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  1. Update on the TV fixtures to include the free Sky ones: Pleased with them...
  2. Yes and no I guess, I'm less arsed about the Premier League and more bothered about any increased spread of coronavirus. I don't think there's a right or wrong answer to this one, but for me it doesn't feel quite right to prioritise showing solidarity for black men in America (and yes I'm aware it's much bigger than that and affects the UK too) over putting the disproportionate number of BAME staff in our hospitals at risk. Mings will no doubt have experienced the same kind of racism BLM stand against, and I can't criticise him for his decision, but during the pandemic I have to think there's a better way.
  3. Tyrone Mings was out during the BLM protests. Such a tricky one, I respect his conviction but it makes all the care taken with testing the players a bit silly. Puts the league in a horrible position too as logically he shouldn't be playing unless he takes another test fairly sharpish.
  4. All my Master League heroes are retired.
  5. The games on Amazon Prime are going to be shown for free. Woo.
  6. I've still got about 5 years on Pro Wrestling X emails in a folder on my hotmail.
  7. If poppies aren't political taking a fucking knee certainly isn't.
  8. @Lineker @metalman is offended by my body, can you tell him off?
  9. Got it, enjoying it. Can you get edit files for PS4? Much as I liked seeing the West Midland Village Crest again I don't have the spare time I used to to redraw all the badges and change the kits. Also, is the double tap low cross gone?
  10. The thing is though where are they going to move Newcastle v Liverpool to? Most places up to London are probably as quick to get to as Newcastle from Liverpool due to shitty Transpennine train routes, and playing in Norwich or Bournemouth just feels irresponsible. Whole things daft, what are the police basing this on?
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