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  1. I got Barnet to the Prem and have spent about £10 million in 2 seasons while stacking cash. Over a quarter of my 25 man roster is homegrown and under the age of 21. I think it is more enjoyable going that way, especially if you are a relegation contender.
  2. Way of Life, Sons of Abraham, The Old Gods, The Republic, Rajas of India, and Sword of Islam.
  3. I don't have any expansions since Way of Life, what do I absolutely have to have and what can I skip?
  4. I got... Media Personality 4-1-4-1 USA
  5. Brexit was just announced in my game, UK sans Gibraltar out of the EU, existing EU players to be grandfathered in, all others require work permits from the start of next season.
  6. We won by like 200, I got UL Nakamura (pro), EL Paige (Pro), EL Charlotte. Like this a lot.
  7. I got Bayley and pro event Matt got me to WM33 as well, freebie was BRAUUUUUUUUUUUUN.
  8. Same but I finished with 1 minute 26 seconds remaining. I don't want to play for a while now lol.
  9. I got Matt, couldn't get up to WM33 so couldn't make a run at Jeff. Only pull of note was UL Gallows which ended up making a pro so that is good. Will have to have a big weekend next week to pro my Matt.
  10. Need someone to walk me through this uncommon strategy, just hit the +1 wall on the Ultimate card
  11. New Tier "Wrestlemania 33" launching tomorrow.
  12. My team just finished the EL KO but probably unlikely we have time to finish UL Samoa Joe since we basically have to +1/2.
  13. Somehow it took my team 120 shards to complete the EL Reigns card, so that was obnoxious.
  14. Basically the same for me, except it will be really close as to whether or not I can ease into SS tier.
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