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  1. 6 Months too late but at least the twat is gone.
  2. West Brom one has been on the bench bt never played iirc.
  3. Me too, couple that with slapgate and it's grounds for dismissal and probably wouldn't have to pay him off.
  4. Probably loads of crusty ones in his Ma's gaff.
  5. Hartlepool is close enough.
  6. See you in, who am I kidding? Never.
  7. RIP John Terry 1980-2017 like dis if u cri evrytim.
  8. I can't say I'm surprised, he's a fucking walloper.
  9. TEQUILA! Nothing suspicous happening in the Arsenal vs Everton match mind.
  10. Yeah, they made Pickford kick it out for a throw in.
  11. He already lifted the WWE Title this week, a long line in things he's held up that he didn't win.
  12. Terry subbed off in the 26th Minute, team lines up and applauds him off as he gives Cahill the armband. What self absorbed shite.
  13. Scenes if Julio Arca scores for Shields today.