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  1. I'd have been up for that a few years back as he looks a bit like my grandad, but my grandad died last year so it's less appealing now.
  2. Poor Rafa? Poor me, my season ticket rolled over in March...
  3. The Premier League have confirmed that they won't be using VAR to adjudicate keepers coming off their line on penalties. Thank fuck.
  4. That sure is a white football top.
  5. Same, I've been playing it two weeks and the collectables aren't irritating which makes a change. There's things that you always have to get right in certain games, and getting around in a Spiderman game is an absolute priority, they've nailed it here so you aren't even bothered they just nicked the fighting from Arkham. Also my three year old is disturbingly good at it, despite referring to the baddies as "Barrys" which I am definitely never correcting. @Lineker
  6. I've not got to RDR2 yet, but so many missions in GTAV involved driving somewhere at the opposite end of the map that getting around just became tedious. Half the time I was only switching character to find someone closer to something interesting. Happy to get rid of fast travel as long as there's something to do.
  7. What exactly is it? I got it on PS+ but haven't got round to it yet, it asked whether I wanted to play or create when I clicked it, and I was too confused to know...
  8. Christmas fixtures (3 at home, woo!) and have I borked my holidays (yes).
  9. I hope sometimes they're late because they couldn't find the house of the last guy they delivered pizza too. Or better, accidentally gave him the ball.
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