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  1. Spurs ain’t winning the Champions League, they are better off making sure they can do better than this result on the weekend and try and pick something up off of City this weekend
  2. Anywhere to watch Season 2 onwards of Attack on Titan for free in English? Tried watching Bleach and FMA Brotherhood, just couldn’t massively get in to them, may try again on the 20 hours to Tokyo next month. Running through Castlevania on Netflix, only 12 episodes and it’s easy enough.
  3. Man Utd never lost from a winning position under Mourinho. Solskjaer out
  4. Endgame is onsale. I assume that’s what Josh said
  5. Trippier got a pass by being England’s best player though I guess?
  6. I think if we’re talking about luck, one of the secondary 4 are lucky Wolves aren’t a little bit better to steal their top 4 spot. How are Arsenal third and there three points between 3rd and 6th at the moment?
  7. Catfish is still brilliant trash TV
  8. GOOD Wrestling in 2019 : Beano (holder of the Good Wrestling Grand Prize) Ashley Dunn (align The BAD) Jayde (align The BAD) Brendan White (align The BAD) Millie McKenzie Charli Evans Warren Banks (align Young Legends) Spike Trivet Mike Bird Sierra Loxton Chuck Mambo (align ETM) TK Cooper (align ETM) Gene Munny Chris Brookes (align CCK) Anthony Mafia (align Young Legends) Alex Cupid Owen Charles Kid Lykos (align CCK) Speedball Mike Bailey There’s more who we use less than 4 shows a year if you want them too
  9. The books are at a place, where only one or two things from the TV show are 100% obviously going to happen... So I still can’t wait for Ultimate ASOIAF Universe
  10. On my watch through. Already on Season 5 episode 6
  11. The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie 🤷‍♀️
  12. I really liked it, but I’m a sucker. I’d say just scraping in to top half territory Just put it in my list and it’s 9/21
  13. Have Marvel dropped one of those Phase plans yet? I guess there’s so much going on after End Game and they don’t want to giveaway anything (as it’s only Sony promoting a movie post Endgame)
  14. Reviews written by men? DAMN DIRTY MEN. I’m going tomorrow
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