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  1. ...DIVE.

    1. Your Cloud And Mine

      Your Cloud And Mine

      My least favorite thing about this is the amount of people falling over Randy Orton's weak-ass "insults". Dude makes the same boring "LOL I MAKE LOTS OF MONEY, MARKS!!" tweet, and soooo many people are falling over themselves to go LOL MASTER SHIT TALKER RANDY ORTON OMG HE'S SO GOOD AT INSULTS.

      Like nah, brah, he said the same boring garbage he says anytime he gets criticized. Dude's got weak game.

      Also, Mark Haskins had an A+ tweet about this whole thing.

    2. King Michaellis Myers

      King Michaellis Myers

      I am blissfully unaware of this whole thing so I choose to interpret this as a Flash Gordon reference.