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  1. The Anime Thread

    So the most recent episode of DC/CO has dropped. Most recent Manga chapters:
  2. The Anime Thread

    Detective Conan/Case Closed will have 875 episodes by the end of September. It has been on the air since 1996 and the manga it is based on is published since 1994. There has been a movie made every year since 1997 (but I don't think that they are canon. They are never brought up in the anime). And yet, after 875 episodes, 21 movies and 95 volumes of the manga, I couldn't tell you a damn thing about the Black Organization other than some of the people who are part of it, that they developed a poison that shrinks you instead of killing you and that they once tried to recruit several programmers to develop some kind of software for them for some reason. They are the main antagonists of this anime and after more than 20 years we still know next to nothing about them. I get that you want to keep your readership/viewership in suspense but after more than 20 years you'd think that we would at least know what their goal is that they are working towards. Edit:
  3. Parts you hate in games you love

    When you loose Baby Mario in Yoshi's Island and the little bitch starts crying. So annoying. The train chase mission in GTA:SA that was already pointed out. Jacob and Evie Frye from Syndicate were okay. As far as personalities go they are on the bland side but they aren't annoying or otherwise offensive.
  4. The Anime Thread

    I'm catching up on Detective Conan/Case Closed (I'm about halfway through. It's crazy that they made almost 900 episodes) and one of my favorite sub-plots is the budding relationship between inspectors Takagi and Sato. It's the kind of relationship in which both people have feelings for one another but both are afraid to admit it for several reasons. Takagi usually can't muster the courage to say the right words at the right time and Sato is still dealing with the fact that another police officer she was in love with was killed on duty. What I dislike about it is that almost the entire police station (save for Sato's best friend and traffic policewoman Yumi who is trying to set Sato and Takagi up and commissioner Megure who seems to be unaware of the relationship) is trying to sabotage their relationship because they all have a crush on her and apparently they've reached the consensus that if one of them can't be with her nobody can. And they go to great lengths to sabotage their relationship. At one point 30 of them take a day off to surveil Tagaki and Sato while they are on a date and even try to steal the ring that Takagi bought for Sato (he never proposes to hear because they get mixed up in a drug deal and he loses the ring in the process), It's all very lighthearted, played for laughs and in the end the saboteurs appear so be unsuccessful but still I find it obnoxious.
  5. Moments you hate from films you love

    Every scene in Braveheart featuring Prince Edward. Not because they portray him as homosexual. But because they portray his homosexuality as the source of his weakness. It is never said out loud but it is implied.
  6. Music that is awful

    Don't you think that she is the kind of person to crash and burn once her 15 minutes of fame are up?
  7. Music that is awful

    Remember that "Cash me ousside" girl that was on Dr. Phil once and became a meme for a while? She is a rapper now.
  8. Moments you hate from films you love

    I think it comes down to the Wizarding world having different ideas about safety standards. Or maybe it's just Dumbledore being a bit of a irresponsible idiot. Think about it: Sending children into the forbidden forrest at night as penalty (I know that Hagrid was with them but still), not closing down the school when there is a mass murderer and a monster on the loose and overseeing a dangerous tournament in which there is a chance that the participants might die (and IIRC there have been deaths in the past). And then there is the blatant favoritism for Gryffindor. And let's not forget that he probably knew that the Dursley's were abusing Harry and didn't do anything about it because just showing up there every once in a while to remind them to not treat Harry like shit is too much to ask for apparently. And he hired Gilderoy Lockhart. And I find it hard to beleive that someone like Dumbledore, who always seems to know what is going on in his school, didn't know that whatever was left of Voldemort was hiding in Quirrell turban and that Moody was Barty Crouch Jr. in disguise.
  9. General Television Thread

    Really? This show is based on a real person whose rise, fall and eventual death was widely publicised at the time. I'm pretty sure that one of the first names that comes to people's minds when they think about drug dealers is Pablo Escobar. So I don't think that his death is a spoiler.
  10. General Television Thread

    Netflix just dropped a third season of Narcos. 1. Why didn't I know about this? 2.
  11. Favorite Youtube Channels

    Wrestling With Wregret: You all probably know this one already but I think it is worth a mention. Wrestling With Wregret is a show hosted by manager/occasional wrestler Brian Zane. It is like most review shows but instead of talking about movies, music or video games Zane talks about bad Wrestling. In his most recent episode he deals with the relatively obscure American Wrestling Federation (a guilty pleasure of mine). He also has a series called "Kayfabe Kitchen" in which he tries recipes from those old cook books the WWF put out during the Attitude Era, weekly reviews of old PPVs, weekly recaps of RAW and SmackDown titled "Who WAR it Better" as well as weekly NXT recaps. He also does occasional live streams of wrestling games (currently he does the story mode of "Day Of Reckoning 2") and he used to do unboxing videos of wrestling loot boxes. Larry Bundy Jr. and Daniel Ibbertson (I group them together because Bundy Jr. often hosts videos of Ibbertson on his channel): 2 British guys that talk about video game history often from a British point of view. Bundy Jr. also appeared on British TV and I think he is still part of Channel Awesome as well. Bundy is mostly know for his series "Games That Yanks can't wank" that deals with games that were never released in the US but were released in the UK. Jim Sterling: If you are into gaming you probably know him. He has a weekly show called "The Jimquisition" in which he talks about all the bullshit and controversy in the gaming industry. It is very entertaining although the personality he created for these videos can be a bit abrasive at first. He also has a video series called "Jimpressions" in which he plays bad games on Steam. In addition to that he also posts text reviews on his own website.
  12. Favorite Youtube Channels

    And here some former and current Channel Awesome/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses producers: Lindsay Ellis: The artist formerly know as "Noatalgia Chick". Back in the day she would review all the movies marketed at girls because the Nostalgia Critic himself didn't watch them growing up. She has since left Channel Awesome and abandoned the Nostalgia Chick character. Nowadays she does interesting videos about Film Theory. She also used to do a series called "Loose Canon" in which she took a look at the depiction of certain characters in the movies and TV throughout history. Kyle Kallgren/Brows Held High: A guy that mostly talks about art house movies, Shakespeare adaptations and film theory. Very informative stuff. He introduced me to some movies that I never would have checked out on my own. Linkara: He is the resident comic book reviewer on Channel Awesome. He has been there almost from the beginning and probably is the producer who has been around for the longest time that isn't Doug Walker himself. He introduced me to a lot of comic book history that I never would have found out about myself since I don't read comic books. He also has a cool series of videos in which he analyzes all the seasons of the Power Ranger of all things. Seems to be a cool dude in general. Suede (formerly know as That Dude in the Suede): He was also one of those guys that has been around since the beginning of Channel Awesome. He took a long break from reviewing but has since returned. He mostly talks about anime-related stuff. Currently he is reviewing every episode of the early Pokemon seasons. He also had a collaborative series of revies of the Pokemon movies which is on halt since one of the producers he made them with (JewWario for those interested) unfortunately commited suicide. And something random: Life Of Boris: A guy from Eastern Europe that makes humorous videos about Gopnik culture. Those videos can be cooking videos, vlogs of trips to other Eastern European countries and even gaming videos. He is a very funy guy. Extra Credits: A group of people (some from within the gaming industry) who make interesting and informative videos about Game Theory. They also have a series called "Extra History" in which they talk about historical events.
  13. Favorite Youtube Channels

    The Dom: He reviews book adaptations. Mostly movies. He does an amazing job at it. He did a great series of reviews on the Harry Potter movies and is now starting to review Game Of Thrones. He doesn't judge the movie's quality as a movie (although he briefly shares his general feelings about the movie) but as an adaptation. History Buffs: He reviews historical movies and occasionally TV shows and checks how true to history they actually are. The length of his reviews can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the film. But they are very informative. The Gaming Historian: As his name suggests his videos deal with the history of video games and are very informative. He has been around for a while. I Hate Everything: A guy that mostly talks about stuff he doesn't like in a humorous way. He isn't one of these caustic idiots who just screams at you. He actually makes good points. My favorite series of his is "Search for the Worst" in which he reviews the lowest rated movies on IMDB to find the worst movie ever made. Confused Matthew: A movie reviewer that had been around for a while and is mostly known for his trashing of "2001: A Space Odyssey", "The Lion King" and not being a fan of the MCU (although he has come around to it recently). But he doesn't simply hate those movies just to be contrarian and edgy. He does make some good points. He has deleted most of his old stuff since he wasn't comfortable with the style and tone of his old reviews and actually quit making reviews for a while. But earlier this year he made a comeback. He has re-uploaded a selection of his old reviews and still makes shorter new reviews. My favorites are his old reviews of the Star Wars prequels and the Matrix sequels.
  14. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    I just hope that they keep him seperated from all that stuff about the Hand, Ninjas and all the other boring bullshit the Defenders are dealing with.
  15. Musical Pet Peeves

    Also the trend that you don't need a chorus anymore in your pop song and instead build a song around some synth hook. See stuff like the Chainsmokers.