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  1. I am desperately looking for a TEW 2013 mod, preferably 2018. But everyone stopped making them of course after 2016 came out. My friend has 2013, and really wants to play a 2018 game. I mean I could attempt to make it, but I am not sure I would do it correctly. Anyone to help out or quickly create one? Thanks so much.
  2. I tried cutting a Daniel Bryan, now that he's cleared again. Basically just took his current WWE profile and pasted his face on an older photo of him.
  3. I tried cutting Impact Wrestling's belts. I know they are the GFW belts with "IMPACT" plates over the logo. I hope they help. I know IMPACT are unveiling new Belts in April somewhere. Hopefully these will help those who want their graphics hyper realistic like me....
  4. Can anyone double this up for me on the grey background? Thanks.
  5. Anyone have the new Impact Championship belts on the grey background? The ones with the "IMPACT" on the center.
  6. Anyone willing to cute the MITB briefcase on the grey background??
  7. Nevermind. I found a decent image to cut one myself. Thanks anyway.
  8. Evening. Does anyone perhaps have the WCPW World Championship belt on the grey background? I found the other three WCPW Championships but not the Heavyweight title. Thanks in advance.
  9. AJ Styles WWE Champ Bayley WWE RAW Womens' Champ Becky Lynch WWE SmackDown Womens' Champ
  10. Kevin Owens Universal Champ Seth Rollins Universal Champ
  11. A few attempts at Title cuts I made. not good quality, but usable until someone comes and make better ones I guess.
  12. Some cuts with the possible WWE Universal Championship: Let me know what you guys think!
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