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  1. Fulham 1-2 Watford (Sat 12.30pm)Crystal Palace 1-2 Newcastle (Sat 3pm)Liverpool 3-1 Southampton (Sat 3pm)Brighton 0-2 Tottenham (Sat 5.30pm)Arsenal 3-1 Everton (Sun 4pm)
  2. Portsmouth. Might as well guarantee they'll lose.
  3. Could be interesting, when I was watching they didn't have a single angle that showed it clearly, which presumably hurts an appeal?
  4. More expensive Celtic was exactly what I was going to post before I scrolled down... Realistically rather than in investing in their own team the owners would be better off giving £50m a season to the other teams in the league.
  5. I sort of like the idea, but I can't see them nailing the games list as well as Nintendo did, plus most of my PlayStation memories involve 4 joypads and ISS/Crash Team Racing (and bad lager. Skol probably). Plus the blocky 3D graphics have dated horribly in a way that the SNES ones haven't. Tl:dr, not really arsed.
  6. De-aged Samuel L Jackson looks amazing, but it would have been cheaper to just put a wig on him.
  7. Wasn't Trent? offside in the buildup to the first goal too? They showed it once then glossed over it. BT Sport is shit isn't it.
  8. And to make things worse, "the linesmans ran back to the halfway line!". As if that matters whatsoever when the ref goes to consult with the guy behind the goal who had a view of it.
  9. The commentary for the disallowed goal was horrific, just Mcmanamanamanaman ranting on about how long the decision took rather than focusing on the fact it was the correct decision. Well deserved for Liverpool though, PSG were dogshit. Also, lol, Areola.
  10. My brother is playing it and he's not remotely interested in comics and doesn't actively watch the movies. He might have seen a Maguire one but otherwise probably hasn't seen anything Spiderman since the 90s cartoon, and he loves it.
  11. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/roy-keane-is-ill-suited-to-coaching-0nqk3kd83 Roy Keane is a prick and it's baffling how he keeps getting work.
  12. I'm gonna give it a bit and let her watch it. Its one of those things, the central theme is fairly adult but I think it's easy to skirt round. Plus I didn't know spook was a racist term so she definitely won't... I try to think back to when I watched films like this, we were definitely watching things at least three years before the actual rating. Didn't do me any harm etc.
  13. We were weighing up letting my near 7 year old watch the first one at the weekend, I think it could well be my favourite film. Had a look on common sense media as I often do since it's easy to forget random swearing (Goonies is way more adult than I remember...), only to find a recommendation of 12+, plus some truly amazing user reviews from people suggesting 18. "He takes the Lord's name in vain!"

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