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  1. I hear Joey Barton has been banned for 18 months?
  2. The last episode of Feuds was fantastic, one of the best episodes of anything I have seen this season.
  3. Week 32 Matches; Sunderland 1 vs. Bournemouth 2 (Sat 3pm) West Brom 1 vs. Leicester 0 (Sat 3pm) Crystal Palace 2 vs. Burnley 1 (Sat 5.30pm) Everton 0 vs. Chelsea2 (Sun 2.05pm) Tottenham 2 vs. Arsenal 1 (Sun 4.30pm)
  4. I am really glad Barca is gone, I am now firmly Team Anyone But Real.
  5. I think the people saying the show isn't adequately depicting suicide and depression are perhaps overlooking that those are very subjective issues. What makes people happy or sad is personal and while I certainly felt that, yes, what the characters were going through wasn't worthy of such intense depression (at least until the final two eps), I can also understand that I'm not in the mind of the people suffering and cannot tell them "no, don't be sad, this is dumb". I have qualms with this show but I really don't think the criticisms about its depiction of depression are warranted.
  6. 13 Reasons Why thoughts
  7. Wtf lol that second Bayern goal.
  8. Favourite Veep line of the last episode:
  9. If we are 6 points ahead on the final day Arsenal will still find a way to finish ahead of us
  10. Week 31 Matches; Bournemouth 2 vs. 1 Middlesbrough (Sat 3pm) Hull 2 vs. 1 Watford (Sat 3pm) Swansea 0 vs. 2 Stoke (Sat 3pm) West Ham 0 vs. 2 Everton (Sat 3pm) Burnley 0 vs. 2 Man Utd (Sun 2.15pm)
  11. I finished my challenge by reading 34 books. Goodreads gave me steamers and congratulated me and everything!
  12. He is just pulling a Brian Clough, time to drag Arsenal to hell
  13. Tottenham 2 vs. 0 Bournemouth (Sat 12.30pm)Crystal Palace 0 vs. Leicester 1 (Sat 3pm)Southampton vs. Man City (Sat 5.30pm)West Brom 1 vs. Liverpool 2 (Sun 1.30pm)Man Utd 2 vs. Chelsea 2 (Sun 4pm)
  14. Does it feel bipolar when you root for two teams and they play each other? Or is it just a "yeah! My team won!" kinda deal to delude yourself into that no matter what you're winning?
  15. Realized I forgot to put a score for Chelsea so I'm sneaking it right before the game starts!