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  1. £9.7m more than he's worth.
  2. Fixtures are out, all we need now is a new owner a new manager and 11 new players.
  3. Ronaldo "Hi Lads, I want more money because I'm gonna get loads took off me because I'm a tax dodger, blink first and give me a new contract, K?"
  4. Life is Strange is fucked up man
  5. Taking it with a huge pinch of salt but The Telegraph have said that our takeover talks with that German Consortium are at an advanced stage. Apparently McInnes has turned down the job over concerns the potential new owners would want their own man at the helm.
  6. No Guinness for McInnes.
  7. Pickford
  8. It's Floyd Mayweather Sr, his dad. He's taking the piss and calling Jr old...
  9. Tit Shitcunt.
  10. Hope we stay up lol
  11. I'm happy with the price for Pickford, he absolutely will justify it but I am beyond gutted that he's going. A local lad done good who loves the club as much as we do, I won't begrudge him leaving, how else is he going to get in to England contention for next year? Just a shame we are so shit everywhere else on the pitch otherwise we'd have held onto him. People baulking at the figure are just daft really, he's young and English of course he's going to cost more and so he should, £50mil for Stones £49mil for Sterling Etc. Some of our fans trying to play damage limitation saying keepers aren't that important and are easily replaced, which is bollocks.
  12. FTFY Looks awesome, Insomniac are great when it comes to a tounge in cheek take the piss hero so I'm sure they'll have that covered. Looks very heavily influenced by the Arkham games, which isn't a criticism.
  13. Mine stopped working altogether, had to get a new disc tray.
  14. Amazing season from Huddersfield, had very little resources and were among the favourites to go down before a ball was kicked.