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  1. Is it correct to assume this will be releasing around the same time as the next WWE 2K game? 2021 Q4? They're really gonna be going head-to-head, interesting.
  2. The Platform on Netflix is a horror science fiction film. It's Spanish and the acting is really good. Cool concept too.
  3. Here are my in-game stats for The OJMO and Sareee if it helps: Full name: Michael Oku, Short name: OJMO 26 Years, April - Lightweight Brawling: 44 Speed: 66 Technical: 50 Stiffness: 38 Selling: 48 Over: 35 Charisma: 60 Nationality: British Primary Finisher: Half-Crab Full name: Sareee, Shortname: Sareee 23 Years, March - Lightweight Brawling: 45 Speed: 63 Technical: 59 Stiffness: 48 Selling: 57 Over: 30 Charisma: 62 Nationality: Japanese Primary Finisher: Uranage
  4. Hello. Any/all of these are greatly appreciated if anyone has the time 😁
  5. Howdy! Two requests if anybody would be so kind 😁if it matters my preference is for closer to the face!
  6. Thank you so much — much appreciated!!
  7. Hello! If anyone has a spare couple minutes and could cut Edge and Liv Morgan for me that would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Yo. Not sure if anyone is cutting pictures anymore but worth asking. Could I get Aleksandar Jaksic on kyky please?
  9. Really enjoying the 7 Deadly Sins scenario! Good idea.
  10. That's the one I have. Don't have anything more recent unfortunately.
  11. We had the Captain Marvel premiere last night in the cinema I work in. Funnily enough it was the people who weren't massive MCU fans that I spoke to who enjoyed it more than those who are die hards. All agreed it was a good film though.
  12. Superkick'd logo in case anyone wanted it.
  13. Hey guys - can I get one (or both) of these on KYKY please? Jake Hager FKA Jack Swagger. Thanks so much 😁
  14. Hey! A few renders I'd really appreciate on kyky please.
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