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  1. Definitely this. Which non-comic book fan knew who the hell the Guardians Of The Galaxy were? Or the Ant-Man? They took a risk in dedicating these movies to relatively "unknown" superheroes and it payed off.
  2. Until I saw the trailer for it before Guardians 2 I totally forgot that they are doing 3 movies per year now and that we are getting Thor 3 this november. The trailer looked cool. Just makes me wish that Marvel can eventually reach a deal with Universal like they did with Sony to make a solo Hulk movie. The Hulk deserves a good movie. And how long do you thing this MCU thing will last? Seems like they can't do anything wrong at the moment and even movies that are not as well received such as Age Of Ultron or Thor 2 can't slow down their momentum. Do you think people will eventually grow tired of it just like they eventually did with Western movies in the 70s?
  3. The Fox X-Men universe has it's own thread and so did the MCU TV Shows so I don't see why the MCU movies don't deserve their own thread. I finally watched Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 today. Don't know why it took me so long. Was a very entertaining movie. But I do have some questions: And my rankings for the marvel movies so far: Captain America: Civil War Avengers Iron Man 3 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Dr. Strange Guardians Of The Galaxy Iron Man Spiderman: Homecoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier Ant-man Thor Captain America Avengers: Age Of Ultron The Incredible Hulk Thor: The Dark Kingdom Iron Man 2 Hulk, Thor 2 and Iron Man 2 are the only movies I really consider sub-par though.
  4. I could put my championships on the line right away. And for anyone who cares: Van Damme defeated Hunt.
  5. I've simmed a 32 Man MMA Tournament for the Ultimate Fighting championship. Alistair Overeem emerged victorious after defeating fighters such as Chuck Lidel, Guy Mezger, Don Frye and finally Chuck Norris in the final bout. He successfully defeated the championship against Bradshaw only to loose it in an upset when he was bested by the "Supreme Fighting Machine" Kama Mustafa. But Kamas reign didn't last long either as he got his head kicked off by Mirko Cro-Cop who himself was swiftly defeated by Mark Hunt. But Hunt's first title defense will be against new challenger Jean-Claude Van Damme. Will Hunt manage to defeat Van Damme to follow in the footsteps of Overeem or will we witness the crowning of yet anoter Ultimate Fighting champion?
  6. Mike Shinoda confirmed it:
  7. Fuck.
  8. He doesn't do anything too bad in this episode. I think they're trying to convince us that there is still some good in him and that he isn't a lost cause entirely.
  9. So The Strain returned yesterday:
  10. I'm afraif I can't help you. Other than trying out TEW05 when it became freeware I've never played TEW so I don't have any of the mods or pic packs for that. So if you can't find a workling link at the Grey Dog Software forum or any user there who still has it and if it isn't on HomeOfProWrestling.com you'll just have to compile your own pic pack.
  11. It wouldn't even be that hard to fix. Just add an option that let's us turn off loading the wrestler models in the wrestler select screen. Or give us the option to select several wrestler at once when sorting them into teams. Edit: Bobby Duncun Jr. Kaz Hayashi Wayne Bloom Martty Jannetty Horace Hogan Brian Knobbs Hector Garza Kendall Windham Does anybody have one of these that he would be willing to share? I'm trying my hand on a Bobby Duncun Jr. right now.
  12. Is there any way to reduce the lag on the wrestlers selection screen? I'm trying to sort my downloaded guys into teams and the lag makes a already tedious process even harder.