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  1. 1. Power Rangers. 2. Burn Notice. 3. NCIS. 4. Luther (even though the series is finished). 5. Suits
  2. Hope they're okay!
  3. I made them on a iPhone app then just screenshot them, emailed them to myself and edited them on the computer.
  5. I had a crack at the sig for ya! Hope you enjoy, I couldn't quite get the concept of the belts, but I hope this is okay!
  6. Watched Power Rangers, was impressed.

    1. Meacon


      Watched some porn, now undressed.

    2. Mick


      Jesse, we have to morph

  7. I loved Black Lagoon. Very good series!
  8. I decided to hook my PC up to my TV and use that as a monitor. It takes a bit of adjusting. Has anyone done this before? Did you find that gaming on it was better or worse? No difference?
  9. Does anyone have the mod for October 2011? I tried to download it on HOPW but there was no files in the .zip file.
  10. Officially out now. What're your thoughts? Have you enjoyed playing the beta? Does the full game live up to the expectations set during those few days? Discuss! I personally am yet to get my hands on this game. However from what I've seen played and heard about it, it's definitely a different take on a team based objective game. The different classes seem balanced and to me to feels like there isn't any disadvantage in having one of each on your team. I'll definitely be picking this up, so I thought since there was no topic that I could find specifically for this game, I'd start one. Maybe an EWB session could be in the pipeline? I mean, I'm sure some of you would love to see each other's heads decapitated from their bodies.
  11. Two flags, Atlanta holding. Other than that, nothing.
  12. I've been tempted to trade over to the PS4. The Xbox One really does not have that many exclusives. With this being an example, the range for PS4 exclusives obviously outweigh XB1. So, it is tempting to trade over for the PS4 based upon another exclusive being brought out (this game) and many others. I would like to think that the list for exclusives on the XB1 is going to grow substantially because I'm beginning to lose interest in it all-together.
  13. I loved the concept of No Man's Sky from the beginning. Endless exploration, species to discover, etc. Yet, it failed to deliver. I paid full price for it and attempted to get my money's worth but failed to do so. However, I have been optimistic with it and with the new update. I recently fired it up again and that love for endless exploration came back. I'll stick with this game, it definitely has the potential to be something great. Yes, I understand that what was shown and what was delivered were two completely different games, but if you enjoy something enough, you stick with it.
  14. A new one had quietly been mentioned. With a demo for 17 coming out only on PC on Steam for the foreseeable future, the initial release date is "December 2016". So definitely a stocking stuffer from Santa!