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  1. General Television Thread

    Ever since I first watched Justified and SoA, I have been a fan of Walton Goggins. He was great in The Hateful 8.
  2. Random Music Thoughts

    I found this after looking for Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" music video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jw27h74o2k&app=desktop The original is below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYIAfiVGluk&app=desktop
  3. General Television Thread

    I just checked out info for a potential quiz on Family Matters, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that FM crossed over with Boy Meets World, Full House, Step by Step, and a few others. Did anyone else know this?
  4. Lyrically Speaking Of Course

    I have a new song for everyone. "Picture That" - Roger Waters (I tried changing the font size, but it won't work...) [Verse 1]Picture yourself as you lean on the port railTossing away your last cigarettePicture your finger pushing the doorbellPicture the skull and crossbones on the doormatPicture yourself on the streets of LaredoPicture the casbah, picture JapanPicture your kid with his hand on the triggerPicture prosthetics in AfghanistanPicture a courthouse with no fucking lawsPicture a cathouse with no fucking whoresPicture a shithouse with no fucking drainsPicture a leader with no fucking brainsNo fucking brains, no fucking brains No fucking brains, no fucking brains No fucking brains, no fucking brains No fucking brains, no fucking brains[Verse 2]Follow me filming myself at the show On a phone from a seat in the very front rowFollow Miss Universe catching some raysWish You Were Here in Guantanamo BayPicture a seat on a private plane Picture your feet nailed to the floor Picture a crew who are clearly insane Picture no windows, picture no doorsGlued to a screen in the state of Nevada To follow the dream gets harder and harder [Verse 3]Picture her wrapping a gift for the weddingPicture her boiling the water for teaPicture the kids climbing into the backseatPicture my hand turning the keyOh, picture thatPicture the dog in the pickup ahead Picture the tree at the side of the road Picture my hands growing steadily colderColder, colder Colder, colder Colder, colder Colder, colder[Verse 4]Follow me down to a place by the riverSold for my kidneys, sold for my liverWhy so weedy, so fucking needy There’s no such thing as being too greedy[Instrumental]
  5. General Television Thread

    I startd Ep. 1 of Altered Carbon, and had to pause it to tell all ya all that I like it. I like sci fi, horror, and fantasy, so currently Black Mirror, Altered Carbon, The Magicians, and Channel Zero: Butcher's Block are my weeklies.
  6. Random Music Thoughts

    Almost everything by Antony & The Johnsons/Anhoni. Since Anhoni doesn't like gender specific pronouns, I shall say that I was worried Anhoni under A&TJ wasn't going to be on the list, but am happy that Anhoni was included. Anhoni has worked with Laurie Anderson, Bjork, and many others. I HIGHLY recommend Anhoni! EDIT: I quoted the wrong post, but this ^^ is for you, Benji, and pretty much everyone else.
  7. Favorite Youtube Channels

    Thanks, Lint. After researching and seeing his tweets, I am not watching anything of his.
  8. Favorite Youtube Channels

    I like Jacksepticeye, AVGN, MeffewofBotchamania, Stumpt, PuddlesPityParty, ERB, Nostalgia Critic, The Young Turks, The Atheist Experience, and The Game Theorists
  9. Minecraft!

    Minecraft is a time waster. I find playing with friends is the way to go.
  10. Cloverfield 3 is on Netflix

    My own quick thoughts:
  11. Altered Carbon

    I'm currently on S1 of Black Mirror, but will give this a try.
  12. Cloverfield 3 is on Netflix

    Have a go at it. Even though you know everything about it it is worth watching. Goodman is great as always, plus the bomb shelter has some good bits in there. Inanimate objects need an Oscar category for how they interact with actors. Currently watching it, and it's good, so far.
  13. Cloverfield 3 is on Netflix

    I liked 10CL. John Goodman is in it and a bomb shelter is in it and mystery is in it and intrigue is in it but Tim Curry isn't in it.
  14. Lyrically Speaking Of Course

    Quick question, how do you single space? I only ever double space.
  15. General Television Thread

    Anyone else excited for S3 of Channel Zero? I didn't watch S1, S2 was captivating.