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  1. General Television Thread

    There's been a lull in TV these days so I've bingewatched stuff I was behind on. The Leftovers was just completely phenomenal. I had seen S1 when it aired, but missed S2 and S3, but now that I've seen them, this will probably go down as one of my favourite TV shows of all time.The sheer emotion of it, the score, the acting, the story, everything is just completely fantastic. Decided to watch Westworld next, which was average, mostly because I really didn't find it to be character driven and more about just throwing out lots and lots and lots of plot. I found it very hard to connect with the show because they didn't make me care for the characters, so after the few eps I was a little bored. I will probably watch it whenever season 2 comes back though, because I do think there's potential for improvement there.
  2. EWB PL 17/18: Prediction League

    Leicester 2 vs. 0 Stoke (Sat 12.30pm) Burnley 2 vs. 1 Southampton (Sat 3pm) West Brom 1 vs. 2 Huddersfield (Sat 3pm) Watford 0 vs. 3 Everton (Sat 5.30pm) Man Utd 1 vs. 0 Chelsea (Sun 2.05pm)
  3. But what about all your other teams?
  4. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    We had a good run!
  5. Premier League 2017/18

    It's even more fun when you don't root for Liverpool
  6. Premier League 2017/18

    Who buys a strong goal machine and shunts him out wide? Not that I am complaining, it’s good to rule North London!
  7. EWB PL 17/18: Prediction League

    Tottenham 2 vs. 2 Arsenal (Sat 12.30pm)Swansea 2 vs. 1 Burnley (Sat 3pm)West Ham 2 vs. 2 Watford (Sat 3pm)Huddersfield 0 vs. 2 Bournemouth (Sun 12pm)Newcastle 0 vs. 2 Man Utd (Sun 2.15pm)
  8. EWB PL 17/18: Prediction League

    Leicester 1 vs. 2 Swansea (Sat 3pm)West Brom 0 vs. 2 Southampton (Sat 3pm)Arsenal 3 vs. 1 Everton (Sat 5.30pm)Crystal Palace 2vs. 1 Newcastle (Sun 2.15pm)Liverpool 0 vs. 2 Tottenham (Sun 4.30pm)
  9. The January Transfer Window - 2018

    I can't wait for team to start making hipster videos. "This is our new player, fuck off."
  10. General Television Thread

    I honestly have no idea what she's saying sometimes.
  11. General Television Thread

    I don't like nearly as much as OJ but it's been fun. Who knew Ricky Martin had some acting chops?
  12. Is Mad Men good?

    Yes, it is probably one of my favourite shows. I would say to stick it out, but that if you don't like season two then perhaps it's not for you.
  13. Vince McMahon to relaunch the XFL

    It’s okay, they’re gonna be listening to the fans, which is something WWE does all the time.
  14. EWB PL 17/18: Prediction League

    West Ham 0 vs. 2 Crystal Palace (Tue 7.45pm)Huddersfield 0 vs. 3 Liverpool (Tue 8pm)Newcastle 0 vs. 1 Burnley (Wed 7.45pm)Southampton 2 vs. 0 Brighton (Wed 7.45pm)Tottenham 1 vs. 1 Man Utd (Wed 8pm)
  15. Mark E. Smith passes away

    Just one less awesome person on earth, really.