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  1. I really want to start an OOTP diary in The Cube but have no idea how I would structure it. Help?

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    2. Paton


      I like that idea. Could it like a monthly news report, which despite the time and effort it might take - the end result would be great.

    3. DMN


      Time frame could be whatever you're comfortable with. WIth my SuperSonics diary, which I honestly really do plan on continuing, I was going to do weekly, with more in-depth stuff for the games I actually play, but I don't see why monthly couldn't work for baseball and for OOTP, which is more of a sim than something you play individual games in, I believe?

      Honestly, with any diary, sports, wrestling, whatever, what matters most is what format will allow you to keep it up, keep it fun for you and the reader, and be entertaining.

    4. El Tiburon

      El Tiburon

      I've done a couple of OOTP diaries in the Cube. I had usually done it the form of a monthly report, mostly recapping with some flavor and then showing standings/stats/important news at the end. I'm using it for my Nintendo Mariners diary, which is paused at the moment. But try to keep it fun and don't overcomplicate it for yourself. 

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