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  1. Fernando Torres has announced his retirement.
  2. wouldnt have been half a thing if Paul Joyce from The Times hadn't retweeted it. Because Paul Joyce only ever tweets news related to Liverpool and Everton. Add to that Liverpool were previously linked with him before he went to PSG. Also Klopp is currently on holiday in Las Vegas. People fill in their own gaps because people love transfers. Its silly but people go mad for that kinda thing
  3. the most important fixture list is who are we playing in the Club World Cup. The money tie will be Liverpool vs Hienghéne Sport
  4. For a moment I thought this was AVB and I had missed something
  5. Sturridge seems like a great guy. It's a shame his injuries curtailed him so much. Moreno is kinda inconsistent but on his day he can be great.
  6. Riann Brewster and Coaimhin Kelleher have CL winners medals! 😄
  7. I got to see both goals in between working a festival Big Divvy 😍
  8. Wiki says he's Assistant Goalkeeper Coach but he's obviously the #3 keeper still.
  9. and they end up buying Chelsea!
  10. A lovely geezer But don't forget that he's from Sweden
  11. Thorgan was a beast for me on FM08 or 09 when I managed Viking Stravanger
  12. Has to swing around Scandinavia first. Where he will be the 2nd best manager the region has ever seen after Roy Hodgson. Looking forward to when he eventually gets to Ireland myself.
  13. I mean, it makes sense if true. 4 years at Barca, 3 at Bayern. Just finishing his 3rd at City. Working his way through some football manager challenge obvs
  14. these things are probably more accurately phrased as "X has had the most in the league" or whatever. Although in that Dalglish season Liverpool really did hit the post a lot
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