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  1. Hmmm. I thought I posted this, but guess not. Anyway, can I get these cut on the TEW16 Belt background?
  2. That is why I wouldn't mind WWE making a deal sorta like the CoD series has. Where different companies work on a wrestling game and have time to flesh it out and whatnot. So Yukes can work on WWE 2k21 while another company works on WWE 2k22. Skip 2k20 so they have enough time. Unfortunately that is impossible dur to the ever changing roster. Ah well.
  3. I guess my memory is not as good as I thought about either game...🤔
  4. There was a movie you unlocked with Slobberknocker? I don't remember that.
  5. I image if there unlockables, people would have complained. Edit: I need to add that if one were to think the Towers Mode in WWE 2K19 is pointless, did they also think the Towers Mode in Mortal Kombat was pointless. The difference between the two is that in WWE 2k19 you can advance with the damage you took from the previous match. It is to test yourself, to see how far you can get. It harkens back to the Slobberknocker Match. There weren't unlockables in that, yet many found that match fun. Just saying, that no matter what Yukes or 2k.do, they will be knocked for.something. put unlockables in the game and people will complain that they have to unlock them. Don't, and people will complain that it is pointless to play, because there aren't any unlockables. Ciampa not being in is a legit complaint, but others are just stupid complaints, in my opinion.
  6. That is something I will never use.
  7. Can I please get my custom Championships on the belt background? Thank you.
  8. Or Ziggler might become Intercontinental Champion, then kick The Revival to the curb and win the RAW Tag Team Championship...
  9. You act as if they were strapped to beds during their recovery, never to leave their bedroom. While injured, they could have still done mocap and all of that. Look at Tyson Kidd for example.
  10. Finally a robust female roster. Would have liked to have Emma still and have a Australian Angels faction of Emma,.Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, but oh well.
  11. With EC3 in, time to make a Dixie Carter CAW.
  12. There are three DLC packs, right? 2K could realize their fuckery and put him in another pack?
  13. Just saw Shin Lim on my DVRed America's Got Talent Finals episode. He has blown me away EVERYTIME! 10 votes for him! I hope he wins!
  14. Enzo Amore before he was fired.
  15. The wallably problem started in 1870, when just three pairs of Australian Tammar Wallabies were introduced into the South Island, with others later released near Rotorua in the North Island. On Kawau Island in the Hauraki Gulf, near Auckland, Brush-Tailed Rock-Wallabies were released, also in 1870. But both species have now reached such large numbers, estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands, they are causing damage to the indigenous forests of New Zealand and threatening native birdlife by eating the fruit, seeds and flowers that both depend on

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