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  1. Not the best draw for Denmark but of course a second place will do. I'm optimistic.
  2. Wow, that is one of the best passes I've seen for a long time!
  3. Wasn't Mallorca partly because of players not being paid? According to wikipedia: "Laudrup resigned from his job, following the firing of his assistant, Erik Larsen. Laudrup cited that great frustration with Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, the club's Director of Football, leading to a bad work climate as the main reason for his resignation". So probably a mixture of many things. I still don't think it was a good idea, firing Laudrup. Only two points above the relegation zone and how will all the Spanish players react to the firing? Monk taking over, who was fighting with Chico Flores at a training not that long ago. I think they will go down this season.
  4. More like why he wasn't allowed full control over transfers. Crazy decision four days before a derby. Isn't the first time Laudrup has parted ways because of a bad relationship with the directors because of transfers, also happened at Mallorca, Getafe and Brøndby.
  5. What? The ref whistled for a freekick on Adrian. He also whistled before Eto'o put the ball in the net.
  6. I can't believe such an obviously correct decision got so much comment. Bizarre. Yeah, Adebayor touched the ball. Also it was a penalty and a red card, I don't know why people keep thinking that just because you touched the ball, it's okay. Rose hits Dzeko from behind.
  7. FC Copenhagen has tweeted that they in talks with Cardiff striker Andreas Cornelius on bringing him back to Copenhagen six months after Cardiff bought him for 75m Danish Kroner. Danish media are reporting a transfer of 27m DKK. So roughly 7,5m £ and now 2,7m £.
  8. Is it against the rules for refs to comment on decisions after the game in England? In Denmark, if there has been a controversial decision, the referee is usually interviewed after the match, watches the play again on TV, and then apologizes if he's wrong or tells why he was right.
  9. http://instagram.com/p/jUnZAAEwsp A close up of Suarez right foot. I reckon, it's a clear penalty, unfortunately.
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