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  2. That's one I'm using now for the WCW 2000 I'm rebooking on a blog for a podcast I'm an occasional guest on when they do the nostalgia deal. I wanted to prove that guys like Benoit, Guerrero, etc. WERE useful. How would I modify it back to mid-1999, use the Arsenic editor to just switch champions and whatnot?
  3. Okay, I mentioned on another thread in a different sub-forum (that post should be deleted... dont' really wanna do any post-whoring or spamming) that I needed a WCW late 1999 mod... I'd like it for sometime in October for when Russo and Ferrara came to WCW. Can anyone help facilitate that for me? Or, even mid-1999 would be better, so I could line it up better with my computer's date & time. Thanks!!
  4. Hey everyone! I'm doing a separate rebooking of WCW 2000 at a site off the board ( and came up with a new idea for a PPV. "WCW Risk vs. Reward" Basically, the premise is that if someone wants a title shot, they have to risk something (example: $10,000 vs. US Championship) Anyway, if someone could use the last WCW logo and make up some kind of logo giving the PPV a "Vegas" theme, such as a blackjack or craps table with the logo and Risk vs. Reward. Thanks!