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  1. Hobo

    Star Trek TV

    After watching the last episode.
  2. Coward of the County was one of the first songs I ever knew. It took me until I was an adult to actual realize what is actually going on in that song when three guys "take turns" at Becky.
  3. He lives on planet Texas now
  4. Premier League postponed until April 3rd. EPL and FA both say they want to see the season completed.
  5. It should probably self isolate
  6. tbf, he's probably better than Simon Mingolet. Unlucky in the end. Could've easily won that and gone through. Oh well.
  7. Eh, Adrian is a Premier League quality goalkeeper. It's always gonna be a drop off from Alisson though. Madrid were kept in this tonight by Oblak.
  8. If Liverpool win this now the Madrid celebrations for their offside goal in the last minute will be wonderful in hindsight
  9. What I would say is most likely to happen is the league will take a break and end up finishing later. There may be a cancellation of international competitions in the summer though.
  10. Did the players need to meet him? I was listening to The Athletics podcast on Liverpool yesterday and seemingly LFC are being quite strict around who the players can interact with at the moment. At least in an official capacity. Public appearances are cancelled for first team, acadamy and womens teams. Less players are going to the mix zone post match. James Milner wasnt allowed to go do some usual post match stuff around the Man of the Match award on Saturday. I kinda thought that would just be standard practice for all teams but seemingly not.
  11. Heart of Glass, Werner Herzog's 1976 film about prophecies and glass blowing in 18th century Bavarian. Half the cast were apparently under hypnosis resulting in very strange performances. It's interesting to watch at least. The last few shots actually take place on the Skellig Islands off the coast of Kerry (the location for Ach-To in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi). There are a couple of identical shots actually. It's kinda ironic that Herzog would later go on to be in a Star Wars related thing himself.
  12. Max von Sydow died.
  13. Liverpool just need 3 more wins to win the league. It would be nice if it came very straight fowardly. It probably won't.
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