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  1. Don't you guys pay someone like a million dollars every year for the rest of his life? Or is that another team?
  2. I'd rather ties than changing the rules of the game to find a winner.
  3. I wish they / other leagues would embrace ties. Especially during covid.
  4. I didn't like this one as much. Not enough variation in the results.
  5. I'm a very lapsed UFC fan. Watched a replay of Nunes last fight and that encouraged me to buy the show last night. It was a lot of fun. I'm not sure I'll be able to buy all the shows I want, but I'm really looking forward to Cormier / Miocic, so hopefully I can swing that.
  6. Is that on ESPN? That's obscene. I can get it for $65 Canadian here.
  7. Plus NHL players will be going to the next two Olympics assuming an agreement can be made with the IOC.
  8. Wrestling data let's you search rosters by custom years. I usually do three months before and after the start date.
  9. I'm surprised how much I enjoy this. Is there a difference in teams aside from colour? For example, do some marbles weigh more or is it all basically luck on which ones win?
  10. KJE


    ESPN article on the end of the XFL. There are over 30 people / groups interested in buying.
  11. For instances like this, you can have Braun Strowman as the default character and create an alter ego called Adam Schurr, with the setting "Use this for All But WWE."
  12. It's apparently the game world rebalancing itself (face vs heel) and it's common even in the CV.
  13. I would use the export database option into excel and find some comparables. Separate them by wrestling style, experience, size, etc and you should have a rough idea.
  14. I believe 4.2 is August 2003.
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