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  1. He is not in the game. I think the creator of this mod made the decision to remove all Japanese workers from the game who weren't wrestling in the US on a regular basis. This mod starts in April of 1997. At that point Muta's last WCW match took place in May of 1995. And the last time he worked the states regularly before that was in 1989. And he wouldn't come back to work for WCW on a regular basis until the summer of 2000. That is the reason why none of the other nWo Japan guys were in this mod as well.
  2. I'm probably a bit late to the party but I'm gonna post this here anyway: Lindsay Ellis did an amazing 2 part analysis of the final season of Game Of Thrones. If you have about 115 minutes to kill, I'd suggest you check it out:
  3. It is such a shame that the Hulk has become such an afterthought in this franchise. If there is any Marvel hero who deserves another solo movie it is him. Unfortunately as far as Hulk solo movies they seem to be in a similar situation as they are with Sony and Spider-Man.
  4. I agree that the casting was spot-on. Which is why it is such a shame that we don't get to spent more time with the grown up losers' club and have to sit through unnecessary flashbacks to 1989 losers' club that don't add anything to the story and just feel like a repeat of the first movie. And I don't see how Pennywise was more interesting in this. In my opinion Pennywise fell victim to the law of diminishing returns. He wasn't nowhere near as scary this time around.
  5. So I've seen It and It Chapter Two in a double feature since I didn't catch the first one in cinemas when it was originally released. Part 1 was amazing. Part 2 was very meh and waaaay too long at about 170 minutes.
  6. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured. Their upcoming show in Poland was cancelled but the US tour with HammerFall this October will go on as planned.
  7. I loved Sabaton when I discovered them about 10 years ago when they released The Art Of War. I'm kind of over them now though. Still enjoy everything up to and including Carolus Rex. But the last 3 records have all been crap.
  8. Who cares about Buddy Murphy's theme? The entire SmackDown branding is probably going to be out of date.
  9. Seems like they are combining Towers mode and Showcase mode.
  10. That DDT appearance seems to be a one-off though. I say keep him unsackable until he makes regular for another promotion again. And as Rocky pointed out, DDT aren't even in the game. And if it bothers you so much, you can simply change it for your own game.
  11. So apparently Ewen McGregor will reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in a Disney+ show. That should be fun. McGregor as Obi-Wan was one of the few good things about the prequels. Source: CNBC.com
  12. Will they put this out on Blu Ray? I know that they release their more famous shows like Stranger Things on Blu Ray but I don't know what their policy is in regards to movies.
  13. Maybe I am miss-remembering things, but didn't the deal that Sony and Marvel struck include 3 solo Spidy movies? So did Sony back out of the deal prematurely?
  14. According to Deadline the initial reports that Homecoming and Far From Home director Jon Watts will be involved in the next 2 movies might be false. According to them he isn't signed on to direct the next movie and is being heavily courted by other studios.
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