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  1. Done thanks. These are fixed as are others facing an update. I removed quite a few wrestlers who are inactive and adding quite a few namely champs or people in New primition. I gotta do a number of Lucha adds as well as New Japan Young Lions and Dragon Gate NEX. Though unaligned NJPW and DG guys are an after thought to the rosters. I added MLW, AL and LLE which are all in the game. Unlike 0ast updates, CMLL and LLE are separate promotions since i want to keep the huge CMLL roster down. WSU is mostly stripped down to champs and regulars the last year who aren't maxed out. Some haven't wrestled there in about two years actually...
  2. I'll go into spoiler territory but part of the Impact roster is by my own moves. I don't want a Lucha Underground situation where the champions are a spoiler to those who may just watch the show and not click spoilers. Impact has this to an extent. I can say that I have removed EC3 due to his WWE contract, but he is the only removed wrestler due to the contract.
  3. This may or may not have been a naming convention from Lucha Underground. I will remove this for his Tree of Woe Stomp.
  4. Thanks eceryone. To update everyone, i have deleted WXW C-4 as well since a majority of the roster isn't in the game period and C-4 I think hasn't run in a few months. MLW has been added just need to update the stats for the main adds to the promotion. The CRASH wrestlers added will be under their MLW names even if they are also in CRASH. FIP has been cleaned up to reflect the February event. Looking to update SHINE as well.
  5. IMHO: WWE CMLL ROH TNA AAA New Japan (if it becomes full-time in US) LU (due to the TV) PWG CHIKARA
  6. EWR February Update?

    I posted the update here. Mods please close this.
  7. It is here. i updated a majority of the misses from November, Decemeber, updated most birthmonths and I also removed two promotions due to a number of missing workers (IWC) or lack of running (WWC) http://www.mediafire.com/file/u9qs5j1dpv4uunv/February 2018.zip i am still looking for help going forward. I kind of rushed this out due to work (I was out today due to being sick so I got things done faster) but it is because I wanted to have it out before the change of the month. I plan to add MLW for next month.
  8. I fail to see how other updates are "going further away from how the game was intened to be played" and it does need explanation. As I stated with my update, I will only likely include NJPW or say a Progress if they run shows in America despite "approval" as they are not in the playable area of the game.
  9. I do wish you would explain yourself here.
  10. I voted WWE, Impact, ROH, CHIKARA, House of Hardcore, WWN, PWG, Beyond, CZW, AAA, CMLL and CRASH. I will say that AAA, CMLL and CRASH are nuts considering lucha is fairly hard to follow. This is to give some balance. Lucha Underground is hard only because many think you need to run it as a current company, not where it is. Also a big issue I notice are the limitations of the game. compared to even earlier TEW, many wrestlers are in other promotions under other names, even to the point of filling up the commitments prior to adding them to Lucha. When Lucha is ready to relaunch, it will be re-added to my game data and as I stated in my thread, it will be based on in "TV real time" similar to IMPACT. The same for TV can be said of Impact (even when they were TNA on FSN), NXT (if it were ever added as a playable brrand) and even ROH tv. I think I might include them for the March and April updates for the USA show in my update but I'm not sure how it will work whether I include just those on the US shows or what. Also I would be open to adding Progress if the promotion ran more in America.
  11. EWR February Update?

    I want to add it BUT how is the issue since it isn't a single promotion, yet.
  12. EWR February Update?

    Yeah, I haven't seen any title updates or anything in the TEW thread.
  13. EWR February Update?

    First off, I'm not. Second off 90% of the TEW is about pops which I guess is their term for overness, but it is also localized to playable areas. In the thread so far I found nothing that was actually relevant to EWR.
  14. EWR February Update?

    also one last update, Alter Egos are fully removed. I will however include a notepad of them from this decade. This is a compromise to remove "a bloated file"
  15. But here is the flipside, because of that you are more likely of having issues with fillers. OK Dragon Gate... I mean Toryumon should be safe as almost all the current guys have wrestled at some point in North America. Same goes for New Japan minus maybe Nakanishi who hasn't since he was in WCW. All Japan, NOAH and Zero1 would likely face big removals if this was the case. I'm not against it, just saying there might be an in-game issue with this... Not that there wasn't random drops/adds in the past.