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  1. Is that the record for a defender and goalkeeper for Liverpool now?
  2. Danny Rose over The Trent? Lame
  3. Trippier played so well yesterday that I have no chance of seeing Trent
  4. I watched a few episodes last night, it's so damn good.
  5. Solomon Islands have been working hard for this one
  6. I watched Jurassic World 2. Meh
  7. Adding these players, when the squad is fit it's pretty stacked, but the way Klopp plays, the squad is never fit. More cup players would be positive, Milner will be cup captain next season as I assume he winds down, there's a second string defence in there somewhere and you can throw Karius out on the pitch then, Danny Ings and what not playing up front. It's a solid enough team to see them through the non vs PL stages of cups, which would be really important. Early and midlate season.
  8. Reproduced didn't they...
  9. Well ignore me then! They spent £35mil on The Ox too
  10. A top class centre back, goalkeeper and another very strong forward to back up losing 2 of the forwards to the African Cup (or for Sturridge to return to 4 years ago form) and Liverpool go from being 8 great players on the pitch and that's it to really f'in strong. The Ox could have a massive year with some of these solid lads around him.
  11. He has a point, you're tarring a whole load of people with the same brush and then jumping on a guy for being emotional over something he has every right to be emotional about. Also, I'm a Liverpool fan and am very well educated thank you, I also don't think Liverpool are the biggest or best football team in the world but went toe to toe with one that most people said are, on the biggest night of club football and if it wasn't for a serious of freak events, who knows what could happen. But that's football. Whatever. Maybe instead of telling the guy to take a step back when he's invested in something, everyone else take a step back and consider how they'd feel if their team was in the same position?
  12. By fluke I mean a goal you would never expect to score or expect to see again. There is no way that first goal of his, which was bonkers was expected to go in. But fair fucks it did. The other two are flukes because in a blue moon they don't happen and they happened. Pretty much the definition of fluke. But whatever
  13. Karius has won a bet now right? These commentators are insufferable talking about how incredible Reals game management is and how they should've started with Bale and blah blah. Three fluke goals, one was pure insanity, the other two solely the goalkeepers fault. Apart from that two teams basically playing fair football, and one of them lost their key player in half an hour. It is what is, whatever.

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