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  1. Can anyone do KyKy's of the new CHIKARA cuts. https://chikarapro.com/roster
  2. If I remember, I posted this prior Revolution but I cannot remember.
  3. I did a light update. Usually I post pics with the data. This time I didn't.
  4. That could be a fix even if it isn't exactly realistic. I will test it out.
  5. That is a quirk in the game and due to how interconnected the brands are not really realistic. If someone wanted to do split data sure.
  6. I don't watch enough of Arizona. I did early on but fell out of it. I would go to shows if they were closer, they tape out of Mesa at this point. Also a lot of workers are not at all in the game, many don't even have Cagematch profiles. I believe the reason I removed Hollywood was that it was getting hard to find results to keep up with it and a lot of workers were not in the game at all. I just checked Cagematch and there are hardly anyone there. Oh and a LOT of missing shows from this year.
  7. Update, April will likely be a normal update but I might just include Revolver if I can find a talent list. All talents already planned for MoreThanMania inclusion (namely Tokyo Joshi Pro) will be included in the update.
  8. Yep I didn't note it but I knew about it... I'll release the W-1 talents (listed under World Japan) from touring commitments. Perhaps Shuji Kondo will be added to Toryumon or Zero1 since he has been semi-frequent in both. The others I'll check.
  9. Noted in my stats for the More than Mania entry. This is fixed but Big Kon what the Hell is Ryan O'Reilly thinking with that name? This will most definitely be fixed. I am looking for suggestions for the More Than Mania promotions. I opened a specific thread for it.
  10. I will once again be doing More Than Mania edition of the EWR updates. I'm going to include Progress and WXW once again along with the debuting Tokyo Joshi Pro. What other promotions should I consider for inclusion? Promotions not in the game doing Mania weekend shows include: Black Label Pro The Wrestling Revolver (I'm really tempted to include this due to its Mania weekend history with Pancakes and Piledrivers)
  11. Black Tauro is actually already in the game as Taurus. Taurus is his AAA name. I would add him if I have stats but not to GCW unless he does work the mania weekend shows. The list of GCW talents suggested last month I need stats of (and a few others) AJ Gray, Aex Zayne, Manders, Masashi Takeda and Orin Veidt. I'm also looking for stars for Casanova Valentine, Chandler Hopkins, Kris Bishop, Los Federales Santos Jr., Sareee, The OJMO, Travis Titan and Zachary Cooper. If anyone has any ideas
  12. I meant more stats and what not. I didn't mention what happened on the show other than title changes yet. I can say he was added. Oh if anyone has any idea of the updates for GCW guys listed last month, i would. That said I will not add the Japanese guys unless they do Mania weekend shows for GCW (which they run what three or four?)
  13. I watched the Evolve show and updated some things as I saw. Title changes:
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