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  1. I miss Elliot and I used to watch the show religiously along with CI, but ever since Elliot left I have watched sporadically. Isn't Olivia now the head of the department?
  2. I got 2K19 for the PC so I can save pictures. Anyway, can I get these on the belt background?
  3. RDR2 is just the latest reason why Rockstar is my favorite game company. I have never hated a videogame character as much as I have hated Micah and pissed at Dutch's foolery. I actually cried because of this game. This game had a phenomenal story that made you care about the characters. I didn't cry during the end of RDR, but something about Arthur made me care so much about him even if I did have a $1,500 bounty in New Hanover.
  4. I don't recall Sadie ever being mentioned either. Besides Jack and Abigail, Arthur and Sadie are the only ones in the gang that care about John.
  5. Finally got to the Epilogue. This game and The Witcher III are the only games that have made me cry.
  6. Can I get Day of Reckoning, No Remorse, Overload, & Clash for Cash (with the WWE logo slightly above) on the grey/steel background?
  7. I saw a pic of Jericho up above, but it has his championship in it. With that said, can I get this cut on KyKy?
  8. I remember waiting for the '99 Kids' Choice Awards to be over to watch SBSP and being instantly hooked. He created a show that surpassed the success of Rocko's Modern Life (SpongeBob replaced Rocko when it was cancelled).
  9. Playing Royal Rumble will get you cards fast to use to level up. You get 12 draft pics when you win. Sure you know this, but wanted to help in some way.
  10. I got the Turkey Leg earlier today. I have a five hour window after my first Gooker is done to start my second. Hopefully that will put me into Gothic tier once gold pro
  11. You have to have one of each ingredient. You can't use two Smashed Potatoes for instance, only one, then one Cranberry Sauce, etc.
  12. Hey, Katsuya. I am SummerSlam 18+ tier. I managed to start the fusion for the Gothic Gobbledy Gooker. Been playing since S1. Common Virgil was my very first card.
  13. He has filmed.roles for.Marvel movies all the way up to 2021.
  14. Can I get these of Mistress Belmont on KyKy, please? Edit: And these of Christina Von Eerie & MsChif? All three, please. Thank you.
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