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  1. Yeah but you're a big club, not one of those naff ones under the glass ceiling.
  2. Happy days.
  3. This feels a lot like the Edgar Wright Ant-man thing, although at least with that they didn't wait until 3 weeks before the end of filming. I know nothing about film production but that sounds like an expensive decision.
  4. This is absolutely the correct answer to the topic title. It's hard to imagine there was a time where we made 6 o'clock on a Sunday an essential part of the week for new episodes, and I probably still quote it on a daily basis. I then have to double take when I realise all of those quotes are from the 20th century, and I have absolutely no interest in any episode post that period. I still watch the repeats, and occasionally catch a 'new' one (that's actually 12 years old) but I'm always disappointed by how bad it's become.
  5. This was my first thought too. Should have just killed it after series 6 when one of the two creators (presumably the funny one) left, because everything since is utterly unwatchable. Echoing Heroes too. Oh, and that final season of Fringe, when they got a bit of a reprieve to finish it properly but then decided to set it in the future with about half the cast and a rubbish sub-Sliders storyline with the bald lads. Just awful, and left a bad taste after years of decent stuff with the parallel worlds angle.
  6. This is still sillier: Sorry Nerf...
  7. Pele in general has a bit of dramatic license. Even ignoring his goal count, I read his autobiography a while back and after 15 or so chapters of being a good god fearing boy he suddenly reveals a string of affairs and illegitimate children...
  8. Feels like that would just start a bidding war a la Newcastle's offer for Rooney all those years ago. I'd be very surprised if he ended up at Everton.
  9. Bork.
  10. Bear in mind my reference point is still 1975, but Scarlet Witch's power started as her weird hex thingies, but around that point she also learned magic from the Fantastic 4's witch babysitter so I think that's separate to her mutant power. This may have been cleared up in the subsequent 42 years...
  11. :/
  12. Penalty hero feels a bit of a stretch, I reckon I could've saved that.
  13. But you don't have to sell your squad to do that anymore, incomes are high enough so that the 'gambles' don't have to be as much of a gamble anymore. I'd very much struggle to explain what happened to Leicester last season but I can't believe that selling Vardy and Mahrez would've improved their season in any way. Again look to Tottenham, they did their big sale in Bale but made a right mess of reinvesting (for the most part). Under a good manager (poor Southampton again...) they've brought through a good young side with some decent signings particularly at the back, and haven't even been affected by the fact they spunked £30m on utter shite. Barring a ludicrous offer hanging onto players is far more useful than whatever they'd get to 'reinvest'. I don't buy this glass ceiling either really, there's a few teams who will always be there or thereabouts but we've seen the likes of Liverpool and Spurs in the top 4 last season, and while that gap to Everton was massive this year that doesn't happen every season.