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  1. Saw AJJ, Crywank and Jordaan Mason last night in a tiny basement filled with all sorts of humans. Including someone who looked very much like he may be a Jew of middle eastern origin (probably @Moses Julep ) and some tiny adorable lesbians. Jordaan Mason is glorious and weird and lovely. They also have a real fancy jumper. Crywank, I thought was charming and funny and clearly had fans in the audience. But I never really connected with his work. That said an entire song where the crowd screams and another where the chorus is just "IM SAD" was hilarious. AJJ were super fun.
  2. Good. He always seemed like a twat and this confirmed he was, in fact, the worst.
  3. i watched Solo last night. It really settles into being an OK movie.
  4. just discovered that Egypt has a 45-year-old goalkeeper.
  5. Mostly corners but takes free kicks sometimes. Scored his first goal for the club from a free.
  6. It's Loic Remy all over again
  7. I guess more accurately he'll let you go but bomb you if you are being a a shit about wanting to go. Compared to other managers Liverpool had he's a damn sight more holistic in his approach to the youth team.
  8. If there's two things that are clear its Klopp wont stand in a players way if they want to go and he is all for giving youth players a chance.
  9. Bruce J Mitchell who played Rowsdower in The Final Sacrifice passed away recently
  10. name me a football team where every player is 100% fit for every game?
  11. My general feeling towards football is that it's great to win. I'd like to see Liverpool win a trophy again and not just be beautiful losers. But shit happens. I don't really ever go in for the tit-for-tat razzing of over clubs or whatever. I don't even watch other teams. Wouldn't watch tonight if Liverpool weren't in it. Won't watch the World Cup. Liverpool are going places under Klopp. I am convinced of that. He'll win something with this club before too long.

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