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  1. Plus varying release dates make both threads difficult enough to avoid spoilers as is, merged together would be a nightmare. We don't even have a UK release date for Disney+ yet.
  2. First season was awful but it did pick up at the halfway point where they seemed to completely change tack. Second season was miles better, but I still haven't got round to watching anything after that.
  3. I've now wasted about 4 hours of my life trying to beat John Cena in Showcase mode of 2K19. Closest I've got is him countering two of what I presume is the final Yes Lock to win the match. I just don't get this game.
  4. When was the point that American film producers were meant to know about that, because it's in pretty much every sports film ever made, including plenty since it was common knowledge in the UK? It's a bit icky if you know, but shouldn't take away from the film unless it was intentional.
  5. Yeah I feel the fault here is with the people who didn't see hang as a Spiderman pun.
  6. Without question the worst Man Utd team I've ever seen come to Newcastle. Are the likes of Fred and Pereira real football players, it just feels like a squad of Football Manager regens? McTominay?!? He's definitely made up.
  7. I got WWE2K19 since it's now dirt cheap and I'm absolutely terrible. I don't even understand a good chunk of the gameplay mechanics, and I really they'd go back to a "if you're knackered you get pinned/submitted" rather than horrible golf game circles. I keep losing really early on to nothing moves, and the showcase mode where you have to do certain things is killing me.
  8. Presumably that content will be separate from the online, maybe with some overlap? Feels like the Blizzard approach, long form articles rather than short features?
  9. Seems to be how things are going, with formerly decent selling magazines like the NME dying on their arse. It does feel like good journalism is still around though, but in niche 'hardcore' publications like the Blizzard and Mundial (I only know football sorry...) for people still willing to pay for print and feeling more like coffee table books than the old regular magazine. Is the Atlantic solely an online affair? I guess that's the way your 'news' type magazines will have to go.
  10. Liverpool 2 vs. 2 Leicester (Sat 3pm)Watford 0 vs. 1 Sheff Utd (Sat 3pm)Arsenal 2 vs. 1 Bournemouth (Sun 2pm)Southampton 1 vs. 2 Chelsea (Sun 2pm)Newcastle 2 vs. 0 Man Utd (Sun 4.30pm)
  11. Swansea. Sorry no clever previous teams, horrible signal cos I'm at the Lionesses cos I'm cool like.
  12. Someone told him he needed to be more like Klopp and that's the best he could do.
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