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  1. He's a bellend mate. Even in the ten minutes highlights package I saw he was getting chewy twice for no particular reason. You've got a team of likeable superstars in Son and Ericsson, plus that knobhead.
  2. Came back from 3 days away with mids last night and was far too knackered to watch this, but having seen the score 20 mins in I recorded the highlights. Insane game of football. So good from De Bruyne, Sterling becoming a finisher is amazing to watch, and then just when you start pulling for Spurs a bit you see Dele Alli and start hoping that last goal was onside. Love the fact that Llorente won it with his arse. Proper football.
  3. I'd say that's worrying given 5 of that 6 played at the weekend and failed to beat (or even score against) bottom of the league Huesca. Yes. I had them in my acca.
  4. All of those tipsters are in the pocket of the big bookies, basically all they do is win easy bet after easy bet but keep rolling the stakes over, until inevitably one doesn't come off and you lose the lot. Of course you can play it sensibly and pull out some along the way, but sensible people aren't the target for these folk.
  5. I've ruined it now, but I think it might be Liverpool's year.
  6. Ah cheers. Are they all worth watching?
  7. I'm really bad at remembering stuff that's happened in TV shows I've watched, but when did Tilly first meet Po? We watched half the recap thinking we'd missed an episode and had to check before watching?
  8. In justification rather than defense he hasn't really, every career move was a downwards one, barring maybe Marseille? You can question the logic of anyone employing him as a manager given his history, but he did all his badges etc so they maybe thought he was worth a try. I reckon that'll be the end of him.
  9. In fairness he was the 4th least cunty person on that episode of Question Time.
  10. I hope they keep that going. Kane will wish for a transfer pretty sharpish.
  11. Honestly the sooner safe standing comes in the better, at very least it would allow kids/shorter people to go to away games and actually see something.
  12. Burnley 0 vs. 2 Cardiff (Sat 3pm)Southampton 1 vs. 2 Wolves (Sat 3pm)Man Utd 3 vs. 1 West Ham (Sat 5.30pm)Crystal Palace 0 vs. 3 Man City (Sun 2.05pm)Liverpool 2 vs. 1 Chelsea (Sun 4.30pm)
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