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  1. Didn’t know where to ask this but, anyone here play Magic The Gathering? I have recently started getting into it. My brother plays, and has managed to take me along to a few casual card tournaments. Which I have enjoyed, but I believe I would enjoy it more if I had a greater understanding of the rules, different play styles, and overall a better knowledge for the game. With the new Challenger Deck sets coming out, I was curious to see if anyone was keen for them? Or for MTG in general?
  2. Happy Opening Day everyone!
  3. I'd buy it if I had people to play with.
  4. Yeah I definitely want to retry this. Three’s a crowd right?
  5. Waiting for WoW Classic.
  6. Yeah I think you’re right. I’ve heard good things about Hellblade, so I’ll have to check that one out.
  7. I could try a Final Fantasy game. I’ve played the beginning of Skyrim that many damn times, I just can’t seem to bring myself to it for some reason.
  8. I am struggling to find a game that holds my interest for more than a day or two. I really want a game that I can sink hours into. Any RPG, shooter or sports game recommendations? I’m looking at PC mainly.
  9. I bought NMS day one. I have played it religiously since. It is such a different experience from what it originally was. Crafting bases to mining chunks of materials has been such a welcomed improvement. It graphically looks better, the performance has greatly improved and I’m glad that there you’re able to freely switch between third and first person. I mine materials in first person, whereas I explore planets in third. It has become one of a timeless classic (for myself at least). The “multiplayer” function allows for I believe up to 4 players to enter the same world as yourself. You both explore the same planet and can leave it at any point and explore the endless planets together. I have loved NMS from day one and it’s just been a growing masterpiece for me.
  10. I wouldn’t object. That would be amazing.
  11. Have wanted to try Overwatch for so long.
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