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  1. I believe the plan is for a standalone TLOU MP game on PS5.
  2. If you guys haven't tried it, TLOU1's Factions multiplayer is an absolute blast
  3. The feedback project for future wwe games is now open on 2k's forums
  4. I dislike grinding myself, where it comes to something that involves customisability. Given the option, and providing the price isn't outlandish, id sooner just buy the pieces I want, than deal with grinding wwe towers, or the pot luck of the draw + gridning of mortal Kombat 11's various krypton/towers mechanics and the randomised store offers that all piggyback off each other.
  5. You know, I had a funny thought just now, reading over some game discussion about the concept of microtransactions. What do you value more, your time or your money? For me it's always been time. I've always used the accelerator dlc to unlock all in WWE games, or gameshark codes to unlock all before that on the old PS2 games. I don't want to have to grind towers, historical/challenge modes or story/season modes, just to use caw appearance parts and moves. Now that 2020 showed us that they can throw out individual caw pieces like hairs, shirts, pants, moves and taunts... Rather then buy a "story tower", which is essentially what 2K originals were, and then be forced to grind through them by playing them as well, id much rather pick, say, a hair style, off the "microtransaction store" instead, personally. Edit: to be clear, I'm not in for any randomised lootbox shite. Just constant update of creation assets which I can pick and choose what to buy from. (caw parts, moves, taunts, entrance animations, winning animations, weapons, arena props etc)
  6. black/white/blue light just like the PSVR looks clean as fuck, although I assume that light is going to go red/green/pink for players 2,3,4 like the current PS4 controllers do. those analouge sticks look a bit too far inwards with the new angled handles, like we'll have to stretch our thumbs in a lot. i hate my XB1X controller for this very reason, having to stretch my thumbs like fuck to reach the (X) logo in the middle of the pad. i'm just hoping it's not as chunky as the XB1X pad.
  7. ksdixon

    WWE 2K19

    So close, yet so far... I got the in-game women to fight as males, and they can bleed. Poor Alexa Bliss got brutalised by Brock Lesnar in the test match. Running an all-women's original caw fed in Universe Mode for years now, I miss the blood mechanic and it makes matches feel more epic. Unfortunately, starting on 2K19 it appears that you cannot hack women CAWs into males so that they can bleed anymore. And 2K20 has re-jigged the file system, making much of the PC modding tools non-effective as well, which is why there's not been too many mods for that game either. This effectively relegates 2K19 on PC into a £60 moves pack, where I can have access once again to moves between 2K15-2K19 that have been removed from the retail PS4 games (and a select few moves back-ported from 2K20 into 2K19). I would standardize around WWE2K18 on PC, but of course the Community Creations and Logo Uploader servers are long-dead by now. It's not all bad though, I can use those hidden moves to make 'boss' versions of my characters, using moves that were taken-away from them.
  8. ksdixon

    WWE 2K19

    Finally found a webpage discussing how my laptop had an issue where it used integrated graphics instead of it's graphics card to run games. Low and behold, after re-buying WWE 2K19 on STEAM, it no longer runs in slow motion. Hacks are easy to do (the simple things I want to do being to import other game's moves, including 2020 moves since that game is a trash fire; and replace in-game theme musics). The Community Creations Servers for CAWs is... hella lacking. Oh well, I guess I'll just use PC version for one thing and PS4 version for another.
  9. I'll echo Owen's thoughts, that seems to be the case. Other than the odd new move or CAW attire piece (which might have their own glitch when applying a logo to it, or moves force you to gride through Towers/Story mode to unlock it even though you purchase the 'unlock all' accellarator dlc), it seems the game simply crashes-down around it. hard lock-ups in Universe Mode, especially when dealing with created arena's or wrestlers, that kind of thing. I'm back on 2019 myself, and I only do original caws.
  10. ksdixon

    WWE 2K19

    That is a fantastic Mickie James attire. Can you put it into community creations servers for me? @=BK=
  11. ksdixon

    WWE 2K19

    I'm back on 2k19 after 2k20 was such a collossol waste of time and effort. I started to put my impact 2014 and RFP diaries into Universe Mode too. It's fun
  12. Haha, it's my bloody phone. I hate it sometimes.
  13. Haven't read through the thread yet, I'm out with the misses. But what are your feelings on firewatch so far? Deciding if I want to continue it myself.
  14. Becky Lynch looks horrific in this year's game for that exact reason.
  15. Finally swinging back around to this... Real life been kicking my arse lately. Forgive me if I'm being dense, but the discord downloads gave me a lot of .dll, .dat etc files. How do I import these into FPWW, so that the game can use the mods? I can see the game's local install files are located at: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fire Prowrestling World" Inside the "FireProWrestlingW_Data" sub folder, there are further subfolders for "Managed", "Mono", "Plugins" and "Resources"
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