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  1. Yeah it was a terrible drunk take guys.
  2. I’m 2 episodes in to Umbrella Academy S2, and it’s really good.
  3. I didn’t realise that Klopp had been there longer than Guardiola. But how sad is it that Klopp is the second longest reigning manager in the premier league, let alone the fourth in football league, while the guy is an absolute treasure and won his first title this year. Makes you wonder who the other teams (other than City) think they really are and who are really going to do the job.
  4. Something I am definitely taking away from the social media generation is the thing Man Utd fans always complained about Liverpool fans doing has come full circle.
  5. Awww the fact Arsenal are happy with Europa league should still make Spurs happy.
  6. I mean, he won’t be moving if he’s immobile 🧐
  7. I think you’ll find that *checks notes* Larouci is worth every bit of the *checks notes* £20mil Liverpool will get from Bournemouth. Also, who are all these magical teams with hundreds of millions of disposable income to spend on Mane and Salah? There’s only three or four clubs in the world with the kind of money it would cost and only one or two of them has to be realistically as desirable as Liverpool under Klopp to play for (and both of those are dysfunctional as hell)
  8. It’s good business for Bournemouth, the guy is too good for the Championship and will allow them to invest really heavily in what they need to come back up.
  9. I’m not, you just sound like a fucking berk spouting shit like that. The only open Tory I have on my Facebook is one of two Aston Villa fans, while 100% of my Watford supporting acquaintances are some of the most left wing people I know. That shit isn’t for the fucking football thread, you don’t know who you’re going to offend with that.
  10. I’m also a big fan of knowing all but one other team were closer to being relegated than they were to winning the Premier League.
  11. I assume you think you’re funny, but you aren’t. I hope Everton have a really positive season, even as a Liverpool fan I think there’s a charm to them, in the same vein as Leicester.
  12. I really dislike Villa, I don’t know why. I really like Bournemouth, also don’t know why. What a sadness. I guess I just don’t like many of these teams who act the big deal premier league team when you’re massively shit (see Leeds and Newcastle)
  13. I think there’s a lot to say about the winding down, there is going to be a very short summer for a lot of the other top teams, while Liverpool don’t have European commitments after the league ends, get any business done and get everyone rested.
  14. Liverpool are still drunk given their performances post title win.
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