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  1. Those will be addressed as will be any other title updates that I have missed.
  2. does anyone have the masked Tate Twins on kyky?
  3. I am fixing those (and I think many were due to the data issues I mentioned or were ones I didn't know) but not the L.A. Par-K deal as the name of L.A. Par-K was the name the former La Parka went by La Autentica ParK or The Authentic Park. This is also how he is named in Mexican promotions so it stays. Also for teams that have no names (like Swann and ACH), if there is no name I am likely not adding them baring if they have a true finisher to save room for real teams to avoid filling up the tag teams.
  4. For some reason my previous verison got corrupted Friday when I was just about done so I had to re do it. That explains why it was late. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b8qgvyelwdw9pb3/September 2018.zip
  5. A lot of pics from CHIKARA, MLW and lucha libre
  6. Thanks I knew Garza and Ninja were getting looks and Garza hasn't really wwrestled for some time with both doing "farewell" shows in Mexico.
  7. Did Saieve leave WWN? Is Brigg's M-5 finisher the Choke Blower? As for Ninja, I'm including him under the Ninja name so far. I'm not sure if the Carrillo name is a placeholder or not. Don't think so. Yep as far as I know him and Garza Jr. joined WWE.
  8. I fixed that. I also removed WrestlePro since it only ran twice this year and one was joint promoted with Impact.
  9. Here is the August update. I have added RISE and Smash but could use help on the staff for September. I have both the light and full updates of the game this month. Next month I'm looking to add the non-maxed out Mae Young Classic wrestlers to WWE. http://www.mediafire.com/file/njn9983be2pmvi7/August 2018 Light.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/9w197t7omdf9t8j/August 2018 Full.zip
  10. I'm making the decision to possibly just not include RISE and SMASH and add them in next month and not have any wrestler adds. I rather do this when I have the time to do it and do it right. I mean I could have RISE and SMASH but they are pretty much shell rosters of those in. RISE is in much better shape.
  11. I could remove Kasaa too... Yuta is Jimmy Yuta due to that being his MLW name. I'll try to get the game update up Tuesday but I have to see when my car is done at the shop as I need to get it fixed Tuesday.
  12. Garrini was added about the time he joined EVOLVE. Parnell I believe is in as Little Viking. I've been looking to add the Carnies (Iggy and Awful) but they always seem to fall in the cracks and I don't have stats for them. The rest I would do. I have to double check if any were in older updates.
  13. Who were they? The main thing is to post stats, promotions, moves, etc.
  14. I found that as I double checked. I'll see which promotions also need refs if they are doubled (say Riley/Kris Levin) I could always make a double for him too. I forget how many refs CHIKARA has plus I might need to make Bryce a worker as well...
  15. This and many title changes have been noted. I am also looking to add RISE and SMASH Wrestling into the game this month. For now the ELITE talent in AAA will be those who have fully appeared in AAA so far since ELITE haven't run "official shows" since announcing the cross promotion. I'm looking to add a few workers into the game name Idris Abraham, Kotto Brazil, Myron Reed, Ricky Martinez, Saive Al Sabah, Tony Deppan and XO Lishus whom I may need help with stat wise. If anyone can help with any, I would appreciate it. The rest I have older games for or can do myself. Please and thank you.

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