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  1. Should just go by the age old law "Those who win the penalty, takes the penalty"
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if my MD called himself a "franchise player" the arrogant spork
  3. I don’t mention it much because I’m not a ‘we’ kind of fan. But I support Liverpool. I’ve been to about 10 games, they’ve won ever one. My dad (an Arsenal fan) used to take me when he could get tickets (back when you had to write off with a cheque) we went to Highbury and saw Liverpool win 2-1, me being an under 10 Liverpool fan in the home end got him some looks. Saw a few Liverpool victories at Anfield too. But my memory was in the sixth row of the Kop, to the right of the goal... I remember the game, but mainly remember going back to my Uncles and watching match of the day (I was a full kit wanker at 9) to hear it ‘Barnes... Rush... Barnes... Collymore!’ Yes, I was lucky enough to be in attendance of the third best sporting event of all time (second is England winning the World Cup, first is Liverpool’s 5th Champions League, aka the best football match in history) i also went to an incredible MK Lightning hockey match where nearly everyone was boxed or sent off, was stupid. Oh, it’s strange that I forget this , but I also watched Jonnie Peacock confirm himself as an incredible athlete at the Para Athletics in 2017 when he won gold.
  4. The officiating was really good last night, a foot off the line / a possible non penalty. I think we need to respect the fact on the whole the players weren't anuses and the refereeing was all round good.
  5. Were Chelsea better than the weekend? Were Liverpool bad? Are Man Utd actually good? Probably just the first two.
  6. Soon to be European Super Cup winner Andy Lonergan?!
  7. But you’ll score some goals? Maybe
  8. I know these lads aren't young young, but I'm guessing there's buybacks in these deals? I felt these were the kids who were going to mop up the final 20 minutes of 4-0 wins and do the League/F.A Cup runs? Liverpool have a decent enough squad, but not City with 2 players for nearly every position.
  9. Arsenal have committed to my FM transfer policy "pay loads of money over bullshit periods with bullshit targets and hope I don't go broke"
  10. I've become lost to Stardew Valley. I've had a good innings
  11. Also, absolutely rinsed. That guy is no way going to do for Man Utd what Van Dijk has done for Liverpool. At least they improved their dogshit defence unlike Arsenal.
  12. I got Smash Bros today and an online subscription, has anyone read anything positive about Ultimate Alliance 3? Ultimate Alliance 2 was my favourite game on the 360.
  13. I'm bored at work, so thought I would reopen the age old debate... Who has the best rogues gallery? It clearly narrows down to Spiderman vs Batman, but who do YOU think has the best? Spiderman has the numbers, but Batman has the icons, WHO WINS? You decide? It's Spiderman by the way.
  14. I love the aesthetic of Cuphead but it looks terrifyingly hard. What does "metroidvania" mean?
  15. Got Overcooked on the PS4, my wife threatened to leave me.
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