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  1. Well, Sakho clearly doesn't want to play for Liverpool anymore
  2. I had heard of it but I didn't know it featured former child preacher Marjoe!
  3. Me watching Starcrash: Marjoe Gortner's being out acted by his hair! I am leaving the last episode till after my exams. So there will be new MST3k for me once that's all done.
  4. I'm on the second last episode. I am sad it will end soon. 😔
  5. United winning blows the title race wide open.
  6. United winning blows the title race wide open!
  7. Albie should've just given it to Sturridge or Firmino but if there had been a goal scored Ben Foster wouldn't have been taking on Gini Wijnaldum on the halfway line.
  8. Ben Foster's role of roaming sweeper keeper in the last min of the match was one of the maddest things I have ever seen.
  9. At least Paul Konchesky has found his level.
  10. I more trouble with a new voice for Gypsy, tbh - but it's grown on me. It's like they've combined Magic Voice and Gypsy. Totally agree with Skummy on how it feels. It's a bit Joel and a bit Mike. I already have a favorite episode
  11. Unless it's a draw!
  12. I'm unbeaten against Utd in Europe and so is my wife.
  13. It's a shame the second half against Seville went the way it did because it'll always undermine the Dortmund game. And Sturridge's goal in the final.