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  1. Apparently the fight lost money due to the amount of illegal streams. They needed about 1.2 million and got 800,000.
  2. I really want to see this but don't think I can justify the $80 price tag.
  3. KJE


    I'm surprised Trestman went with a young quarterback. All of his success has been with a veteran.
  4. KJE


    I have no idea how this compares to the NFL, but there are a lot less penalties here compared to the CFL.
  5. KJE


    I thought that was only ABC that had it?
  6. KJE


    This was good / fun enough for me to come back. Will definitely try watching one game per week.
  7. KJE


    I'm a big CFL fan so if its comparable to that I'll happily watch.
  8. The challenge and a bigger platform for his Giants of Africa program.
  9. It is. I just read an article (on a Knicks fan page I believe) where it suggested the Knicks were hoping to trade for him. Obviously I'm being facetious with the ten picks, but three seems legitimate. A trade would benefit both teams as Ujiri shouldn't be Raptors President after this season unless he signs an extension.
  10. They want Ujiri from Toronto. Compensation should start at 10 first round picks imo.
  11. I think you can do a monthly one too, not just a year.
  12. My favourite proposed system for drafting is Wins Earned After Eliminated. So if you are eliminated from playoff contention in February you're home fans will still want you to win. But bad teams still have the best chance at getting a higher pick. It happened in hockey a few years ago when Buffalo fans cheered every time they lost. I also would like teams eliminated in the first round of the playoffs to be included in the draft lottery process.
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