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  1. Eurovision 2018

    Yes, seriously. I rally do enjoy that song.
  2. Eurovision 2018

    Eurovision is back again! Here is a playlist of every song: And finally there is a metal band at Eurovision as Hungarian post-Hardcore/Modern Metal band AWS will represent their country with their song "Viszlát Nyár". My other favorites are Moldova, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Israel, Greece and the Netherlands.
  3. General Television Thread

    She did star in God's Not Dead 2. So her being conservative didn't come as a surprise to me.
  4. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    Firepower is indeed a very good album. Maybe a bit too long. I think you could easily cut the last two tracks without loosing anything of importance. But other than that I'm positively surprised. I didn't think they had another good album in them after the borefest that was Redeemer Of Souls.
  5. General Movie Thread

    The new Tomb Raider has nothing to do with the two Angelina Jolie flicks. It isn't even based on the same games. The Jolie movies were inspired by the classic Tomb Raider games while the new movie is based on the reboot of the series by Crystal Dynamic and Square Enix.
  6. lmao Die Hard 6

    Why on earth would you make a Die Hard prequel? One of the big reasons why Die Hard worked so well is that McClane is just a normal cop who is at the right place at the wrong time. He doesn't need a dramatic backstory. I guess they could make it a romantic drama about his failing marriage but given the people involved I doubt that they will do that. My biggest fear is tha they will somehow try to establish that McClane and either of the Grubers had met before or some stupid shit like that.
  7. Magnum Opus? More Like Magnum Nopus

    Judas Priest: Screaming For Vengeance & Defenders Of The Faith over Painkiller. In general 80s Priest > 70s Priest Accept: Balls To The Wall is considered to be their Magnum Opus but my favorite by them is Russian Roulette. Very underrated record. Slayer: I enjoy South Of Heaven more than Reign In Blood Dio: Last In Line, Sacred Heart and Dream Evil are all better than Holy Diver Ensiferum: My guess would be that most metalheads would consider one of the two Mäenpää albums their Magnum Opus. My favorite is Victory Songs. Iron Savior: Rise Of The Hero And The Landing over their selftiteled debut.
  8. Magnum Opus? More Like Magnum Nopus

    I always liked Somewhere In Time, Powerslave, Piece Of Mind and Number Of The Beast more than Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son which is considered to be Iron Maiden's Magnum Opus by many metalheads. The consensus seems to be that Maiden's musical declins started with No Prayer For The Dying. To me it started with Seventh Son. I don't consider it a bad album though. Just not as good as it's predecessors. I also enjoy Blind Guardian's Somewhere Far Beyond and Tales From The Twilight World more than Imaginations From The Other Side. And Gamma Ray's Heading For Tomorrow and Somewhere Out In Space are better than Land Of The Free.
  9. Dragon Age Inquisition

    So when I bought WWE 2K18 from PSN I also bought all the DA:I DLC for a tenner. Jaws Of Hakkon was lots of fun. I especially loved that I was able to recruit a bear as an Inquisition agent. The Descent was quite boring and the collecting of the gears was tedious. I wouldn't say that either of them are must-haves. Trespasser on the other hand is essential since it serves as both the real ending of this game and the set-up for the next game (if they even get to make another one before EA shuts Bioware down). So of course it's paid DLC. That shouldn't come as a surprise since we are talking about a game published by EA here and they pull bullshit like this all the time. The DLC takes place two years after Corypheus defeat. Bot Ferelden and Orlais have become quite concerned about the Inquisition's continued existence despite Corypheus defeat and over all the political and military power the Inquisition has gained. Ferelden wants the Inquisition to disband while Orlais wants to have far more oversight over the Inquisition's activities. So to discuss the future of the Inquisition the Chantry (led by whoever you helped to become the Divine during the events of the main game) and representatives of Ferelden, Orlais and the Inquisition call another Exalted Council at the Winter Palace.
  10. Better Call Saul

    So who else here thinks that Kim will become addicted to painkillers next season and that this will play a role in her and Saul's break-up? I don't think her telling Saul to "the answer is always the good stuff" (as an answert to Saul's question about what kind of painkillers he should get her from the pharmacy) was just a throwaway line. I think they put that line in there for a reason.
  11. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    Nah. Leave that kind of shit to Kiss or Dio's widow.
  12. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    I don't know about that. Tipton's and Downing's guitar playing was such an integral part of the Priest sound. Downing leaving the band an tearing apart the dream team was already bad enough. And now Tipton is effectively gone too? With all due respect to Halford, Hill, Travis and Faulkner and their contributions to the band, but I think the should seriously consider calling it a day after the end of the tour if they can't somehow convince Downing to rejoin them.
  13. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    TL;DR : Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton was diagnosed with Parkinson's 10 years ago. He kept going with Priest but the sickness has progressed to the point where he won't be able to go on tour with the band anymore. He will still be involved with the band in the future though. Glenn himself has requested that Andy Sneap (producer of their upcoming album "Firepower" and guitarist in Sabbat and Hell) to take over for him on their upcoming tour.
  14. General Movie Thread

    My impression is that Abyss is probably the least remembered Cameron movie. Even True Lies is talked about more than the Abyss. It's a shame because it's a good movie.
  15. General Movie Thread

    Has there been any update on the Abyss Blu-Ray that James Cameron supposedly has been working on since last year?