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  1. It looks alright, but not very Ghostbusters-y, feels like a Super 8 and obviously Stranger Things inspired "kids doing stuff" thing, which is an absolute mile from some snarky middle aged comics take digs at each other whilst fighting daft ghosts. I'll watch it, and Paul Rudd is a bonus, but I'm not sold yet. Out of New York too.
  2. I came back from holiday today and missed our whole game during the flight (did I mention I somehow booked a weeks holiday to miss two home games and a gettable away game at Bramall Lane? Idiot) so somehow managed to avoid the scores til MOTD2. Well worth it. Also Ladbrokes are getting nervous on my top 6 bet, my cashout is now £65 off a fiver.
  3. You guys okay for me to get my points from the Everton game?
  4. Everton 1 vs. 2 Chelsea (Sat 12.30pm) (sorry, late)Bournemouth 1 vs. 3 Liverpool (Sat 3pm)Man City 3 vs. 1 Man Utd (Sat 5.30pm)Aston Villa 0 vs. 2 Leicester (Sun 2pm)Newcastle 2 vs. 0 Southampton (Sun 2pm)
  5. Laundry expert Amy Sedaris?
  6. Colly

    Euro 2020

    Tournaments should be forced to have the number of teams that was the number of bits on a 90s console. I'm aware there's a technical IT reason for that but I forget why, but it plainly applies to football tournaments too. 24 and 48 is nonsense.
  7. Burnley 1 vs. 1 Crystal Palace (Sat 3pm)Tottenham 2 vs. 1 Bournemouth (Sat 3pm)Southampton 2 vs. 0 Watford (Sat 5.30pm)Norwich 1 vs. 2 Arsenal (Sun 2pm)Wolves 3 vs. 1 Sheffield United (Sun 2pm)
  8. So where does that end? We've gone from not even doing retrospective punishment if the ref "sees it" because they don't want to rereferee a game, to literally rerefereeing chunks of games. Are we stopping the use of VAR for just gamechanging decisions and just going to start reviewing every decision on the field? How long would PSG have had to have been in possession for that foul to no longer be on their record and be able to score? Should the player who did the push have been shouting at his team to give it a minute or so?
  9. But VAR wasn't brought in to correct each and every 'obvious mistake', and that's an absolutely standard foul you'll see in most games and the defender almost always gets the benefit of the doubt. It is a foul, but there's 10-15 seconds of play after it in which PSG have built up to a goalscoring opportunity. The screen even says "Potential penalty check" but instead they're checking something that happened in their own half. Again, had it gone out for a throw in that went the wrong way and an identical situation occurred with the pen it would have been given. Sometimes "obvious mistakes" happen, and if that foul was on the edge of the Madrid box and the foul for the pen was seconds later I'd agree with you, VAR should overturn, but with 50 yards of defending in between the incidents? Not for me Clive.
  10. I know I'm a stuck record on VAR at the moment, but I hate this one. A nothing foul (if that) on the halfway line that the ref sees, a move that then goes the length of the field to the penalty area and a clear foul. Just feels like an excuse for the ref to not have to make a decision. For the record I think the red card is wrong, but for it to go back to a foul on the halfway line? But you can happily score direct from a wrongly awarded corner? Games gone.
  11. It's all he's got sadly, the midfield is rubbish til Longstaff comes back and our attacking players are completely unproductive. Thankfully our real goal threats, Schar and Lejeune, are nearly fit.
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