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  1. North America is the playable area in EWR. TEW (of any form) has more playable areas. wXw (not to be confused with the Anoai family WXW) has only joint-run with I think CZW (and not recently) and MCW I haven't even heard of until you mentioned them and I'm pretty world traveled wrestling wise. To add promotions that don't run in North America is a headache. Even having New Japan or even Progress can be an issue to some EWR purists. Progress is the only one to semi-regularly run in US similar to New Japan does now. Of course if added, it would more reflect the talent on the US shows, not those only on the British shows (baring champs) like I do with New Japan (Desperado and Kanemaru are in due to them being IWGP Jr champs.) I'm fine with adding MCW talent but I wont add the promotion unless like NJPW or Progress they will run regularly in any part of NA.
  2. I planned to but had a few issues due to my personal life prevented me from doing so. I WILL have on with the May update. No, the promotion isn't in the playable area. Progress MAY be added should they run consistent US shows like New Japan does.
  3. He is "inactive with a concussion" according to Wikipedia. Unless there is a source, I'll keep him. I did remove Alpha Female from WWE. I'm thinking of adding HBK as a staffer for trainer too. If anyone wants to fight this, I'm open to discussion unlike Hyson, Devon and Whitmer, since two out of the three quietly retired due to injury. I'm also looking to post my WWE overness projections in the next day or so.
  4. Um, let me check. Some like say Bully Ray were never reset from the WWE wages. I dropped him from 82K to 40K a show. By default I am lowering Colt Cabana to 35K. I have also moved several workers to staff namely Spike, D-Von and BJ Whitmer. Spike hasn't wrestled since the last 2CW show and D-Von retired to be a WWE producer. BJ hasn't wrestled since an AIW match in 2017 but has been regularly an announcer in ROH.
  5. I'm against it due to the mechanics of the game because it is a single weight cut-off. For example, New Japan is 220lbs so Jado would need to be a heavyweight and ineligible to wrestle for the IWGP Jr. tag titles. The show was not in season, not running house shows and the show was unconfirmed for season 4 while many wrestlers were maxed out (and some still are) Yep June the new season starts so I'll add it in for the June update which I'll release May 29th (on vacation the 30th-2nd.) I appreciate this, I fixed most of the gimmicks if the previous didn't fit.
  6. I will after I re-upload it.
  7. Here is the After Mania update. I'm beta testing WWE as a three-brand promotion and with WWE Network. I think it should work but if it don't I'll adjust if need be.
  8. RAW Spoilers: I will make two updates over the next two weeks: After Mania and SuperStar Shake-up. I am only making minimal adds for champions like Ricky Shane Page (can't believe he wasn't added back into the game...)
  9. Well there is no way to run taped shows and I always feel bad about blatant spoilers.
  10. This isn't exactly THAT dire but I did clean things up if guys left. I have updated a lot of the Mania weekend updates. I have to wait on Steiner as this could have been a one-off only during Mania week return. I also have to ask if there fixes to a promotion other than vague "fix XYZ Wrestling." Also in particular to Impact and Lucha Underground (returning in June) I am only updating them inline with the tv real time.
  11. Thanks, I'm trying to fix it. Edit: Fixed. Add The Hurricane as a worker and then set Color Commentator to none before removing The Hurricane.
  12. Looking to do an EWR update for WrestleMania? Here you go. http://www.mediafire.com/file/7adox06uv23362y/April_2018.zip I added beIn, Twitch and WWE Network as networks. WWE Network as a block for other companies is set at 100 production levels. I also upped NXT overnesses as well (with the help of Razor1124) and it might lead to me adding NXT as a playable show. I'm unsure about it and will leave that up for a poll. ENJOY Edit: Here is the Post-Mania NXT Brand beta test Data: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vl821113gql3gpy/Post Mania XXXIV.zip
  13. This has been taken care of (again as per the computer issues.) One issue I have is he is likely the only trainer I can add due to Scorpio and Romero being active workers. I have updated New Japan US based on last night's Strong Style Evolved. Guys who were not on last night's show were removed like Cheeseburger, Delirious, Elgin, Lethal, etc. despite being on Honor Rising, except for say Barretta who is out injured but worked the original show. But while double checking I noticed that RP3K lost the tag titles to the Suzuki-gun duo of Desperado and Kanemaru. So Desperado and Kanemaru are the Tag Champs and in the promotion as such. I updated gimmicks and finishers for just about everyone. Sho, Yoh, Hangman, White also had stat adjustments as per recent work. For the update I'm looking to have a small April Fools one (maybe just CHIKARA adds) and maybe the AfterMania week doing a my first split with NXT. I hope this works for all.
  14. Here is the issue, game mechanics wise, it wouldn't work. You'd have to simulate two game weeks just to get into the "real time" this year due to a late Easter and therefore a late Mania week.
  15. I might just wait to the end of April for the next update. Thanks for the suggestions.