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  1. please can i get morgan, magnus, eli, josh and jb on kyky background please?
  2. On the quiet that's what worry's me for Sony's next gen. Some of the signiature 'PS Experiences' such as David Cage games and Until Dawn are going multiplatform next gen.
  3. Thanks. I'm going to go investigate this now. Wish I could figure-out the community creations system on PS4 FPWW.
  4. does the PS4 version have this Promoter Mode?
  5. Love this. Have always wanted to play a wild west scenario where the likes of xpw, xwf, wwa, wow, roh, mlw, tna are all alive in some stage.
  6. Photobucket/search function on ewb are playing up for me. Does anyone have MVP in a suit with short hair from his time as tna investor on Kyky background, please?
  7. Please could I get this onto KYKY?
  8. ksdixon

    Belt requests

    Has anyone got the following style of title belt picture for Global Force's titles? The original silver belts, and the gold Impact-GFW repaints?
  9. Please can I get this late 2001 XWF Tony Schiavone on kyky? Thanks
  10. What is the status of NWA, XPW, XWF, WWA, TNA and MLW, seeing as how WCW and ECW both survived?
  11. Awesome, thanks man. You wouldn't happen to know the font that 'WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING' in my image above is written in, would you?
  12. Sorry, should have been more specific. What I'm looking for is the logo below, without the 'star' wcw logo in the middle of it, cut out on a plain background.
  13. Does anyone have a decent sized/clear cutout of the wcw magazine-style logo without the star logo in the middle?
  14. Anyone want to add me? PSN ID: ksdixon Reguarly play: Destiny Dying Light Mortal Kombat X (NA Servers) ResoGun The Division The Last Of Us Remastered WWE 2K16
  15. I hate being right, sometimes. Sometimes I'd like to just an unfounded cynical bastard who gets pleasantly surprised. The start of match rock/paper/scissors minigame on 2k15 sucks, sure, but if I recall correctly it can be turned off, and when it was all said and done, it was the least of 2k15's problems. CPU vs CPU matches suck balls, since wrestlers ignore entire move categories, and focus mostly on strikes over grapples anyway. The matches, despite the new stamina system, abilities and skill set settings, are still the usual 3-4minute affairs. All the Create Modes and Match Type removals are just inexcusable. I'm not even picking-up 2016 unless CADiva and CAArena are back. And even then I won't be pre-ordering (since Sting/Hogan were out for non-pre-orderers within a month's time, and then the Season Pass became free before all the included DLC was out anyway etc.), and I'll wait for others to pick it up to see if the CPU vs CPU matches are better.
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