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  1. Ultimate Surrender is wrestling porn. Here is their roster (not a porn link): http://prowrestling.wikia.com/wiki/Ultimate_Surrender/Roster You can probably get a lot of folks for VWE or female extras that fit the "fight/adult" concept from that.
  2. I have a question; would it be possible to make a tool using this sort of method that could be used to combine dat files? Like if you wanted to take the 1970's scenario and mix it with a modern roster to make it a legends vs new guys sort of thing. Either way, I salute you trying to crack open the files and sort through everything so we can edit them more than before. As a note, as far as I can tell from playing, there are almost certainly values for potential/patience written onto every character; and I think nationality may have some bearing on it. I've noticed that generally Japanese guys are more patient and will stay in developmental longer and grow faster than other folk. Gender seems to have no effect. I also suspect that there are values for how good someone is at "working a match" aside from stiffness and selling; because I've had some great guys who can't pull out the matches they should and not so great guys pull off some amazing stuff.
  3. Hmmm, they should work for EWR; considering I tried both. I've since deleted them from my computer so hopefully someone has saved them, lol. I know someone was asking if it was ok to post them on the site; which is totally fine by me because I didn't make them but I do want everything that can be preserved to be preserved. Otherwise, if someone's got an EWR Over 9000 in the works, it'd be great
  4. I'm pretty sure it's hidden somewhere in the code. There also seems to be some unwritten rules to it too; like I think Japanese workers get a bonus in certain potential stats (because they are waaaay more patient to sit in developmental forever, lol). But nobody has ever been able to tap into it. Long ago someone spread out most of the code and was able to figure out most of the stats, but there was still a bunch that were a mystery and edits couldn't produce immediate results so they remained unidentified. It's too bad that EWR is so old and won't be updated by its creator (for obvious reasons); because nobody has the patience/motivation to dig around such an old game's code when only a few people will benefit from it.
  5. Thank you so much dude! This is exactly the sort of fun I was hoping for. I think everyone will agree about your red ranger choice, and we'll get a good laugh from the pink ranger. You do great work, and you're crazy fast. With that in mind, I was wondering what is your cool-down time? Because back in the day we used to change the board layout every month- and, I mean, if you're willing to do that I'll keep coming until you tell me to go away, lol. Plus I've got some archive boards that haven't been tuned up in nearly 10 years, so I'll need some graphic help with that eventually to Anyway man, thank you again!
  6. Hey there, I was wondering if anyone wanted to whip up some graphics for a new layout for my board. Here's what I'm looking for: Type - Banner (proboard size), small graphics for "new posts" and "no new posts" Text - For the banner, I'd like it to say XHF Network in a Power Rangers-like font with like the Power Rangers lightning bolt in the middle. For the small graphics, I'm thinking no text for the "no new post" one and "XHF" or "New" across the "new posts" one, but I'm not super picky if you've got some sort of idea for that. Font - Again, a Power Ranger's like font Images - So yeah, I want the Power Ranger's lightning bolt on all three graphics. And then on the banner if you could put any combination of: Ted DiBiase, AJ Styles, Tony Mamaluke, Sentai Jin, Ryno, Drew McIntyre, Amazing N8 Mattson, Akiba Red, Tony Nese. I don't expect all of these, nor would it look good; I'm just giving you some choices to work with (but try to fit like 3-4 on there if you can) Colors - Your choice, I can manipulate the board colors with whatever you give me (though, I don't really have enough people to get away with pink yet, lol) Size - Ummm...uh....er....Proboard size? Generally proboard graphics are shorter and wide, but I'd just say have fun with the width but don't make the height too terribly huge. The small graphics probably should be around 50X50 or so, I dunno, would smaller look better? Sidenotes - Hopefully someone here finds some inspiration with this. We've been using the same layout for a few months and it's good; but I figure a fun little shake-up with silly graphics might brighten everyone's day (and...several months probably, lol) So yeah, decent-sized banner that says "XHF Network" (or "The XHF Network" if you're so inclined) in a Power Ranger-y font with a Power Rangers lightning bolt in the middle (Any season's bolt, I'm not too picky) and a few wrestler pics. And then two small graphics that match the theme for "new posts" and "no new posts." If you have familiarity with proboard stuff and want to add other graphics to match I will certainly not argue, lol. Anyway, thanks in advance and I'm super excited to see what you can come up with!
  7. Firefox flags the gimmick txt page for me- which I don't think is even capable of being malicious. My guess is that something on the site either set off an auto-filter accidentally or some jokester reported the site.
  8. As far as I've seen from my downloads, the site itself is on the up and up. Some virus scanners get oversensitive about some of the files though; like mine hates the Gimmick Generator (probably because of the "generator" thing).
  9. Of course however people wanted to use it would be up for grabs. The 10 hour loading time monstrosity is just my ultimate goal. But there are multiple potential uses. Like if someone wanted to combine the Japan packs with the relevant update (I'm not sure of the date). That's why the patcher would be cool, we could make our own combos. Again though, the issue is really if such a thing is even possible
  10. Several years ago there was a lot of discussion about trying to create a different method for entering stats and whatnot into the data files in EWR. People were thinking like utilizing exel or some other program (and maybe they succeeded, I don't know because was out of the loop for years). At the time though the major roadblock was that Adam Ryland's original coding was too darn complicated to cut through easily. Now, something I've always wanted to do would be a massive EWR game featuring content from all of the updates and scenarios until now (which is what, more than 10 years?). It'd be like an over 9000 sort of thing (though I'd call it EWR:Overloaded since it'd be hilariously huge). Doing something like this by hand would take one person years; combing through each update, finding extra workers and staff floating around, messing with relationships and whatnot. But what if there was a way we could streamline the process? Only this year I realized that it is extremely easy to merge Windows files (and then choose which version of each interior file overwrites the other). So what if instead of trying to attack the issue of content adding via data entry someone were to create a patching system instead? Like I envision that one data file plays the role of a "master file" and then another same-named dat file is used as the "patch" (though, possibly in name only). What's really happening is the files are being merged and the "master file" is being used as the base while the "patch"'s data is being added on top of it (with the options of which version of each section [like which wrestler in the wrestler.dat files] is used in the merged file). For example, say I want to combine the latest update pack wrestler.dat file with the 1970's scenario's one. I'd run the patcher, load in the update pack file first then put the 1970's scenario file in next- then when prompted I'd probably give 1st priority to all of the update's selections. This would give me a data file featuring old man Hulk Hogan looking for work and young man Randy Poffo getting his start- suddenly it'd be Legends of Wrestling vs the PG Era in one shot without a month of data entry. Granted, with wrestlers changing names frequently it wouldn't be a perfect system (as my above example would also accidentally have a not-yet-discovered Terry Bollea running around too). But it would certainly save time. What I'm really curious about is for those of you with more coding knowledge out there- would such a thing be possible? Or would we run into the same problem years ago when trying to improve the data entry- Adam Ryland's ridiculous coding making such a mod impossible? Like I said in the title, I'm just throwing out an idea and seeing what others think- because I've been thinking about it quite a bit. Or does anyone else have similar-minded ideas?
  11. That is...strange. I don't remember having any problems with it. If someone gets a "clean" version, by all means upload it. Sorry for the files giving you a shock.
  12. Here are two I found, one is pretty good the other is so-so. But I don't remember which is which. Superheros Comics Hopefully this works, I've never done this before

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