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  1. For me, the Jaime non-redemption is the rape, which was such a shit pointless thing to put in. Especially with how he’s a full on hero right now in the books (and probably my fave character) Theon and The Hound yeah, did some heinous things, but Theon’s was pretty much a different person, he can’t atone for everything but he can do the right thing going forward. The Hound always had a good part to him. I know it’s all just different shades of grey, just where you stand on it. I can’t imagine anyone in the TV series changing their stripes at this point either, the die is cast and we’re in for a ride
  2. Man, I just need to say all the time. I love Game Of Thrones
  3. If you start watching on Tuesday and watch an episode a day, you’ll get up to date by April 14th
  4. United need to send Liverpool a fruit basket
  5. Big Mouth and Sabrina was way good stuff this year. Happy for top 10's.
  6. That’s the next one, I saw something saying this and FMA BroHo are easily some of the best English dub Anime on the market
  7. I haven’t watched any anime in YEARS until recently at work on Netflix, I watched a fair bit of Tokyo Ghoul but felt it jumped about a bit too much, so picked up Attack on Titan. Bit fucking good ain’t it
  8. Gimme corner taking goalies. True danger
  9. Absolutely no way the army of the dead will get as far as the reach though, you only have Dorne south of there, if it’s gotten that far, it’s all over.
  10. So, I hate the fact the TV show has had to deviate from the books, because in the books atm - Jaime is the biggest good guy (no rapes too) - Daenerys is clearly blood of the dragon insane, she either gets off when someone dies or is so unshook. - Bran is the third dragon rider. - Sansa is a bit of a political auteur. But as I can’t have these, I don’t care about Bran and hope he isn’t The Night King or Mad Kings voices. I hope Cleganebowl happens, everyone goes home happy, that leads to Cersei facing trial by combat, she begs her court but nobody takes it up, including Jaime, she finally realises she is alone, she’s screaming in hysterical panic for help, as she comes to terms with it Arya steps in to the arena, flashes to Qyburn and any other supporter that she has slain, and she ends Cersei and her list. If not that, then Jaime to be the valonquer. Jon to destroy the iron throne, distributing Westeros to their own kings and queens, Asha in the Iron Islands, Tyrion in the Westerlands, Jon in the North, Bronn in The Reach, Gendry in the Stormlands, Davos in The Riverlands, Sansa in The Vale and who even cares about Dorne. Brienne, Pod, Arya, Jaime, The Hound all go off to be superknightsofthepeople
  11. Ey it’s all over, Liverpool have lost the league now
  12. Dion Dublin or Chris Sutton, surely?
  13. I read this as he could play the one scouser comment above

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