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  1. Picked up the first Dishonored game for next to nothing. Never played any of them, obviously, so should be a good experience.
  2. I play PUBG too and it is amazing! Such an intense game but that's the thrill of it. Would recommend to pick it up.
  3. 6 rounds. Mayweather wins by TKO.
  4. Something smells like parsley.

  5. You da real MVP

  6. Is this some sort of game to you?

  7. Yeah I can understand where the anger would stem from. Already copped it last night, first night of playing casually (not against A.I.).
  8. If you pick it up, let me know, we could play.
  9. Didn't know where to put this, however, rather than making an entire topic about it - does anyone play CS:GO? I've recently picked it up because I felt there was a lack of online shooting games that I wanted, so, I inevitably bought this. I'm brand new to it, so any tips/help would be appreciated.
  10. 1. Power Rangers. 2. Burn Notice. 3. NCIS. 4. Luther (even though the series is finished). 5. Suits
  11. Hope they're okay!
  12. I made them on a iPhone app then just screenshot them, emailed them to myself and edited them on the computer.
  14. I had a crack at the sig for ya! Hope you enjoy, I couldn't quite get the concept of the belts, but I hope this is okay!