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  1. Or just watch this amazing transition over and over
  2. My theory is that it will literally be Return of the Jedi. Like, all the new footage we saw was just the trailer. It's not in the film. The only difference will be that the Ewoks will be CG and sexier.
  3. I hope Lando somehow revives the robot from Solo that gave it's brain to the Falcon and they finally fuck.
  4. turns out all the Porgs were Skywalkers
  5. Nothing says charity event like cosplaying poor people and getting pissed
  6. One thing I have found strange is how theres this internet meme of hate for Jordan Henderson. I'll never get it.
  7. Raheem steals tickets and gives them to his many children
  8. City's owners, manager, and players will want to get to the Champions League Final. I can't see them winning the CL, FA Cup and the League.
  9. Ah! I knew that there was something I remembered from when I last watched a lot of Cheers re-runs. It was that.
  10. I'm sure Peter Jackson would disagree!
  11. It'll be interesting how it goes in the long run. Theres one thing being the PR boosting interim guy and another one being the permanent manager.
  12. Hobo

    RIP Scott Walker

    My girlfriend's first tattoo was of a Scott Walker song lyric. I've only really gotten to know his work through her. Although I knew the big Walker Brothers hits. Yesterday, to be honest, was my first real deep dive into his work on my own.
  13. Hobo

    RIP Scott Walker

    https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/entertainment-arts-47691705?__twitter_impression=true I'm in no real position to speak on Scott Walker with any real degrees of expertise but he sure had a really varied career. It's remarkable. He's one of those people who you dont realise you actually know one of his songs until you hear it.
  14. Pretty much every Irish team from the 1980s until the early 2000 really
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