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  1. @El TiBRRRAAAAUUUN you got any updates for this mod? If not, @JuulDK can you send me the updated version you have?
  2. Just watching now. Damn, Romero really is a beast! That knee was unreal. Spoilered just in case people haven't seen it yet and don't want results spoiled for them.
  3. I'm a sucker for those low-budget, corny as fuck films. I came across one a few weeks back called Arachnoquake. Best bit was when this fella ran away from this massive spider, which proceeded to breathe fire. Another unforgetable moment saw a massive one chasing a speedboat. Well worth a watch.
  4. My girlfriend is from Slovakia, and her sister is always telling me to listen to all kinds of different stuff. 99% of it isn't to my taste, but she's introduced me to a song called room of ghosts by a band named elevenhill. It's a really good song, one I'd definitely suggest to people.
  5. I always enjoyed Danny, the Champion of the World. As a child, I highly doubt I had a clue what was going on. Though, reading it years later... it's a pretty crazy story for something presented as a children's book.
  6. As I await the montreal aftermath mod to be released for TEW 2016, I have been spending most of my free time creating skins for the game. More for my own use, but I'm sure others may enjoy using them too. My first completed skin - a simple black/white/grey skin can be found here - I have been spending as much time as I can working on this red skin - and have finally got to a point where I'm happy enough to use it. It's a simple red skin with a slight metal effect. I will continue to update this (specifically the taskbars etc) as I am aware it still needs some fine tuning. If anybody wishes to use it and stumbles across any issues etc, please tell me and I will fix them. Finally, I have added just two loading screens as I know people like to use their own. I would be happy to take requests and make more if need be. DOWNLOAD LINK -> http://www.mediafire.com/download/yqjdgcaunagjwyc/Red.rar.
  7. With my free time over the past couple of days, I've created a simple black and white skin for use of TEW 2016. Mainly for my own use, but I have posted it here and over at GDS, just in case anybody would like to use it too. It is simple, and a lot of the graphics / buttons are default - with a colour change. I will work on creating my own graphics as and when I get time. Anyway... hope you enjoy. Any feedback etc. is greatly appreciated. I will continue to make skins in the future too... so if anybody has any requests or ideas that they'd like to see... give me a shout. DOWNLOAD LINK --->>> https://www.mediafire.com/?bxmh09vfdl1mlsi
  8. Pleased with that announcement. A young, British manager who got some good experience with Swansea. I hope he does well!
  9. Just go to edit database - database options. Should be on there @Just Joe
  10. Good ole' boy, Rashford.
  11. It has gone quick. Almost feels as exaggerated as Goldberg's streak.
  12. I completely forgot I was playing this game until now, @Benji. Thanks for reminding me I guess. I think I got up to 'here lies the abyss' or whatever it is and stopped playing. My bank holiday monday hangover will likely be spent playing this, I reckon.
  13. Only Fools is one of mine too... If that's not on, it's usually Family Guy or South Park. That said, Traffic Cops seems to be on my TV a lot more than it probably should be at the moment.
  14. It's not wrong at all. I have the exact same feeling at the moment. Antenucci and Doukara are both playing quite well at the moment, but I agree with you completely. Somebody needs to come in an sort something out. ASAP.
  15. No worries, man. I'll get to work on updating them through the week and get the data sent you, too. You can just import them into the database after.