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  1. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    It was gr8. Absolutely love Wallace
  2. 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Don't you just put a caveat in? Current head coach must be in the role for a minimum of X years and working with replacement for a minimum of X years to name as successor.
  3. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    Game Of Thrones finally took over The Walking Dead as the worlds biggest TV Show this year right? (Obviously helped by TWD being dogshit) So most people watched it, put it in their list, then there's a lot of people that like it or not, it's their favourite TV show (through familiarity or whatever at the very least). I put GOT at number one. Suck it.
  4. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    I mean, top 4 are the most anticipated thing, hottest/meme'ist thing, the cool Netflix original which is linked with what this forum is about and the biggest TV show on the planet. I think 5/6 is pretty fair seeing as the four things in front are way more popular
  5. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    That's sad. I really enjoyed them before Wentz got injured
  6. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Why do people hate the eagles?
  7. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    I loved Big Mouth, was so dumb
  8. General Movie Thread

    Watched my first movie of the year, The Greatest Showman was dumb fun. Huge Ackman and Zac Efron are lovely
  9. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2017: The Voting Thread

    Will it ever end? I looked it up and all the metric stuff that measures junk on the internet says for the first time Game Of Thrones beat it out as the most watched TV show of the year, so it's now "officially" declining... It seems that even when you're a top show, your station could still drop you if your rating moves a bit. Has there ever been any sign of the show "going anywhere" because it just seems like a perpetual loop of the same people in the same situations just slightly removed. Basically, end the show. Game Of Thrones are doing it while on top, Breaking Bad did it after their most successful season, The Wire did it while it was still getting all the kudos in the world, so on and so forth. Many shows usually end on one of their better series because all bets are off - Or is the cash cow just too milky? Whatever, I'm rambling.
  10. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2017: The Voting Thread

    The Walking Dead isn't even walking anymore. Remember when your Facebook was awash with the latest gossip? How long has it been since Negan had them on their knees? Because that was the last time it was relevant
  11. Bright movie appreciation station

    I watched it. That's all I can offer on the topic
  12. The Star Wars Thread

    F his own trilogy, let him finish this, he did such a good job.
  13. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    I loved The Inhumans when I was reading comics in 2012/13 but I just couldn't get through it
  14. The Star Wars Thread

    Guys this film was great. Adam Driver is great, John Boyega is great, Oscar Isaac is great, Mark Hamill is great, Daisy Ridley is ok. I really liked it, I wasn't the biggest fan of 7 or Rogue One but this was great, it had heart and charm and twists and turns and was great. great stuff, why isn't Rian Johnson doing the next movie? Why is JJ Abrams? If you can't get Johnson is Taika Waititi not available?
  15. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2017: The Voting Thread

    1. Game Of Thrones2. Rick & Morty3. GLOW4. Stranger Things5. The Punisher6. Big Mouth7. American Vandal8. Bobs Burgers9. The Defenders10. Iron Fist11. Blue Planet 212. A Series of Unfortunate Events13. American Horror Story14. Riverdale15. Lego Masters