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  1. The picks OKC got could be very good. Houston could be bad by then.
  2. How done do you consider the Raptors? I'm not saying they'll be a top seed, but unless they blow it up they will make the playoffs with their roster now. Unless you meant as a legitimate title contender, then yes, they are done.
  3. Kawhi signs with the Clippers and LAC also trades for Paul George 😩
  4. Rumours are saying Kawhi is returning to Toronto with a 2 year deal to get to his 10th season.
  5. I don't know the NBA CBA nearly as well as the NHL's, but surely an injured player's salary does not count towards the cap. That would be ridiculous.
  6. Oh man somehow I have to get there!
  7. He's employed by the team and the players love him, so he won't be going away any time soon.
  8. I'm terrible with basketball. The moment the other team goes on a run greater than 2-0 I think the game is over. My wife has given me permission to go to the finals if the Raptors make it, so I'm praying it works out. I never made it to a Jays playoff game during their recent run and I feel the NBA finals could be a long time away after this year, so it may be my only chance.
  9. Great Britain came back from a three goal deficit vs France to win 4-3 in overtime and avoid relegation.
  10. I'm still buzzing from that game. I wasn't able to watch as many Raptors games this year - a combination of the regular season not meaning much and having older toddlers leaving me less time - and almost forgot why I liked basketball. Heart was pounding the whole game!
  11. He's a lot of fun. He has also only played for eight years or something.
  12. This Vegas/ Sharks 3rd period is something.
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