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  1. The current manager of the Irish national team is from Barnsley. However, he also has 52 caps for the Republic of Ireland and is a former captain of the national team. It wouldn't be a new concept at all for someone from anywhere in England or Scotland of Irish heritage to declare themselves for the Irish national team. Unlike, say, Scotland or Wales or England where the practice is nowhere near as common. tbf, Salah didn't hurt until nearly the end of the game
  2. The only thing Doug Walker has is Nostalgia Critic and he doesn't even own the IP. He sold it to the guy who owns Channel Awesome. I get the impression he doesn't really care either. He's always kinda lived in his own bubble for all intents and purposes. What's odd is he basically created the environment for people who are actually good at film criticism while being funny while being not good at either of them himself. See: Ellis, Lindsay
  3. Yep. Despite the tired concept, the Change the Channel stuff and everything he still pulls in around 500k to 1million views. I learned recently he doesn't even show clips from the films anymore instead he does re-enactments. So I guess he got to Demo Reel after all.
  4. Hobo

    BoJack Horseman

    he finally marries Mr Peanutbutter
  5. They're good content creators, bront. See Lindsay Ellis, Dan Olsen and Shaun as well I came in here to say I learned that the nostalgia critic made a 40 min musical about The Wall And there's an album... I dont even know.
  6. Hobo

    BoJack Horseman

    looks like Netflix cancelled it Suspiciously after the animation studio unionized .🤔
  7. I can see why that one good Bon Iver album gets on a list like this
  8. After last weeks stuff with his agent on twitter Liverpool are selling youth player Bobby Duncan to Fiorentina for 2million.
  9. It's more how the agent is handling it rather than anything else.
  10. In the last few hours the agent of Liverpool youth player Bobby Duncan released a statement about the player being refused a move and alleged bullying on behalf of the club. I mean, if the player is having some mental health problems that's fair but how is releasing a statement helping anyone? The agent just seems like a twat.
  11. I watched just to see if the trailer had Werner Herzog in it. I was not disappointed
  12. They were also like FORMER IRELAND UNDER 21 INTERNATIONAL andy lonergan Adrian plays. Liverpool go 1 up just before half time.
  13. Allison injured 😬 Liverpool 4 up though
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