy Jacobs, Mike Quackenbush, Pat Buck, etc.) I'm debating what to exactly do with said workers whether I should delete them as workers and add as staff and un do it as needed or what. I'll leave this open. FYI, out of these I know Jacobs and Quacks regularly wrestle so they are staying in the game for now. That's fine. I'm more than fine to do that. As much as it is my update with the work I put in, it is your's for suggestions and what could go in.
  6. As I have said in the last two or so updates, if you have any ideas for stats updates, I'm willing to do them. I can't if I don't have any idea of what needs to be fixed. I am looking for staff to be my major fix this month. I'm not looking to add that many wrestlers this update.
  7. This is coming out WAY later than I wanted. Personal life issues (besides yesterday, my last four days were Hell)... Anywho, so starting with this update I'm looking to release a lite zip and a full zip. The lite zip will be just updated data, pics, logos and banners (new looks, new designs and over all new.) The full zip will be the data and all files I have for pics, logos and banners relevant to the update for that month. NOTE: I am going by any July updates so no TripleMania edits in these files. Yes, I know quite a few workers are missing pics, if any of you can find them, this would help me. Lite: https://www.mediafire.com/file/besyxt1kgm7foac/August_Lite.zip/file Full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ppvlplqz3kimka0/August_Full.zip/file
  8. EWR August update is late. Had an unexpected event today. Should be up sometime Friday or Saturday.

  9. A number are. The problem is I don't hear the reactions on the BR shows. Joey Janela is a perfect example. Someone said he needs to be at 60-something because he is over on the Indies. The problem is for AEW he hasn't gotten the pop for someone that over. I heard a pop at Double or Nothing, but he came out with four other men and didn't get much with the staple gun cigarette or the chokeslam through the table. The Moxley match he had some through a few spots but again at Fight for the Fallen, little response. Then you have my parents whom I showed Fight for the Fallen to, they hardly remembered Shawn Spears...😮 They did not know the Bucks, they didn't know Omega, they didn't know Hangman, they didn't know SCU, etc. That said, my mom did like Jungle Boy once I told her who he was and they got a kick that MJF was from Plainview (where my father worked). They know Moxley (he wasn't on the show), Cody, Dustin and Jericho. That's it. I hope that puts the AEW overness issues into prospective. I will adjust in October but right now, it is mostly gonna stay the same. I will say Hangman will get somewhat of a boost. I said this before to you about Kento, give me numbers or I cannot fix it. Is it 1, 4, 7, 10?
  10. I'd add Destiny (World Wrestling) if I had stats. I have A1, DEFY and ECCW added for this update or you can get them stat. Looks like a promotion where I won't have to add too many guys. I'm still debating merging RISE and Shimmer, any opinions on it? Below is my updated promotion levels, I'm open to more conversations to it Global: WWE: 55 National: AEW: 25 CMLL: 35 Cult: AAA: 70 AAW: 20 IMPACT: 50 MLW: 50 NJPW: 75 ROH: 50 WWN: 25 Regional: Beyond: 30 CHIKARA: 74 (The) CRASH: 40 CZW: 60 GCW: 65 PWG: 75 SHIMMER: 45 WOW!: 25 Small: A1: 50 AIW: 75 APW: 60 C4: 35 CW: 40 DEFY: 65 ECCW: 70 MCW: 60 RISE: 44 Smash: 70
  11. I might make PWG and CHIKARA about 75/74. I see them at mostly equal footing. The biggest thing I notice with CHIKARA is similar to CZW, there is a student heavy focus again (not that it wasn't before, but the proverbial doors were far more open at one time. I don't hear much about PWG besides BOLA myself. Who knows. As for AAW, they run not only the Chicago area but Milwaukee and Austin. PWG just runs the LA area. If I am to make New Japan cult, I will drop ROH, MLW and Impact a bit. Allegedly ROH is not running Hammerstein Ballroom after Manhattan Mayhem due to a lack of attendance at the June PPV. I heard it was as low as 800. I know that venue can pack in well over 2,500. I think New Japan is selling good on their upcoming NYC show. AAA would not get a bump down because they are largely known in Mexico. I think it will be 5-10. I might put MLW and Impact as equals due to it being unknown how many people watch MLW on BeIn Sports and Impact having fairly low ratings themselves. ROH I would drop 10 to 60. As for CZW, I think I might put them on par with GCW or more appropriately, GCW on par with CZW. GCW has become bigger partially due to the Janela and Bloodsport branded shows as well as running the former CZW Indiana loop. CZW however has the name recognition and regardless of the Janela shows size, Best of the Best, Tournament of Death and Cage of Death still get people talking. Did the rest of the promotion levels sound fine to you (or anyone for that matter)?
  12. I generally agree. I think NJPW is a low sized national and AAA/CMLL would be national promotions of various size. Maybe AAA as a high-end cult due to the whole attendance issues they have from time to time. But here is the thing with PWG, I honestly do not hear the buzz around PWG anymore. Perhaps it is their reduced schedule or perhaps they lost their major stars to various parts of the indies, WWE, IMPACT or AEW. I hear much more about CHIKARA than PWG today. There was a time where PWG was exactly what you said (well into the middle of this decade), today it isn't really that cult. MLW I'd argue is bigger than Impact. MLW has sold out venues Impact cannot in America. IMPACT has lost a LOT of steam in the past few years. Here are my guesses (please give your opinions as well): Global: WWE: 55 (70 in game right now, but due to recent ratings and attendance woes and what not, I think 55 is more than justified) National: AEW: 25 (my parents don't care about it besides Cody, Moxley and Jericho and they are the average fan) CMLL: 35 (I'll put it above AEW but not at a point that it should war with AEW) NJPW: 10 (it has been around more than AEW in America, but AEW has sold out 10k seat venues, NJPW has only done that once and lost some with The Elite's departure) Cult: AAA: 70 (the MSG tickets aren't going as good as ROH/New Japan's did. AAW: 25 (as you said, top tier indy talent not in ROH) IMPACT: 45 MLW: 50 ROH: 70 (a year ago I'd say 80, but stumbled in the after effects of The Elite departure) WWN: 25 (WWE has helped lend credibility especially for EVOLVE) Regional: Beyond: 30 (steadily growing) CHIKARA: 80 (see above) (The) CRASH: 40 (tries to get out the Tijuana area but has had a number of key departures) CZW: 65 (below PWG) GCW: 45 (a bit below CZW though expanding more than CZW has of late) PWG: 75 (see above) SHIMMER: 55 (not as big as it once was perhaps due to the woman's revolution in all promotions and a reduced schedule) I might even consider merging with RISE. WOW!: 25 (small but on AXS TV) Small: A1: 50 (riding off the back of Ethan Page) AIW: 75 (a bigger small promotion) APW: 60 (a weird area of California is serviced by APW) C4: 35 (decent sized Ottawa based Canadian indie) CW: 40 (small MA based indie DEFY: 65 (has gotten a lot of buzz lately with Swerve as the nucleus of the promotion) ECCW: 70 (I think it is about the size of Smash at this point) MCW: 60 (it is now virtually an ROH feeder but it is more or less a mid-level small promotion) RISE: 44 (as I mentioned I might merge with SHIMMER Smash: 70 (the Ontario area's biggest indie?) Note: if someone is wondering where House of Hardcore is, I removed it. It hasn't run standalone shows since December. It ran two IMPACT Twitch Specials and one joint show with a Canadian indie.
  13. I think I'll swap Demanto into being the owner of GCW rather than a worker. I think I'll put Deppan and Huckabee on equal footing. Just remember GCW is smaller and I think PWG isn't as big as it once was and CHIKARA is bigger now even with CHIKARA being smaller itself. I don't know of Gail if she were to return to WWE would get that hot of a reaction. That'll be fixed. She was brought back due to the appearance in.the first woman's Royal Rumble. All done already actually. But thanks regardless. Fixed a number of these namely the Viking Raiders deal. Forgotten Sons unless the armed forces gimmick don't work with heels, I won't change them since they have military iconography on their gear and it is played up for the gimmick. They are like the para-military groups you see. New Day is Kofi and Big E. Prior to Kofi's WWE title run, the team is Kofi and Big E. This might be a rare team I use numbers for. See the below. I'm keeping reDRagon as redDRagon to prevent the whole 2/3 issue. Riott Squad isn't inactive units we are taking injury related.. Prior to the Ruby injury, the team of her and Logan were active. When did Tucker (not Knight) rename? Edit: it doesn't look like he didn't so I'm leaving Otis Dzovic and Tucker Knight as is. Bugenhagen I covered before, I'm not changing the name until he appears in universe on TV under that name since he previously rennamed and.it was reverted to Bugenhagen for TV. I often do not do name changes unless it is brought up on TV due to numerous name changes or using real names until the workers get proper names. Names could change four/five times prior to being on TV. Also sometimes they have people job.under real names prior to getting their proper names. I believe the Iiconics did that. I'll leave Aiden English as a mid-carder until I hear he is fully retired.
  14. I'm not saying they are a GREAT source (but it is the best), but Cagematch still lists him as an owner with Brett Lauderdale... I'll put him as lower midcard rather than a non-worker because there is no proof he is retired/semi-retired. He just isn't working as often. As for some of the stats I disagree with: The Rascalz, I don't see them more over than the members of OVE. You have Dez at 51 and Jake and Dave were both 47 or so. I jacked up OVE to 48 each. Trey will be at 40, Wentz is at 44 and Dez is at 46. (FYI the two Rascalz stables were an error, one is supposed to be in IMPACT not both in AAW...) Gail Kim shouldn't be as over as Eddie Edwards. I can see her being 61 and Tessa at the same. Joey Janela is not 60 over, I barely hear a reaction to him on AEW shows. He should be at 55 tops due to main eventing the indies. I'm not knocking him, just stating the fact. Josh Briggs I actually pumped up myself after seeing the Greene match (Greene too but not as much as Briggs). Marko Stunt I have at 38 because Jungle Boy IMHO is more over than him and he was at 40. TJP wasn't that over in WWE by the end, I think the 57 is fine. Swann would be fine at 64 as he was over even when he left Tony Deppan and Travis Huckabee I think I'll swap overness on, Huckabee is more over in CHIKARA than Deppan is. Vinny Pacifico has a star build even if he is on the leaner side. He is cut, despite being lean.
  15. Thank you. What I think happened with Orange Cassidy was he was a Last minute add and I forgot to check the stats. I made most of the edit though for some I didn't do it the way you thought, namely wages since they are higher in game than real life. Having them lower would help smaller promotions until you get to a point Where you hit a new month and the wage adjustments come. I believe Demanto is or at least was the owner of GCW so I'm not sure where that leaves him. I had him inescapable and a worker for free since he was the owner.
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