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  1. MAJOR problem with all of this years Real World Updates

    I'm not saying I don't like your updates and I am glad you personally responded Paige Turner. I am very glad you took over after the others stopped. I can tell how difficult it must be and I am trying to say I want to help maybe with that part of it. I know I couldn't do it myself and I have mad respect for the pride you take in your work in that you responded so quick, and fuck TEW!!! EWR 4 Life. I am just saying when you get going on a long term game of EWR it definitely helps to have the Alter-Egos, the inactive tag teams and the worker relationships added in. Most of the inactive tag teams and the alter egos can just be taken from the previous updates, they will require minimal updates, as they were not perfect either. I find it amazing that all these years later EWR 4.2 is still the ultimate pro wrestling promoter-simulator and has such a following (it makes me feel like a bit less of a dweeb). I am glad you fired back with such passion, but please consider my post a promo and not a shoot. Tag teams should not be added unless they team enough to earn tag team experience. I am saying as in the example I had given, here is another one. Say you are running some kind of Puroresu USA promotion and you hire TAKA and Funaki, Kai En Tai would be pretty over and experienced as a tag team, but being that they are inactive, there tag team experience would be 0. I suppose Arsenic could be used, but that makes me feel like a tool using it. The same goes for morales and wrestler relationships. I am not saying everytime a wrestler has a friend to add it, but family members, husbands and wives, things like that should be accounted for. For instance, if you have Kenny Omega in your promotion, it would increase his morale to hire the Young Bucks, because they are loyal to each other. Having Kenny's morale go up causes his match quality ratings to go up and just helps the game. Again, I am very sorry to have offended you, you are a hero of mine, and I just want to help and make sacrifices for the business that we all love (maybe too much!! lol) I agree that the old stats updates were way too bloated. However, Sean Waltman doesn't even have X-Pac or anything you know? I am not saying everything should be included. I agree too wtih the barely together teams being included, but I just hope you get what I meant about like the bigger teams.
  2. I am willing to help whoever to make this a reality, but ALL YEAR, I have been using 2015-early 16 stats updates because all of the recent stats updates do not have ALL of the inactive tag teams, nor do they have worker relationships, nor do they have worker's alter egos. It would be relatively easy to fix this problem. The DATA for tag teams, alter egos and relations could be copied from the most recent stats update that has these components and just updated as needed. I have been trying to use old data mixed into the most recent mod, but it sometimes causes crashes. Worker Relations are one of the best ways to get a workers morale up without arsenic, hire a loved one or something yano? Plus, its great to be able to bring back an old tag team in a new promotion. For instance say you sign a released Darren Young and say Titus O Neill to, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and want to reunite the prime time playerS!? Well in the current stats updates their tag team experience will be 0. Not right. . Will someone please fix this henceforth, or team up with me for decembers update? If I am just out of line requesting this feel free to say so, but I really feel this is an important step going forward.
  3. Please help, for some reason whenever I download Arsenic editor, it has a virus now, it never did before... it is so misfortunate! Maybe my norton anti virus is just reading it as having a virus, but my computer automatically deletes it as soon as I unzip it...