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  1. @Ollie My explanation is done. Check my original reply.
  2. I'm typing the elaboration right now. I accidentally clicked on "Submit Reply" before I finished typing. That is why my reply was so short.
  3. The first half was great. The 2nd one not so much.
  4. It's just that none of the evidence you pointed out is very convincing to me.
  5. Lindsay Ellis did a video on Titanic: And Quinton Reviews made a video series about the history channel that is very interesting:
  6. Three episodes of Scrubs were also pulled from streaming services due to scenes involving characters in blackface. That was done at the request of showrunner Bill Lawrence.
  7. Nope. I missed some stuff. Even missed some journal entries for Ellie. But it didn't feel like I missed anything crucial, so it didn't bother me too much.
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