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  1. I really hope the next Orient kit has the Dunkin Donuts logo.
  2. It was interesting because despite the premise, I went into this book assuming it would be one of those "slice of life" books when in essence it was riddled with such nuances and deeper meanings. I did find it dragged at times though. Don Winslow's new book is out tomorrow. At this point I would venture to say he is my favourite living author, so I am beyond psyched.
  3. The original Batman encompassed my childhood from the age of 3 to well into my teens and frequently rearing its head in my adult life as well. I can genuinely say there's never been anything like it and there never will be anything like it ever again. it was just a complete phenomenon.
  4. @Lineker the season is over. Why are you not starting a new thread? Do your job!
  5. At least Liverpool said sorry, no one can accuse scousers of being rude now.
  6. Week 35 Matches; Arsenal 2 vs. 0 Everton (Sun 3pm) Burnley 1 vs. 0 West Ham (Sun 3pm) Leicester 1 vs. 0 Bournemouth (Sun 3pm) Southampton 2 vs. 0 Stoke (Sun 3pm
  7. I'm pretty sure it ended on season four, everything you read about any subsequent season is just fake news.
  8. I recommend that at the end of season four, you simply stop and ponder why NBC decided to cancel a show in its prime and to not have any subsequent seasons whatsoever.
  9. This was a masterclass. I love that Vince Gilligan didn't even need to give us closure at the end because we know exactly what we just saw and what is about to happen.
  10. Week 34 Matches; Man City 2 vs. 0 Leicester (Sat 12.30pm) Stoke 0 vs. 2 Arsenal (Sat 5.30pm) Crystal Palace 0 vs. 1 Hull (Sun 12pm) West Ham 1 vs. 3 Liverpool (Sun 2.15pm) Tottenham 1 vs. 1 Man Utd (Sun 4.30pm)
  11. We had a good run. Definitely finishing above my expectations!
  12. Week 33 Matches; Man City 2 vs. 0 Crystal Palace (Sat 12.30pm) Bournemouth 2 vs. 1 Stoke (Sat 3pm) Swansea 1 vs. 2 Everton (Sat 5.30pm) Liverpool 2 vs. 1 Southampton (Sun 1.30pm) Arsenal 0 vs. Man Utd 1 (Sun 4pm)
  13. Changing of the guard!
  14. Did you just scream fake news in the football thread?
  15. All Time (I put six, sue me) Buffy/Angel (I kinda see them as extensions of the same show) Mad Men Breaking Bad The Sopranos Twin Peaks The Shield Current Better Call Saul The Americans Veep Bojack Horseman Fargo