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  1. This HAS to be the fastest release since the Claudio to WWE in 2006 issue. I really have to say that Saieve must be stupid to not realize MSL is in MLW. MSL goes back to Court dating back to possibly MLW V1.0 if not the podcast network in 2013... Not whitewashing Rance, but we knew MSL was there. I think Pillman wanted to go to AEW for sometime now but awaited to be done with his contract until Covid. I won't release him from MLW until he is indeed gone from MLW. I never removed Cody and Brandi from The Elite since Cody never really "left" the Elite. I just think he and Brandi stopped doing BTE. Is Matt still with The Elite? I thought he became Private Party's mentor...
  2. Did anyone cut the new CHIKARA members since the roster page is blank now? I was looking in particular for Donna Rama Joshua Wells Josue Ibanez The Spoiler Xavier Faraday ZERO
  3. I have had New Japan in my EWR updates since 2018 but mainly only use the talents in US shows.
  4. In an update I fixed the WWN roster and for now I removed the Evolve workers who do not work in FIP (the women work Shine so they stayed.) I streamlined the rosters to the 2020 events. I need to change the events though.
  5. Saw that and I think besides Evolve talents being removed from WWN that aren't in FIP and Shine workers, not much changes besides events. Also Gabe would be moved to WWE since he previously was a consultant.
  6. Those finishers are fixed though I swore I heard the Phoenix Fury Legdrop at one point was a Michinoku Driver. No idea why... Sad to hear about Necro though.
  7. I haven't heard anything about Marty's status since ROH announced investigating.
  8. This month's update is only lite since it is mostly birthdate updates. https://www.mediafire.com/file/8ti356i3t8hu405/July_Lite.zip/file How to succesfully import data. By folder: Select the folders you wish to copy from the export folder. Right click and select copy. Go into your EWR42 folder. Right click and select paste. When asked to update existing files, check yes. By file: Select all the files you want. Right click and select copy Go into your EWR4-2 folder. Go into the sub-folder you are transfering over (DATA for data, PICS for worker and staff pictures, etc.) Right click and select paste. When asked to update existing files, check yes. I would STRONGLY advise NOT to do it for a save file.
  9. I have just about everything ready to go for a light update. It will be available tomorrow. It is light because of the sexual harrasment and assault issues along updating birthmonths.
  10. I ironically was working on a few to show where I was at before I saw the new post alert. It is complicated because unless they commented on it like Quackenbush who accepted blame at least at the promoter/trainer level and not the specific claims against him like his homophobic comments (he accepted blame for some said for the CHIKARA locker room) and the Saturyne rumors that allegedly was why CHIKARA was "shutdown" in 2013 most stayed quiet unless there was some sort of a counter-claim like Matt Riddle/Candy Cartwright. Remember this is what the in game guide says: If Teddy Hart isn't 0 and we all know what his track record is in regards to drugs and a few sexual assaults and domestic assault claims, I have a hard time having anyone at 0. Knowing that, here's where I am at right now I'm sure this is the tip of the iceberg and most likely more, but these are all that I had.
  11. I know Elgin had other claims against him due to a different situation yes s ago but nothing ever came from it except stepping away from Glory Pro and I think New Japan losing faith in him. Octopus Stretch covered that on YouTube. At the time I didn't catch that he was let go. I wouldn't be surprised about Ligero going too. Ok these will be done when I get home. I think with all the #SpeakingOut and birthmonth updates this update in July will be light. My one question is what do we do for the accused. I know I lowered some since even if it is not 100% true, some had inflated attitudes and behaviors like David Starr. I'm unsure myself so I'd appreciate feedback.
  12. My brother alerted me to it and I removed her from Impact before this post. I know he was suspended. I am awaiting to see if he was fired. I can't really do much in game until they are released due to the limitations.
  13. I heard the NWA is but haven't heard from the NWA itself. I'll fix that.
  14. Saw that and it is deleted. All workers working elsewhere have reverted to their normal names if they weren't already (happened with Sloan Caprice.) Also deleted Los Ice Creams since I doubt they'll be used elsewhere (I believe it was typically two wrestlers on the show under masks and not two actual people...) WOW is deleted (it is on hold until a new TV partner is found.) Any workers who I know work under other names that were under their WOW names have been reverted. Caught the ECCW news and fixed the roster accordingly. I think now Christina von Eerie is the only champion still with ECCW.
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