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  1. Do you not think he's going for the ball then stops when his team mate goes for the header? He doesn't have to move out of the way of the keeper, and he's onside when he's moving around. At the point he becomes offside all he's doing is standing close to the keeper.
  2. That's never a foul, it's less of a foul than the one on Dubravka that wasn't a foul...
  3. See I don't agree with this. I think it's a good idea, but the reasons for using it need to be clear, they need to accept that sometimes even with multiple angles they won't have a better idea than the ref on the field (That FA Cup one the other week), and they need to remember that it's not a foolproof magic system as it's still just more refs with a time limit making the call. Fans are actually willing to accept a bad marginal decision on the field, VAR was supposed to come in for glaring errors, to have a minute wasted for another glaring error (that Harry Kane one where he was miles offside and won a penalty) is unacceptable.
  4. He doesn't really though, and he does all those things whilst he's actually onside. The balls bobbling around the area, both Ajax players are trying to get to the ball in the first instance when they're both onside and he only becomes offside when the header on goal happens at which point Courtois has absolutely no chance. There's been plenty of similar goals correctly given in play, I can recall a Scott Parker one that actually went between his legs. There's only one Real player vaguely appealling and he certainly isn't asking for an offside. The only way this "Offside doesn't need to be a clear and obvious error" idea can work is if we go back to the black and white old rule with no concept of active and second phase at, because this one's debatable as fuck. Had it been disallowed on their field I'd have called it harsh, to spend a minute looking for that is so far away from the spirit of the current offside rule (not to mention the reason VAR was brought in in the first place) it's ludicrous. They'd probably have ruled out that Tiote banger twice...
  5. Offside isn't as simple as that though as there's interpretation required as to whether he's interfering with play. He might be clearly offside (its tight but he is), but the second question has to interpreted. He's kind of stood next to the keeper who isn't getting anywhere near that ball. It just feels like it goes hugely against the spirit of the rule and ruled out what to me was a legitimate goal. Again, I'm not anti VAR, but this idea of "Is there any reason I can rule out this goal?" logic when there's barely anyone watching live who would see that as a disallowed goal is horrid. Yes if the refs missed something obvious that the opposition are massively aggrieved about, but that?
  6. He definitely didn't impede Courtois. I think that's a shocking goal to overrule, and yet another time this "clear and obvious error" concept seems to have been ignored completely. I'm actually stunned they didn't rule out their given goal due to a soft foul in the build-up, almost felt that even the VAR needed to even it up...
  7. Just the Ajax disallowed goal. Utterly ridiculous. If we're going to have VAR can it be less shit?
  8. That was weird. I switched to the Ajax game which hasn't kicked off yet and saw Son score in the little half screen as Jake Humphrey said it was 0-0. They got a bit excited in the studio.
  9. I think we all know there's no greater allegiance switch than Shola Ameobi for the 2014 World Cup.
  10. I've been asking for GTA: Stockton on Tees for 20 years.
  11. Odd statement, he's never played against us as far as I know.
  12. I'm more annoyed that the linesman missed the blatant foul on Almiron a minute earlier directly in front of him which would have pretty much finished the game. No complaints about the goal at all, and the number of people on Twitter going "where did the extra minute come from" when we wasted a minute bringing Manquillo on. Stupid people. Dubravka's control of his area has absolutely vanished this season, I blame Subbuteo keeper Steve Harper...

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