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  1. Were private party inn the pic folder. I know NWA logo and banner aren't in their respective folders at this moment but they will be.
  2. I did double check this and it all was right the rosters and belts were off. I think part of the problem was in November I didn't do it and someone else did it. I had the new brands in my data but to get the NWA in my game without running two simulationious EWR's I had to copy it and assume the rosters and belts were up to date. I hope that I can keep up with it going forward. I also fixed the NWA. As I said, I didn't add the NWA in the game... I'm not trying to pass the buck, there is blame for me not double-checking it initially, but it was by accident... (If you check the titles, none of the issues were with titles won in December...) Anywho, here is the fixed Data. https://www.mediafire.com/file/b3rgdi51zp16l4b/December_DATA.zip/file
  3. I only have the full update this month. Here we go... https://www.mediafire.com/file/yz9k0wmrttkffpf/December.zip/file
  4. I don't look at masked wrestlers as having a fonz factor since they are enhanced from the mask. Riho doesn't look like a star to me, Yuka less so. Not hating Riho, but she don't have a star look to her. Not a bad thing, but it just isn't her... I am not lowering Pac's speed. Here are my AEW Overness and Charisma updates. I'm more than fine with discussing these. Yep, he was added when he became an MMA announcer.
  5. I know Katie Forbes is in the game since she is one of the WOW! Workers in the Bully Buster tag team. I'm tempted to say she is Khloe Hurtz. She just isn't in IMPACT. I think I'll add the RVD relationship too... I fixed that. I was also double checking if Zane Dawson and Zane Riley are the same person or not. Cagematch shows they have worked a number of dates but I'm just not sure since they are the same age and both Carolina workers... I also started to rename some AAA talent that recently changed names. Astrolux is now going by Drago Boy and Freelance is Laredo Boy. I also renamed Mini Drago to Mascarita Divina since he is gone from the company. The former LAX member Diamante might get a name change to her WOW! name and I might rename As Diamante/As Charro back to Diamante as he is again using that name in particular with Dragon Gate. I do have a decent number of Dragon Gate and New Japan US dojo adds to make (I don't need Barrett Brown since he is in the game already.) I'm also hoping to update CHIKARA too. I know I need the Flyer cousin to the Hatfields. Most of the Crucible members I will need stats on. Just too much wrestling to watch similar to NWA Powerr.
  6. I don't remember a double, I'll check both mine and the update. I'll check the AEW charismas. I do know if Kenny Omega don't have high.spots ticked, he will.
  7. Thanks again. I will largely base my update on this one. I know AEW overness will be adjusted. In particular Private Party. NXT overness will get bumped as well due to reactions on RAW and SmackDown. I think ROH is fine with titles besides Rush right now. Shane Taylor is still the TV champ despite the alleged injury. I have to check. I haven't followed NWA Power. Just too much and not enough time.
  8. I'm not sure. A good amount of talent are already in, a good amount of talent however are not.
  9. Shotzi, Scarlett and Indie will be under WWE deals. I believe with Shotzi she is still Shine Nova champ so she'll be open for WWE and WWN Live for the time being.
  10. I am not doing a November update. I had a busy and trying month. I'll be back for December with a pretty good one. Please make suggestions here for the December update here.
  11. Apparently TNT wasn't dropped down from 85 or AEW was still only at 70. I like AEW but production wasn't THAT great so I just lowered the TNT demand. I also raised risk for TNT a bit too... Point for clarification, did you check the levels or get any notes from the network about that? Usually the network will tell you to improve them after you run your first show... Everything is updated. First off, spoiler tags man... (AAA typically airs their twitch streams on their TV programming.) Second off, that is fixed but as soon as Kenny loses it he will back to being unsackable since he is a VP. Besides Shida, I trimmed AEW down to whom have been on regularly in AEW Dark or Dynamite shows to this point. This includes To Lindaman sadly...😪
  12. August and September had them in the full. This month I did a light update due to personal matters otherwise they normally do have pics, logos and banners.
  13. I think I'll wait on London since I typically wait a year and a half and he had a considerable about of matches in 2017/8.
  14. I'm back with the October update but it is a super-light one. Just data and no new workers. A lot of show updates this month. Just had a rough month. Should have some more freetime in October and November.. https://www.mediafire.com/file/kdjvd9okvin40u7/October_Super-Light.zip/file
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