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  1. Thanks man, much appreciated. I'm gonna check this out tonight when I'm back on my pc
  2. Managed to find that area. Which of the dl's is the tie up removal?
  3. Thank you. Just purchased FPWW+ DLC. I'm a bit confused. Do I need to donate to pateron to find the no grapple mod download link?
  4. Holy crap, where can you download that from? I can only find a preview YouTube video for it.
  5. did that pc mod to remove grapple tieups ever materialize?
  6. Wait... Is there not going to be a New Moves DLC pack?
  7. I can't watch the video at the moment. What's 2020 Originals?
  8. I can't put it into words properly. But I'm struggling with Civ6 after loving Civ5. Can anyone suggest any starting points for help with the transition?
  9. The combination of 2d art style and tie up before every move really creates a barrier of entry for me, for some reason. It's a shame too because I feel there's great depths to AI tweaking and that promoter DLC game, but I can never force myself past the presentation.
  10. You lucky sod. Although those lifebars in SD2 season mode still give me nightmares.
  11. Is anyone else Hardcore into making their own original wrestlers and just simming CPU vs CPU matches with them rather than actually "playing" the games? I swear the games AI is busted. Me and a buddy keep having it where a CAW will fight like dog shit, but we change one move (usually the signature or finisher) and they suddenly fight completely differently. Or we will shuffle the placement of moves around on the move position slots and it'll be the same story. The moves themselves shouldn't affect a wrestler's effectiveness in the ring, should they? I mean, what are all those abilities, skills, attributes, personality traits and global options settings and AI sliders for... Fancy window dressing? And why does a character that sucks in Exhibition magically best everyone in Tournament Matches and Universe Mode, why is there unspoken differences in the AI?
  12. please can i get morgan, magnus, eli, josh and jb on kyky background please?
  13. On the quiet that's what worry's me for Sony's next gen. Some of the signiature 'PS Experiences' such as David Cage games and Until Dawn are going multiplatform next gen.
  14. Thanks. I'm going to go investigate this now. Wish I could figure-out the community creations system on PS4 FPWW.
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