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  1. Who have always been in the Premier League? Everton must’ve been shitter longer than Spurs
  2. Big Mouth The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Maniac American Vandal Arrested Development Killing Eve A Series Of Unfortunate Events Glow American Horror Story : Apocalypse Masterchef : Australia Iron Fist Luke Cage Riverdale I definitely have more than enough to fill this out
  3. Anyone go to the house with the fat dude and his wife who's dtf? Was a bit weird
  4. I'm trying to stay good in most regions, as that's the case, should I head to Blackwater to commit my crimes seeing as yolo dead or alive anyway
  5. Man, leaving your horse somewhere when your mission ends in the middle of nowhere is a ballache
  6. WHAT A SIGNING! Nnug Semaj
  7. I don't agree with the reason for Disney sacking Gunn, but that's well TNA innit
  8. I think pointing out that Liverpool haven't played well but are still in this position is a positive, games they'd normally lose or draw are draws or wins, which is a massive improvement and when they start to hit their stride it will be even better.
  9. I don't get what the orbs are supposed to symbolise I don't get what the orbs are supposed to symbolise
  10. I went in thinking it was a straight forward thriller and was very pleasantly surprised, great film and future Mrs Style, Anna Kendrick was great
  11. I would say why even bother allowing other people than Marvel to produce comic book movies but Deadpool, Logan and Kick Ass were all good enough.
  12. I cannot wait to see what Marvel do with some of these stories, with the right casting and the right direction they will shit more gold than they already do
  13. Can you ask them to pop over and try and see how Kate is getting on?
  14. Is anyone watching The Circle? If not, watch The Circle. Its more Black Mirror than Black Mirror, but it's also the BEST reality TV show of all time

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