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  1. I'm unsure on adding ELITE as a roster split as AAA is already a bloated roster in game and ELITE is its own promotion but has been off/on and mostly of the talent of whichever group they align with along with various indy guys. In 2015/6, it was CMLL but now it is AAA. In fact I believe Caristico was re-introduced to CMLL through debuting on ELITE. In the past it was added to CMLL because whomever did the updates at that point, didn't want to add another promotion... I'll add those used on AAA shows I added Teddy and Taurus because they are a part of MAD, LA Par-K I'll add because I believe he is booked on TripleMania and I think Laredo Kid is already in AAA. I altered Honor Rising to Fighting Spirit Unleashed and added Lion's Break Project 1 as New Japan events.
  2. I apologize for the slightly late delay. Had a pair of funerals I attended yesterday. I'll have a number of updates in the August update as I'm off the last few days of the month (along with seeing NXT in Phoenix, AZ that Sunday.) http://www.mediafire.com/file/3asu7ungt0aa5au/July.zip
  3. Some Dragon Gate related KyKy requests:
  4. I'll keep him in as long as he is the IC champ just for the fact of keeping it as "real to the game." But yes, you are right. The issue is by having New Japan as a promotion, it opens up these situations from time to time. I'm glad it did. In other news I forgot Enzo was in as Eric Anthony...😤 I simply renamed that to Real1. I have also lowered Real1 and Big Cass's attitudes and behaviors. I'm re-adding a few workers namely King Haku.
  5. Of course he is... Ugh. Guess Realest One is gonna be added back in. Which is somewhat a problem. Cody would get snatched up rather fast since he is regular in both NJPW and RoH. IMHO, leaving them under touring commitments and not running if there is a conflict is the best available option for the New Japan guys. Plus with the AXS shows, you would likely only use a few guys each month and could always sign stop gap guys for that month. Not ideal, but it is the best way due to the mechanics of the game. Another Chikara change:
  6. That is the problem. NXT is complicated and the UK division does it more so. The way I have tried to do it is that NXT's "main roster" is the NXT roster with the irregular Jobbers in the PC and the house show only crew as in developmental. In reality, NXT is still developmental, but it is very active and has a far larger status than any other WWE development territory. Plus being it is developmental, in the game guys who are hugely over like say Ricochet, Roderick Strong, Adam Cole and even Velveteen Dream and reDRagon, would need to be lowered on their overness so they don't lose moral right out of the gate even though they are known guys.
  7. Not sure if this was caught in TEW but I'd figure mentioning it here...
  8. CHIKARA spoilers: In another CHIKARA note, should I lower its image a little bit? The more recent shows have all been held at the Wrestle Factory minus a few events here and there. I may also lower PWG's image to 20 something. I don't think it is as big as a 40-something cult.
  9. The problem with the touring commitment is that it would effect the other promotions more so than New Japan itself. New Japan could just be "dead" until the new touring commitments come out. Then also most of the New Japan talent are under New Japan "written deals" and cannot leave for WWE until it is. The Leon Smith error was fixed. I have most of them on them in the game. I thought Duke and Marina in the game.
  10. I think I'll finally remove him and his wife this month. Just so you all know, Rey Fenix and Penta el 0m are in a bad situation promotion wise. They are regulars in LU, MLW, Impact and AAW as well as active in AAA, CRASH and Fenix is joining CMLL. I'm open to discussion.
  11. Starting over is easier. Otherwise you'd need to edit the current roster and champs of your game into this game. Also you would need to use arsenic to fix morale which typically drops to 0 upon update. You are welcome. Just an FYI, the two recent women signings for WWE will be reflected in the July updates.
  12. Please post in the June update thread:

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