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  1. McBurnie keeps getting wellied, but while I'd usually have sympathy it's just making me want to tell him to pull his fucking socks up.
  2. Third goal was lovely. That Cantwell looks a decent player too.
  3. @MDK Are the Leyton Orios likely to score? Football is pretty depressing this Saturday so a small win based on you picking them for 16 would be nice...
  4. I'm starting to think my top 6 bet may have been optimistic.
  5. Arsenal 2 vs. 0 Burnley (Sat 12.30pm)Everton 2 vs. 1 Watford (Sat 3pm)Norwich 1 vs. 3 Newcastle (Sat 3pm)Man City 1 vs. 1 Tottenham (Sat 5.30pm)Sheffield Utd 1 vs. 2 Crystal Palace (Sun 2pm)
  6. Sorry about the coach though. If it makes you feel better it hurt my fingers.
  7. The whole Messi/Ronaldo, who's the best nonsense? It's over.
  8. The law has changed. Rather than the ref having discretion to decide if the keeper has gained a big advantage by coming off his line early, it's now a VARable test to see if one foot is still touching the line as "the ball is played" (which of course is as shonky as the offside one). It's a horrible rule for me which didn't need to be added, attackers have enough advantage in a penalty situation without keepers having to worry about false starts more than actually saving the thing. Especially when you think about stuttery runups and the like. They've gone from not wanting to rereferee the game 5 years ago to now taking almost all judgement and interpretation away from match officials, even down to that "stop play if the ball hits you". Any ref making a jump from lower leagues to top flight/internationals is now basically learning a completely different game.
  9. Finally seen that ruled out Wolves goal. Utterly horrific new rule. Not a single defender appealing. Did they just decide that throwing in a load of new shitty ones would distract us from VAR in general?
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