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  1. Spend my days workin' hard on the go, but the hands on the clock keep spinnin' too slow...

  2. As an American, I enjoyed watching his versions of Price is Right on YouTube. Damn good stuff. RIP, Bruce Forsyth
  3. Ooooh... that is nice! Let me ask the guy who made the graphic for me.
  4. Thank you, @Rocky! Forget the Slamboree Nitro graphic. The Nitro one is greatly appreciated. Thank you again!
  5. 1) Could someone remove "MONDAY" From this WCW Monday Nitro logo? 2) I am going to do a Slamboree Edition of Nitro soon, and would love a sweet graphic for it. Here's the Slamboree Logo I'd like to use Thanks in Advance!
  6. Since my favorite college team is in the Big12 (WVU), and the Big12 has a deal with FS1, I prefer FS1. Although, in recent months, FS1 really pissed me off when they fired Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole. Those guys were effin' hilarious! Sadly, FS1 had no idea how to promote or use them. Thankfully, Jay and Dan are going back to TSN in Canada where they were appreciated so much more. ESPN has soured on me because of all the political crap, as well as the fact that most of their talking heads (save Scott Van Pelt) have terrible personalities. Unless it's a live game where WVU is playing, I very rarely watch ESPN. FS1 seems to be a bit more tolerable than ESPN at this point.
  7. Long ago, I used to play a game called Promotion Wars (anyone remember that one)... I have since moved on to EWR. There was a PW scenario called, "Legends Scenario" where the best of the best of WWF(E), WCW, and ECW from different eras were on each company's roster. I would love to see that in EWR. Can anyone make that happen? http://promotionwarsreborn.proboards.com/thread/4/legends-scenario-v1 This is what I'm referring to.

  9. That's one I'm using now for the WCW 2000 I'm rebooking on a blog for a podcast I'm an occasional guest on when they do the nostalgia deal. I wanted to prove that guys like Benoit, Guerrero, etc. WERE useful. How would I modify it back to mid-1999, use the Arsenic editor to just switch champions and whatnot?
  10. Okay, I mentioned on another thread in a different sub-forum (that post should be deleted... dont' really wanna do any post-whoring or spamming) that I needed a WCW late 1999 mod... I'd like it for sometime in October for when Russo and Ferrara came to WCW. Can anyone help facilitate that for me? Or, even mid-1999 would be better, so I could line it up better with my computer's date & time. Thanks!!
  11. Hey everyone! I'm doing a separate rebooking of WCW 2000 at a site off the board (wcw2000redo.wordpress.com) and came up with a new idea for a PPV. "WCW Risk vs. Reward" Basically, the premise is that if someone wants a title shot, they have to risk something (example: $10,000 vs. US Championship) Anyway, if someone could use the last WCW logo and make up some kind of logo giving the PPV a "Vegas" theme, such as a blackjack or craps table with the logo and Risk vs. Reward. Thanks!

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