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  1. So how do you actually change the font size? In the patch notes it says something about options for font scaling in the UI settings. I've looked at the UI settings from the main menu and after loading my game and I can't find anything. Edit: Okay, I found large text mode in the options but it isn't doing anything for me. Why can't they have a size slider like Jedi: Fallen Order? Edit 2: They only scaled the terminal and conversation texts. Everything else is as small es ever. This isn't helpful at all.
  2. Still waiting for that patch.
  3. @The Chiksrara Special A patch that will increase the font is coming next week: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/11/the_outer_worlds_patch_1_1_set_to_increase_text_size_fix_a_few_pesky_bugs
  4. The new Ozzy song Under The Graveyard from his upcoming album Ordinary Man which will be released early 2020 by Epic records. It is the album the Ozzman hammered out in four weeks with producer Andrew Watt (ex-California Breed) after doing the Post Malone feature. Andre Watt also plays guitar on the album. Besides Ozzy and Watt the line-up for this record also consists of Guns n' Roses bassist Duff McKagen and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. I have to say I really like this song. Looking forward to the rest of this album. Good move to not use Kevin Churko to produce and co-write songs again. Although I still feel bad that Gus G. didn't get to do more with the Ozzman. He didn't even get to write a single song since the entirety of Scream was already written when he joined the band. Also a new song from King Diamond:
  5. That always bothered me. So they want me to believe that the Wayne's wouldn't have Alfred waiting in a car to pick them up in front of the cinema? Or that they wouldn't at least call a cab? In the most recent retelling of this story they at least came up with a good excuse as to why they went down that ally.
  6. I hope that is the route they take. Like Marvel did with their Spider-Man movies. By now everyone and their mother should know Batman's origin story. We don't need to see the Waynes get shot in a dingy alley again. I hope they don't waste this movie just to rehash that tired story.
  7. King Diamond has announced on FB that his Mercyful Fate bandmate Timi Hansen lost his battle with cancer today. Hansen performed on the original 2 Mercyful Fate albums Melissa and Don't Break The Oath as well as their 1993 reunion album In The Shadows. He also played on King Diamond's first two solo records. Source: Blabbermouth.net
  8. I don't know if it has been mentioned here yet, but D&D are also no longer involved with the upcoming trilogy of Star Wars movies that they were working on. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/evj78e/everything-we-know-about-the-game-of-thrones-creators-david-benioff-db-weiss-failed-star-wars-trilogy
  9. There has been a mass exodus at Children Of Bodom. Keyboarder Janne Wirman, bassist Henri "Henkka T. Blacksmith" Seppälä and drummer Jaska Raatikainen have all left the band. Raatikainen is a founding member of the band when they were still known as Inearthed. Seppälä has been with the band since 1995 and Wirman joined them just before they changed their name to Children Of Bodom in 1997. These 3 guys have played on all the studio records so far. They will play their last gig with the band in December in Helsinki. That makes Alexi Laiho the lone founding member still in the band. The only other member left beside him is former Norther guitarist Daniel Freyberg who joined the band in 2016. Source: Blabbermouth.net
  10. It is so refreshing to have a Fallout-like game in which you can actually role-play and your attribute choices actually matter outside of combat. And I'm thinking about hooking my PS4 up with my PC monitor and play that way to make the text easier to read.
  11. I haven't found anything in the options menu.
  12. I'm playing on PS4 and it is hard to read for me.
  13. The font size for the menus, dialogue and descriptions is way too small.
  14. Just picked the game up. Bought it on special offer and saved 20%. Installing the day 1 patch right now. I have high expectations for this since it is from the developers of New Vegas.
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