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  1. Impact suggestions I don't read spoilers for future tapings so this is only as of last Friday's episode. Add a tag team between Fallah Bahh and KM in Impact. They are probably best done as a fun babyface tag team. Add a tag team called the Desi Hit Squad for Hakim Zane and Gama Singh's son Raj. I'm not sure who Raj is in the database (Gama Singh Jr?), but these are the only two members of the Desi Hit Squad. Probably all of the other Indian born wrestlers should be released. Also, I presume Gama Singh Jr and Gama Singh need a relationship added. I'm curious if Hakim Zane should be Black or Indian for his race? Is he a mixed race? Add Glenn Gilberti as a roster member, heel, with maybe a misogynist gimmick. Katarina is a heel. Jordynne Grace is a babyface. Ethan Page is a heel. Remove Homicide and Shawn Hernandez, Grado, Kongo Kong, Stone Rockwell, Taiji Ishimori, from Impact. (I don't do twitch at all so maybe some of them still participate in that? I know Rockwell had a show or something on there). Keep Caleb Konley and Petey Williams on your watch list. They haven't been active in a while. Moose is a heel with a very cocky, rich smug gimmick. Add Reno Scum to the roster, especially if they work the next set of tapings in Windsor. Eli Drake is trending on tweener and attempting a babyface tag team with Eddie Edwards. It could just be a set up for the two to face off at the next PPV in April. Add Willie Mack to Impact and add a tag team with Rich Swann Allie is a heel with a mysterious gimmick. Dezmond Xavier should be renamed Dez in Impact, Trey Miguel should be renamed Trey in Impact, and Zachary Wentz should be renamed Wentz. All three should be stoner gimmick with a stable called The Rascalz. They are all babyfaces. Possible Impact spoilers
  2. It is the respect stat. This GDS post has the information.
  3. It's close to my favourite sport to watch. Maybe only the CFL beats it for me.
  4. La Sangre Dinamita should be Nuevo Generación Dinamita, or NGD.
  5. I was more meaning by finding who was in the WON HOF, you could see what titles they held for their accomplishments. For CMLL, I'm assuming the Light Heavyweight title would be their main title but I don't know enough if some other weight classes would be considered main event or not.
  6. CMLL is difficult because they are most likely a cult promotion game wise but with in TEW 2020 new size set up they will probably be national? They've always been a major promotion though. Maybe go through the WON HOF and include those luchadors?
  7. I can't argue with ROH, but selfishly I would rather WWA. Start TNA with the weekly events. The user can delete it before the game starts if they want to follow real life. FYI, I have Canadian and American PPV providers done and I'm done employment histories for workers whose names start with A and B from the list you gave me.
  8. It would have been something else. Not playing in administration mode I'd one of the more common errors.
  9. Were you actually pirating? I still use Windows XP so I don't have to use Administrator mode.
  10. I would worry about the main guys for now. You can always add in the others later if you are bored and want a change of pace or something.
  11. I'm pretty sure an earlier version only counted 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 matches as headliners so I assume that's still the case. I would include G1,Royal Rumble, and KOTR wins as title wins. I'd include AJPW and NOAH tournament winners until you figure they weren't national companies anymore.
  12. I'm 50/50 on Red but agree with Kirkland on the other three. When in doubt I think I would prefer it with "The" if it was an all or nothing sort of deal.
  13. Road Dogg is a bad example then. But you would add The Undertaker as the default name and Mark Calaway as the alter ego. Bubba Ray Dudley as the default name and Brother Ray as the alter ego.
  14. This was a new feature added in TEW 16. Edge should definitely be added ad Edge with an alter ego as Adam Copeland. You can set it so the alter ego works for everyone but WWE so he would never appear in TNA, for example, as Edge.

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