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  1. Did anyone else think he didn't really fit with the time period either?
  2. Been watching GLOW all weekend and save for John Morrison all the wrestlers who've turned up have been pretty good.
  3. Gonna need all that cash for the 100 million Mbappe bid, obvs
  4. *shrug* Still seems fine to me but this might come down to how I'm not the market for a replica shirt. I feel like if I was the kinda person who bought football shirts at all and cared enough I would be placated by getting a signed shirt. I don't even know who gets numbered replica shirts. I would assume mostly children.
  5. Alison Brie is channelling Shelly Long on GLOW
  6. From what I've just read the terms and conditions offered by Chelsea in that case are the same as Liverpool's except Liverpool are having the player personally sign the shirt rather than replace it. I'm failing to see the problem? Someone gets a signed shirt if they want a signed shirt.
  7. Yep. Nobody cares who fathered Lucy's baby or what happens with Nadine. I think some of the issues surrounding shows like HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory is that they end up running for far too long and, certainly with BBT you end up with flanderized versions of the original characters.
  8. Latest Twin Peaks:
  9. Salah to Liverpool for 35 million looks set to be completed this week.
  10. Garmonbozia

  11. Let's just call it The League Cup. I'll also accept The Milk Cup or Worthington Cup, tbh
  12. Stop trying to take credit for the coolness of my national grandad :@
  13. He's no Michael D.
  14. Legit thought John Terry was retiring. Now I just want him to keep dropping down the leagues.
  15. Also enjoying Twin Peaks. Very much enjoyed Albert in this weeks episode. Possibly the best Albert moment ever.