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  1. When you make requests please put them under a spoiler tab, it makes the site load 10x easier and it makes it easier for me when posting the cuts. http://s1076.photobucket.com/user/lukkearthur/library/?sort=2&page=1 Heres a link to mine with a bunch of cuts I havent posted on here.
  2. Bit of a nightmare with these picture, because they are cut off at the sides they wouldnt fit the background for pictures without being awkwardly cut. Few cuts including new Dean Ambrose:
  3. and three others i cut, Markus Crane, Craig Mitchell and BPJr
  4. Heres a link to all these cuts.
  5. Heres a link to all these cuts.
  6. Also please put requests under the spoiler tab
  7. Heres a Link to all the cuts since there was too many to post separately.
  8. Oh damn, my bad Ettore Ewen is Big Es shoot name, I just have accidentally added him into the .rar file when i was cutting him for myself.

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