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  1. Been playing around with going to see it, all reviews I’ve seen have been amazing. what was/wasn’t good about it?
  2. That photo is fitting of the game as a whole
  3. Just read the synopsis for this, sounds incredible. Watched Lion (2016) last night, I know it's only partly based on true events but it's unbelievable how something like that can go on for so long unnoticed. Matthew McConaughey is again fantastic.
  4. Atmosphere in Cardiff tonight was buzzing. Not seen it like that in years. Amazing what a change in management can do for a club.
  5. "I won't stop till i'm the Ultimate Fighting Champion"
  6. Oh good, Nani scored. Couldnt happen to a nicer bloke.
  7. Beautiful rendition of the national anthem by the boys....
  8. Everyone knows Ian Wright is only there so that ITV can connect with the misguided youth. Part of it has to be down to tactics though. Things like not playing Rooney in central midfield and having Harry Kane taking every free kick and penalty are just the basics.. Roy Hodgson has just said the players have been "fantastic"
  9. Whats the excuse this time around then? Lack of grassroots? Lack of tiki-taka style? Too many foreign players in the premier league? Not enough players were in the Under 21 squad?
  10. Because he's a tactical genius. Did you not see the substitutions he made in the Wales game?
  11. You'd think so but then again they did struggle against Russia and Slovakia so....
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