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  1. Petty sure Rush isn't leaving CMLL for ROH. What is the case though is ROH would be where he wrestles in America. I'd argue Shun Skywalker is more of a general masked wrestler than a comedy character.
  2. OK, I did actually did purge the Impact roster pretty pretty good before you offered your comments but thanks for the help. I'll add the Mexican guys back in when I can. I removed the two Desi Hit Squaders whom never wrestled (debating if I should remove them from the game in general.) Puma King is maxed out. I'll await the WWE developmental deals until they are confirmed by WWE.
  3. It is the Dojo name and I use it for their name in the game. Maybe just maybe I should use NJPW rather than using the US... Exactly. New Japan ran fairly regularly especially starting last quarter last year. They are following it up with three New Begining branded shows at the end of the month/beginning of the next and G1 Supercard in April.
  4. Just wondering, why did you list the attitude and behaviors that low?
  5. About AEW... That is a bug in the game, but on the flipside because Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Hangman Page, Cody, Brandi, Scorpio Sky, Kazarian, Chris Jericho and Christopher Daniels are all under exclusive deals, it would not be realistic that they would get poched despite being under contracts like game would do since everyone is not under a written deal. WWE or Impact would look to snatch them up. There is no total solution that works for everyone. That is a tough one since one can argue that their first show was All In, since a good amount of the talent from All In are still in with All Elite Wrestling, just with a few contractual issues like Pac and Jericho. That and the fact in game, All Elite contracted guys could be picked up with no bidding war or anything. In non AEW notes: I fixed that I think it was from the Panda days.
  6. I have a few pic requests: Baronessa Caristico/Mistico I Coloso Diosa Quetzal Dragon Solar El Lindaman Esfinge Hahastary Hormiga Kawato San Mercurio Metalico Mini Gronda Mini Murder Clown (II) Mistico (II) Mondai Ryu Mortiz Paranokio Pakita Negra Pegasso Peligro/Radge Rayo Star Stigma Takashi Yoshida Takehiro Yamamura Tiago Tonga:
  7. Pac wouldn't be able to be signed up by WWE since he has a Toryumon (Dragon Gate) touring commitment, but generally you are right.
  8. And to think I already added Pursuit. Grrr... Thanks Impact for changing plans on me like the whole Gail Kim thing.
  9. There is but that isn't really realistic right now due to how big IMPACT, New Japan USA, RoH, MLW, WWN, etc. are. Fixed, thanks for mentioning.
  10. Can someone KyKy Chico El Luchador?
  11. It makes it fun but hopefully after Tuesday we get a better idea for what the promotion will be like going forward. FYI, until Kenny Omega's status is official, I'm leaving him in The Elite and keeping The Golden Elite stable in NJPW-US. Not unless you want to either A, copy the data and ruin your existing game(s) or B, start over with the new data versus the old. I would suggest knowing hacks like double/triple/quadroople events (just copy event data at the begining of the month, run a show and past the copy for other dates). This works really well for true split-brand WWE, WWN as well as RoH, MLW and WWN double shots. This isn't as dire as copying the wrestler and staff data but is tedious. FYI, copying wrestler and staff data files may cause you to lose either morale for workers, contracts for workers or the ability to sign staff. I also suggest that if you want to run a game unless you set your computer clock back (depends on software how you do it) to start the game in the current month rather than the next month (unless like AEW it don't matter since you are running the promotion from scratch.) Yes, you have 8 saves (unless you again hack it and swap saves but, I can barely do a game or two at a time myself...) Thank you. I think the stats were never updated on Cavernario from when he was added... That was what I was debating.
  12. About Cutler that seems weird but I'll make sure to fix that. I didn't add Britt or BJ because the only confirmed names I heard beyond the Elite was SoCal Uncensored.
  13. All Elite is added and the All Elite mod is ready to go. I updated the titles up to today and also removed a few non-champs who dont wrestle on the New Japan US shows from New Japan USA. Upped Juice Robinson's and Jay White's overness as well. All Elite is a shell based on the whole lack of knowledge on it, but it will leave the wrestlers confirmed to be signed (The Rhodes, The Hung Bucks, SCU) out of being available to be signed up elsewhere. I promiss to try and fix it for the February update. https://www.mediafire.com/file/fe5i8o21s5a18fd/All_Elite.zip/file
  14. I'll make him a non-wrestler due to having his Pulpit talk show. He still does that right?
  15. If I can get stats for them, Sure. I am going to do an update set to go live Jan 4/5th with the core All Elite Wrestling talent signed as of now Hung Bucks, SCU, the Rhodes.

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