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  1. 2/3rds of this show's cast need to die, quickly.
  2. Dave

    Doctor Who

    Am I the only one who feels that Capaldi's Doctor has hit a new stride and has really found himself since the debut of this series? Everything fits much more comfortably and his character is a lot clearer. I loved the monologue at the end. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite Doctors.
  3. I think the most important point to make is that it really wouldn't have been the same show had it just been Egg waking up in a hospital to someone telling him 'Oh, there was a bit of a zombie outbreak, but it's all fine now'. Plus, the whole...
  4. Dave

    Doctor Who

    Fan made but FUCK I want it to be real...
  5. Possible spoiler regarding the preview clip for the next episode that I'm surprised no one has picked up on.
  6. Dave

    Doctor Who

    Remind her it's a children's TV show.
  7. Dave

    Doctor Who

    It's just well written/performed. You have to remember, Smith was/is a fan of Who. It felt genuine because at that moment both The Doctor and Matt Smith were genuinely in wonderment.
  8. Dave

    Doctor Who

    The episode didn't need Eccleston. I never felt cheated by missing him.
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