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  1. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    The three of them and Würzel as well if the feel like jamming out as a four-piece. Has anyone here listened to Eddie Clarke's post-Motörhead band Fastway? Are they worth checking out? And if so, with which album should I start? In other sad Heavy Metal news: Babymetal guitarist Mikio Fujioka passed away at age 36 after reportedly falling from a observation deck. Source: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/babymetal-guitarist-mikio-fujioka-dies-at-36/ Also famed Rock and Metal producer Chris Tsangarides passed away at age 61 after battling pneumonia and heart failure. He produced albums such as Judas Priest's Painkiller, Thin Lizzy's "Renegade" and "Thunder And Lightning", several album of the cult heavy metal band Anvil (including "Metal On Metal"), several Gary Moore solo albums (including his solo debut "Back On The Streets"), Black Sabbath's "Eternal Idol", several albums for veteran Japanese metal band Anthem, several albums of guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen in the mid-to-late 90s, Angra's "Fireworks" as well as Bruce Dickinson's first solo Album "Tattooed Millionaire". Source: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/legendary-rock-producer-chris-tsangarides-dead-at-61/
  2. The Anime Thread

    Wasn't me.
  3. The Anime Thread

    Haven't watched Evangelion in ages. I remember being confused and a bit disappointed by the final episode and really bummed out by End Of Evangelion after seeking the movie out for clarification. Then years later I saw the Fokding Ideas video on End Of Evangelion and it made me appreciate the movie a lot more. Not enough to make me ever want to watch it again. But I get it. Here is the video in question. SPOILERS for End Of Evangelion obviously.
  4. The Anime Thread

    So I just finished Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo and I enjoyed it a lot right up until the last few episodes when And why the hell was there never a 2nd season of The Devil is a parttimer? So much wasted potential.
  5. WWE 2K18

    I bought the Deluxe edition on the Playstation Store as well. 45 bucks is a good price for the whole package. Got UFC 2 for a 10er as well. Downloading takes forever.
  6. General Movie Thread

    It just seems way over the top to me. Like it should be the plot of a new Expendables movie and not a sequel to Sicario. And the trailer makes it look like it is going to be another dumb action movie instead of the well-crafter thriller that the first movie was. Plus Denis Villeneuve isn't coming back to direct it. I don't expect much from it.
  7. General Movie Thread

    So according to the Wikipedia page of Sicario 2 the plot involves mexican drug cartels smuggling terrorists across the border. Is that something that actually happens? Sounds like bullshit to me.
  8. General Television Thread

    I just finished re-watching Breaking Bad. Got the entire show on Blu-Ray recently. This show just blew my mind all over again. Truly one of the best TV shows ever made.
  9. The Star Wars Thread

    Saw it a few hours ago. Biggest disappointment of the year by me by far. So many plotholes. So much wasted potential.
  10. Sony Megathread

    Who cares about MediEvil? Just remaster the first three Spyro games already!
  11. Sony Megathread

    I was a bit disappointed with the ending of Horizon: Zero Dawn:
  12. General Movie Thread

    There are reports that studio Illumination Entertainment (the company behind Despicable Me the Minion movies and Sing) is near an agreement with Nintendo to make an animated Super Mario movie.
  13. Freeware and Abandonware

    I haven't read about anyone ever being prosecuted for it. Most of these Abandonware websites seem to operate without problems. But I think it is like Roms. It's okay in most countries if you own the original game and copy it for private use. But I don't think it's okay to upload them without permission. Especially since some of these old games do end up on services like Steam or Gog.com for purchase. But I think it is okay if the developers themselves provide the download links. I think you can still download the old 2D GTA games from the Rockstar website for example.
  14. Freeware and Abandonware

    Isn't Abandoneware illegal? Or at least in a legal grey zone? Just because many of these those old games aren't available for purchase doesn't mean it is legal to provide download links for them.