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  1. I can't find a middle ground on it, I'm equal parts admiring and disgusted by it.
  2. Give it Shola til the end of the season.
  3. Just to state that I am totally on board with Eugene now being the handsome lead male character. And in a love triangle. Really good episode.
  4. I saw it this morning, did I hear right that one of the commentators said it was the second latest stoppage? Who was later than that?!?
  5. Colly

    Doctor Who

    Did it strike anyone else as weird that the Doctor didn't seem remotely arsed when Prem tried to shoot the aliens? Normally there'd be lots of grumping about guns being bad, felt like some missed characterisation.
  6. This post will never get the recognition it deserves. Damn niche threads.
  7. Cardiff 1 vs. 2 Brighton (Sat 12.30pm) Huddersfield 1 vs. 1 West Ham (Sat 3pm) Leicester 2 vs. 0 Burnley (Sat 3pm) Chelsea 2 vs. 0 Everton (Sun 2.15pm) Man City 4 vs. 1 Man Utd (Sun 4.30pm)
  8. Season 2 is really fun though, it feels like they actually realised what show they were trying to make, while season 1 has a weird tonal shift towards that halfway through which throws it a bit. I've been meaning to watch 3 for ages...
  9. If you hadn't abbreviated Young Boys that was prime OOC.
  10. My favourite in game Keownism was after Ronaldo's goal. "He makes it look easy but I can tell you it's not". Thanks Martin Keown, noted scorer of screamers.

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