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  1. 1. Game Of Thrones. I can't help myself, it's very important to me. 2. Stranger Things. This was an absolute return to form. 3. Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance. 4. GLOW. 5. The Umbrella Academy. 6. When They See Us. 7. The Crown. 8. Daybreak. 9. F Is For Family. 10. Big Mouth. 11. Good Omens. 12. The Boys. 13. Living With Yourself. 14. The Circle. 15. Rhythm & Flow.
  2. Do they really need to do Utopia USA?
  3. I wouldn't bother if I was him. Wolves will be getting European football next year as much as Arsenal are and he's built something good there (not to mention having lots of money)
  4. Yeah, sure. But why? Like, nobody is asking for it are they?
  5. Completed it last night, first one I played all the way through since Diamond/Pearl. It was decent enough but it really makes you wish instead of LGP/E they just redid RBGY this way, started from the beginning gives you years of upcycling. M
  6. SACKED?! You're gonna get Mourinho and it's going to be tragic.
  7. I'm all in on Sword purely because of the Goth line, bloody goths.
  8. I don't actually pay for Prime as my brother does and he gifted me an account, BUT, I didn't know it was automatically included, which yes, I guess if you're an Amazon shopper (and what monster isn't) it's probably worth it
  9. Most of the streaming services aren't worth it. I'm not liking the premipremium models at the moment, I think it's what sets Netflix apart from Amazon, Apple Plus etc, everything is included in the price, I don't have to wade through things that make me go "oooh I wanted to watch that" to find out I have to pay an additional £4.99 to rent it. Also, Apple Plus is free for a year, but has about ten things on it on my Apple TV. F streaming services, Britbox has gotta be the worst one? So much of this stuff has either been available on free services or other paid for services for years now. I'd only buy in if Anna In Wonderland goes on there, I've been desperate to watch the episode about Vampires in Wellingborough forever.
  10. Liverpool didn't do too bad out of it tbh. Either beat Aston Villa, lose with kids or don't play. It's a win win win.
  11. How does this game exist?
  12. This means Liverpool will draw doesn't it?
  13. It was whatever, but I was in the same boat with the ending of BB, so yeah. I wanted more, I didn't get it, that's probably on me for having expectations.
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