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  1. Yo. Not sure if anyone is cutting pictures anymore but worth asking. Could I get Aleksandar Jaksic on kyky please?
  2. Really enjoying the 7 Deadly Sins scenario! Good idea.
  3. That's the one I have. Don't have anything more recent unfortunately.
  4. We had the Captain Marvel premiere last night in the cinema I work in. Funnily enough it was the people who weren't massive MCU fans that I spoke to who enjoyed it more than those who are die hards. All agreed it was a good film though.
  5. Superkick'd logo in case anyone wanted it.
  6. Hey guys - can I get one (or both) of these on KYKY please? Jake Hager FKA Jack Swagger. Thanks so much 😁
  7. Hey! A few renders I'd really appreciate on kyky please.
  8. @lukkearthur You’re the man. That must have taken a while - I really, really appreciate it!
  9. Just two superstars from the PC/NXT that weren't included in the above post! Thanks a million.
  10. These three would be very much appreciated! I know there already is a Damian Slater cut on KYKY with this image but for some reason it's quite blurred in-game and I haven't a clue why. 😣
  11. Hello! Would appreciate if someone could cut this Chardonnay for me on KYKY.
  12. Hey! Can I get this NXT UK brand logo on the silver background please? Also this CM Punk logo too for a company I'm creating in my game too. I'd reaaaaaaaaally appreciate it! Thank you v much.
  13. Unreal! Not sure how I hadn’t come across this yet. I’ll take a look after work - thank you!
  14. Appreciate the fast reply. That breaks my heart though. Thanks man - better get started.
  15. Hi guys, I get bogged down, and confused, quite easily while trying to set up the parameters in which I want to start a new game in EWR and end up losing interest out of frustration. I've never really wanted to play as WWE but recently gave it a shot and it was somewhat fun. However, I think it would be fun to split WWE into four national companies - Raw, Smackdown Live, 205 Live and NXT. Just for a little more competition and to see what company does what and with who etc. I'm currently using the February 2018 file (credit to mkpunk). Is the best way about doing this removing WWE as a promotion and creating four new promotions with equal stats, manually inputting all other information in the file editor and assigning their own television shows, titles, staff etc. or is there a faster way to do it? I could just be overlooking something really simple or whatever. Feel free to tell me if I am. Or if there's already a data file out there with this done. Help please. Thanks haha
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