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  1. He's the only person on shift at Nissan next weekend.
  2. Best thing about that was he was really shit at betting.
  3. Never had John Terry down as a Religious man tbh...
  4. I know of the lad who set it up, he was/is a UKIP Party Member, no wonder he moved over there, probably loves their Government.
  5. More concerned by the fact he has number 12.
  6. I tend to find I end up loose the day after curry night.
  7. Rather we kept him til the summer and let him go for "free" and take it to tribunal. Getting out of this league first time is imperative and his goals could well see to that, plus the sides in for him Cardiff, Huddersfield and Palace could feasibly be in The Championship in 6 months time anyway. If we're up and it's going to be a long tough fight to do so we're in a better position to keep him for a few more seasons at least but whatever happens we'll have to accept it. Personally blame the previous regime for not getting this sorted last season.
  8. Absolutely capitulated with 11 games left, lost to Barnsley with 11 games left and they took top spot from us. Could barely get a win afterthat and they kept slipping up, frustrated and it took a last minute winner on the last day to make sure of promotion but at least we're finally up. My heart sank when I went behind to a Darren Bent Goal against Southend.
  9. Yeah Fulwell 73 are the production company behind it, they do James Corden's show out in the states and it actually does feel like it was made with a US audience in mimd. Not sure what the budget was but it should be better given it's on Netflix. Seen better stuff put out on youtube by the likes of Copa90. I was at the premiere screening and they're filmimg this season as well but no confirmation of it being comissioned yet but they did say they got a whole new production crew in.
  10. The editing is atrocious, the player/staff interviews are fascinating but like you say it seems thrown together and they had plenty of time and given it's produced by Sunderland fans it should be better. They've only seemed to interview absolute divvies as well when it comes to fans. I still love it but it's very jarring the way they've edited it.
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