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  1. looking forward to big div and smol shaq vs Chelsea
  2. He's been fantastic! His shot deflects off 2 Southampton players and goes in and then his free-kick hits the bar and Salah knocks it in. In between Matip manages to score! This could be a right mauling. Southampton are not very good. I'm still holding out for a Shaqiri goal. They can't handle him or Salah.
  3. Shaqiri starts for Liverpool! 🇽🇰
  4. Sturridge went right into Areola's balls with his foot. I'm not tremendously sure there was much anyone could do about it. I thought Rabiot looked an awful lot like a young David Ginola.
  5. PSG are a weird team. I've never seen Neymar play before but he's kinda like a more talented Ryan Babel. He runs a lot but didn't seem to do much.
  6. And of course who can forget Honestly though, Souness is not rated nearly as much as he should be as a player. A lot of that come from the fact he played a long time ago. The way people who saw him play talk about him is way above the kinda things people say about Roy Keane. Keane was a great player. Sounesses managerial career as well as his years of punditry has coloured him. His tenure at Liverpool was bad. But he had a few successes in other jobs and he gave it a go. Certainly tops anything Keane did as a manager.
  7. Now I am just imagining peak Souness vs peak Keane. And how Souness would have him for breakfast.
  8. this was a particularly bad start to a season
  9. Hobo

    BoJack Horseman

    I've most of the series watched. God damn this is good stuff. But also god damn it's dark.
  10. I'll only support this if it ends up with Dundalk vs. TNS in a European final.
  11. I would have 100% include Grobelaar, Steve Staunton, John Barnes, Jan Molby and Ian Rush. And Bjorn Tore Kvarme and Torban Pechnik.
  12. I like the people were mad at him for doing the thing he does because sometimes it goes wrong and it did
  13. why is one of the Leicester City players apparently fading out of existence?

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