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  1. Are they allowed to sign managers?
  2. I can’t see a massive shit the bed moment for this Liverpool team, they’re constantly evolving so the easy counter to the way they play. They just need the unadulterated strength of City to falter a little, again not something I can see. As Liverpool are playing for 7 trophies this coming season, I would like to see a utility defender come in and a series partner for Van Dijk, though Matip is fine or even continue converting Gomez in to that role is good. Very few players can/should leave, Lallana and Moreno (and the squad players on loan) are the only ones off the top of my head that I feel should move on, unless someone is offering serious money for him I would actually keep Mignolet as no.2 and use him in the club world cup, league cup etc. Liverpool are going to be in a very enviable place next season with a fully fit squad at their disposal, the utility in midfield, five forwards who can all do a job plus a glut of strong young players where there are the extra games for the club to bed them in, it’s intriguing.
  3. Always a fan of Anthony Vanden Borre
  4. Nothing if you google it or check reddit
  5. The actors being in demand is a good factor for the rush, I remember listening to an episode of HDTGM and Paul Sheer said he was working with some guys and the producer had a book on his table of people he wants to hire, there was a cast picture from Game Of Thrones saying ‘anyone in this picture’
  6. One of the huge problems with the DCU is no coherency, it’s why it doesn’t work and won’t work. The idea of alternative MCU realities won’t go down well with the masses. It’s a bad idea
  7. It was 100% the last thing you said
  8. F’in Spurs. Guess it’s safe to say Man Utd pretty much decide the Premier League. Poetic really.
  9. Spurs ain’t winning the Champions League, they are better off making sure they can do better than this result on the weekend and try and pick something up off of City this weekend
  10. Anywhere to watch Season 2 onwards of Attack on Titan for free in English? Tried watching Bleach and FMA Brotherhood, just couldn’t massively get in to them, may try again on the 20 hours to Tokyo next month. Running through Castlevania on Netflix, only 12 episodes and it’s easy enough.
  11. Man Utd never lost from a winning position under Mourinho. Solskjaer out
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