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  1. For now, Aussie Open will be in PWG. They appeared once but I haven't heard if it was one off or not, PWG is a regular promotion that brings in international guys. Fenix and Pentagon will be in AAW because he wrestles there more often.
  2. That was an error since I was trying to start a summer sweeps start to it as a game. The original June file should have the right TV data. Slight updates based on early updates and birthdate updates I've noticed.
  3. She is Kaitlyn. I'm working on updating the events to make them what they have been in this year so far. If the promotion did not run or announce shows in a month but ran one last year, it is under last year's event name in that month. Some promotions that ran twice in a month but didn't the next/previous month will have both. Before anyone asks, I DID add Super J Cup for NJPW and I removed the CEO show since that was Omega produced.
  4. Here is the Super Showdown booster. Just what is posted so far, title changes and updated PPV and event names. https://www.mediafire.com/file/aic7kdpitib619l/SuperShowdown.zip/file
  5. TBS is the mothership after all. Yeah I'm not sure what to do with that. For now with that booster that will be done for tomorrow, TNT is replacing some network and is at old levels. I was hoping to add him and Jake Lee for the next update actually.lockquote widget
  6. I know but he previously was renamed that back in December? and then re-renamed when he made his appearance on NXT TV, so I'm a little bit trepidaious until I hear about him being called that.
  7. I know Bugehagen was Rick Bugez in the past in an update but quickly went back to the Bugehagen name and thus renamed again. Now if he is on NXT as Bugez, I'll actually use that name, but for now I'll leave him as is. Punishment was getting renamed Priest when I got around to it. Thanks for the rest, they will get renamed.
  8. I'm pretty sure he was removed for the June data...
  9. I might adjust later hours a bit more then.
  10. I'm only asking as it wasn't clean on background. Can someone cut pics for the following Private Party (Isiah Cassidy & Marq Quen) Sunny Daze
  11. I might do a "booster" after the SuperShowdown too...
  12. I thought I fixed that if not I'll update it... I'll figure that out soon.
  13. It is early but here is the June 2019 update for EWR. original & full: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9kfevdh5e15cq7j/June_2019.zip/file SuperShowdown: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aic7kdpitib619l/SuperShowdown.zip/file
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