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  1. Amazing! Half-formed thoughts on the story:
  2. ever looked at the birthplaces of a considerable amount of Irish international players? There is a long history of Ireland calling up players who were born outside of Ireland but have Irish heritage. For a time Ireland's record goalscorer was Tony Cascarino, who could've played for England, Scotland or Italy - but not Ireland as it turned out Even in the most recent squad there were 11 players who were born in England. This is the first time, that I recall, a player switching allegiances back though. The only other example I can remember was when Alex Bruce switched to Northern Ireland but nobody cared about that.
  3. I enjoy how Kevin Kilbane took to Twitter to be annoyed by someone switching their allegiances to a different country. Kevin, of course, being from that famous Irish town of Preston.
  4. I heard a Chelsea fan on one of The Anfield Wrap weekend preview shows say that it felt like Sari had gone through the entire lifespan of a Chelsea manager in 1 season. Sounds about right.
  5. full rotate your squad every game in January it's the only way
  7. I don't buy the Clyne thing at all. Yes it's his natural position but he's barely played in ages and we're seeing with Lallana that it's not exactly easy to fit into this season.
  8. I thought Keita was played well. He's just not quite physical enough maybe.
  9. The people of Cavan are not usually known for being so charitable. It is a bleak and desolate place.
  10. you'd think the BBC would have less compression in their images.
  11. Five points clear isn't too bad.
  12. The lesser talented relatives of footballers is a Newcastle United tradititon dating back to Paul Dalglish
  13. Frank LeBeouf's gonna take all the pens!
  14. The first film is absolutely amazing. Honestly. Just amazing. Even on a repeat viewing, it's so good. The second one is really fun but... It's just not quite as good. I think a lot of the selling point of the first one is how it almost takes you by surprise. The sequel has the problem that we know John Wick and the world and so it has to do more of the same and still be different enough. I enjoyed bits of it like how we learned the structure of this assassin culture and it had Peter Serafinowicz which is a plus. The world they've built and the work that goes into the action sequences are astounding. I'm sure I'll see the third one. There's certainly a diminishing returns issue.

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