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  1. I just cut what people give me, if someone wants them cut and its convenient to me I'll do it.
  2. If someone only requests two pictures im not going to go through 5 other peoples requests of around 15 pictures each trying to see if anyone has asked for the same person. If that person wants that one picture cut I'm more than willing to do it even if I have a better one because thats what they asked for.
  3. Well when I'm busy seeing someone request 2 things is a lot easier to do than someone who requests 15-20 pictures.
  4. Probably the better place to ask but here you go anyway.
  5. Makes it 10x easier if you post the pictures when requesting.
  6. Heres a link to 344 high quality cuts that I've done myself, just download TheWhos most recent picture pack and use this over the top of it to fill in the blanks. https://www.mediafire.com/file/7cz2jglj9tqehav/LukkeArthur_Cuts.rar/file
  7. I can always .rar up all of my collection of high quality cuts, its mostly an add on pack for TheWhos to replace pictures he doesnt have.

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