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  1. I can see why that one good Bon Iver album gets on a list like this
  2. After last weeks stuff with his agent on twitter Liverpool are selling youth player Bobby Duncan to Fiorentina for 2million.
  3. It's more how the agent is handling it rather than anything else.
  4. In the last few hours the agent of Liverpool youth player Bobby Duncan released a statement about the player being refused a move and alleged bullying on behalf of the club. I mean, if the player is having some mental health problems that's fair but how is releasing a statement helping anyone? The agent just seems like a twat.
  5. I watched just to see if the trailer had Werner Herzog in it. I was not disappointed
  6. They were also like FORMER IRELAND UNDER 21 INTERNATIONAL andy lonergan Adrian plays. Liverpool go 1 up just before half time.
  7. Allison injured 😬 Liverpool 4 up though
  8. I required independent verification
  9. A quick google has told me that half of the teams in the Premier League and 17 of the 24 championship clubs are sponsored by betting companies. That's wild.
  10. Everything about what is going on with Coutinho is fascinating to me. He's just become an odd man out. He didn't really fit in at Liverpool under Klopp that much. He doesn't really fit in at Barcelona. The cost of bringing him in is gonna be huge for anyone.
  11. "If we stack our coaching staff with ex players everything will be fine!" - Man Utd (I know Nicky Butt has been working there for years)
  12. Andy Lonergan plays for Liverpool against Sevilla today!
  13. It's what TS Eliot would've wanted.
  14. America couldn't handle Linnker.
  15. Liverpool have brought in a goalkeeper (for pre-season!) Andy Lonergan is joining up with their American tour because Simon Mingolet is currently the only keeper at the club with any senior experience until Alisson gets back after the Copa America.
  16. Big Divock has a new contract!
  17. legit thought they had sold Tyrone Mears for 20million.
  18. But on the flip side if Spurs want to compete and win a champions league - then that's what you're gonna have to spend.
  19. Fernando Torres has announced his retirement.
  20. wouldnt have been half a thing if Paul Joyce from The Times hadn't retweeted it. Because Paul Joyce only ever tweets news related to Liverpool and Everton. Add to that Liverpool were previously linked with him before he went to PSG. Also Klopp is currently on holiday in Las Vegas. People fill in their own gaps because people love transfers. Its silly but people go mad for that kinda thing
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