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  1. This means Liverpool will draw doesn't it?
  2. It was whatever, but I was in the same boat with the ending of BB, so yeah. I wanted more, I didn't get it, that's probably on me for having expectations.
  3. Then why is he still at Spurs? Like, honestly, I kinda like Spurs, but they don’t seem to be going anywhere. They’re in the position Liverpool were three years ago and I can’t seem to understand why Liverpool (a bigger team under any circumstances) three years ago and longer lost all their best players to anyone who asked, but Spurs keep them
  4. How has a club as garbage as Spurs kept Eriksen, Son and Kane? Does nobody actually want them or something? (Sorry Lineker)
  5. But is there any reason for Manchester Red fans to have any goodwill? At least Chelsea come off a transfer ban and a manager who hated them, United are just a rotting carcass
  6. It's more a case, they have the ear of those players... If a player, was courted they wouldn't necessarily be laughed at - However there are now a lot more options for players outside of half a dozen clubs. You can be a centre piece player and not be playing for a dogshit team.
  7. So what do we think the issue is with clubs that aren't Manchester Blue and Merseyside Red? They're all super rich, they can all attract the worlds greatest players... Is it systemic problems? Arsenal haven't been credible for over 10 years now, but Chelsea and Man Utd are a relic of a by gone age, someone mentioned about United being able to take the best of the best because they could outspend everyone but the middle of the pack can afford to keep hold of high end players and not give in to the "big guys". Also, if you look at the coaches of the top two teams, these are legit, go to any country in the world, take over a team and make them world class coaches, Pep is the best manager in football without a doubt, Klopp is probably second to him? The fly by nights that Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea have brought in haven't done it in real football leagues before, so why would they in "the most competitive" league in the world?
  8. The sooner they get more TV shows out and GRRM releases his f'in main series book, the sooner I get more Thrones cards! DO.IT.
  9. A new shop in Northampton opened this week dedicated to card games, it's pretty cool. I did a Magic draft and there was 10 people playing Magic, 10+ playing Pokemon and 20+ playing Yu Gi Oh. Got the guy to agree to get Thrones and L5R stuff in. If you're looking for some OP events in the midlands check out Manascrew
  10. Tigerstyle

    NFL 2019

    It's been back for weeks, just not for Spurs
  11. Oh man, this is the first Netflix thread I came across but everyone should watch Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance. It's so fucking good
  12. Does this kind of thing (and Shazam's popularity) prove to DC that making a "Universe" just doesn't work for them and letting artists make movies is their best option? No, probably not.
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