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  1. I’m glad this World Cup was fun because the next one is honestly looking to be a horrible, badly planned piece of shit played in scorching hot temperatures in a country where the stadiums are literally being build by slaves.
  2. And think, people said Lloris would never win a trophy at Spurs!
  3. Surely the player of the tournament has to be Danny Welbeck? An inspiration to us all.
  4. For betting reasons I hope France hold on and Griezman doesn’t score more than a goal
  5. I would not like to be arrested for anything but I especially wouldn’t want to be arrested for something in Russia, like that’s a country where you’re on your best behaviour.
  6. Listen Hbob, stop making excuses and start supporting your home team of Cork City.
  7. Actually no you are not allowed to root for Arsenal or an English team period so I recommend you find another fifth favourite club, I recommend Toronto FC because they actually win things
  8. He was probably low key happy when Gerrard slipped.
  9. Obviously crooked, you think Putin wanted to hand England the Cup?
  10. I’m rooting for a France win because of monetary reasons! I was willing to overlook this money for an England win but for a bunch of Croatians no thanks
  11. Can you really call shoe-horning a right back into central defence because you have another good right back and all your other defenders are liabilities a good tactical move? Its still an English team that’s very similar to others of the past, tactically at least. Anyways I’m really hoping I can stream this game using airplane wifi >_>
  12. It’s funny, because as someone who’s immersed in a lot of non-English punditry and journalism, there’s always been this view that the English national team has this obsession with passion. Like Sven Goran Eriksson, relatively decent tactician takes over, and within a few months he’s kinda given all that up and instead he’s talking about how he needs his players to have drive and passion and ambition. Fabio Capello, master tactician, takes over and quickly goes full FM “where’s the passion laaaaads?”. Not to mention Hoddle and Keegan and McLaren and Hogdson who just went on and on and on about the players being passionate. And for years, all I’ve heard was that England would benefit from actually playing a solidly tactical game like the Germans or the French or the Spanish and move away from this PASSION LADS business. Now it seems passion and drive works very well, who knew all you needed was an ambitious team willing to work as a unit as opposed to a bunch of overrated, selfish twats like Stevie G and JT trying to go for the glory
  13. Scary thing is this French team could put a few past either Croatia or England.

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