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  1. I struggle to be interested in a lot of the films getting a lot of oscar attention. In particular Joker and The Irishman. I booked tickets to see The Lighthouse when it gets released here at the end of the month. That I am very excited about. I'd hope to get to Knives Out, Jojo Rabbit and Little Women eventually.
  2. Liverpool have now set the record for the most points attained after 21 games in Europes top 5 leagues
  3. Dont rule out move to Preston if they were really good. Maybe a bottom half SPL club or the US minor leagues Maybe if they're reall good they hang around league one for a while and eventually make it to the premier league in their late 20s or early 30s which is of course when they get called up to the irish national team
  4. TIL Connor Wickham is only 26 Feels like he'd be a lot older
  5. they heard he is good in soups and salads
  6. I'd bet he could. And so could you Jimmy. I believe in you.
  7. Trent Alexander Arnold could do that
  8. In exciting transfer news Dundalk FC's Jamie McGrath has joined St Mirren! He's from the same town as me and I am 99% sure I saw him coming out of Centra the other day in the same clothes he is wearing in his press photo for St Mirren
  9. Leicester fans were singing the song about Steven Gerrard slipping ... They do realise he's not playing anymore and who was Liverpool manager when that happened
  10. Nobody told him the Club World Cup was last week
  11. Currently 0-0 and going toward extra time. The Flamengo keeper had gone down with cramp twice. Don't think I have seen that before Liverpool were awarded a penalty. Then had it rescinded by VAR. Extra time now. Liverpool win 1-0 to win the Club World Cup.
  12. I love the TLJ because as I said it gives no fucks. What I mean by that is that it does not have any interest in playing hard on nostalgia. It literally has the sacred jedi texts be destroyed offering up a chance for a fresh start. It explores new elements to how the force works and how force sensitive people can interact with the world around them. I like that it eschews the idea that rey is some sort of special one and that the force is a just something some people are born with and can learn to use without the Jedi. Although the Cantobite stuff is a bit of a diversion it greys the waters of the whole Rebellion/First Order thing by basically showing us that theres a class of people profiteering off of these massive space wars by selling ships to both sides. (Although the fact this was a pointless endeavour is arguably a lesson for Poe who spends the whole film being a hot headed reactionary and not trusting there was any plan). Rey getting told contrasting stories by Luke and Kylo. That her and Kylo are trying to bring the other to the other side. As well as that her parents arent anything special.
  13. I would imagine he might get a run out in the FA Cup and against teams in the bottom half of the table, for this season at least. Unless he can also play centre back
  14. We are all going to the Jellicle ball!
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