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  1. WHAT A SIGNING! Nnug Semaj
  2. I don't agree with the reason for Disney sacking Gunn, but that's well TNA innit
  3. I think pointing out that Liverpool haven't played well but are still in this position is a positive, games they'd normally lose or draw are draws or wins, which is a massive improvement and when they start to hit their stride it will be even better.
  4. I don't get what the orbs are supposed to symbolise I don't get what the orbs are supposed to symbolise
  5. I went in thinking it was a straight forward thriller and was very pleasantly surprised, great film and future Mrs Style, Anna Kendrick was great
  6. I would say why even bother allowing other people than Marvel to produce comic book movies but Deadpool, Logan and Kick Ass were all good enough.
  7. I cannot wait to see what Marvel do with some of these stories, with the right casting and the right direction they will shit more gold than they already do
  8. Can you ask them to pop over and try and see how Kate is getting on?
  9. Is anyone watching The Circle? If not, watch The Circle. Its more Black Mirror than Black Mirror, but it's also the BEST reality TV show of all time
  10. Who's going in for DDG now Real got a keeper? PSG don't value non attacking players, Barca?
  11. Update. 5 badges. 33 Pokémon caught. 11hrs7miks played Level 54 Charizard Level 46 Nidoking I forgot you only had a limited amount of space in your PC for items, that's annoying. Had to sell a load of TM's I wouldn't use/that you can buy yourself
  12. Update, playing Res 2 badges, 13 Pokémon caught. 4hrs16mins played. Level 32 Charmeleon Level 24 Nidorino I'm a grinder, will have them both evolved before I get to SS Anne
  13. I was sorting some boxes and found Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal (x2) and Trading Card cartridges, checked them all and they all work! I'm about to have the time of my life trying to get 150 for the first time ever
  14. Is anyone going to Tabletop Live at Alexandra Palace? If you are, there's a Game Of Thrones LCG event on the Sunday where for £5 entry you get one of the new starter decks (retail £13.99) and some other cool prizes for taking part! I would go but if I go to London that weekend, it's to Wembley
  15. I prefer PVE and the person has to be enjoyable. Unfortunately it has to be YouTube (doing it at work) Oh I can't play because I just have a notebook so it doesn't have the memory to install the game, I watch a lot of YouTube at work aswsll

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