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  1. Had a pretty good spell after our first goal and pushed for the equaliser but McLaughlin made some huge saves (again), at least three I can think of, Play like that against other teams and you'll get out of it comfortably I think.
  2. 6 wins in a row, 4 clean sheets in a row, 2nd place and 3 points off top with a game in hand on Portsmouth. We've got a squad of players that want to be here and a manager that has more than just one plan and can make positive changes. We may be in League One, I don't really care because it feels good to be a Sunderland Supporter again. To add to that, our owners are a class above too 😎🤗
  3. Was hoping to go but had to settle for watching it on SAFSee, thought it was a decent match and we had just a little bit more than you on the night. Keeper saved us big time at the end of the first half
  4. Another good away win, didn't really play well. Being there made it all the better 😎
  5. Chris Maguire is an absolute shithouse, I love him 😍
  6. It's okay, how long did it take for you to get out of it?
  7. You'll be wanting your deposit back come January.
  8. 1-0 Down, played shit and won courtesy of a Lee Cattermole Brace. Banter.
  9. Immensely proud of Pickford like.
  10. Toivonen was absolutely woeful, best thing he did was get injured for Defoe to come on and score THAT goal against Newcastle.
  11. Goes to show how horribly we've been run.
  12. Shrewsbury not going up works for me, will be able to visit family and get to the match when we play them away hopefully.
  13. That's Short finally gone, hallelujah. New Owner Stewart Donald just gave a press conference and is set to be interviewed on The Roker Report Podcast.

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