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  1. A very small and easily fixable issue, but Chelsea Green aka Laurel Van Ness should have USA ticked in her active areas. Also maybe boost her crazy performance? She's been playing her current crazy/drunken bride gimmick pretty well.
  2. I don't know. I just googled him.
  3. Yeah, Jett Armstrong definitely doesn't look like he's six years old. I can't find anything on his birthday, though he looks like he's in his early twenties. Thanks for the hard work, Who. It's always much appreciated.
  4. Here's a little update for Stardom: - Kris Wolf is the new High Speed Champion - Zoe Lucas, Christi Jaynes, Deonna Purrazzo and Shayna Baszler are currently touring - Zoe Lucas and Christi Jaynes need to be added to the database. Unfortunately I can't find much info regarding their background. - Viper, Courtney Stewart, Santana Garrett, Chelsea Green, Thunder Rosa, Holidead, Nixon Newell and Kay Lee Ray have completed their tour. I don't know if their all employed by Stardom in the database, but I know some are. I'll update with more info if needed when I get home tonight.
  5. Sony Megathread

    I'd say the best comparison to Deadpool would be the Devil May Cry reboot that came out a few years back. The gameplay is similar to DMC, but like previously mentioned it doesn't have much replay value. I'd recommend you rent it before buying it, because it does get old kinda fast.