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  1. Current NXT

    Does anybody have a current NXT mod as their own company ready to use for EWR?
  2. Football Manager 2017

    I'm just about to start a Mobile save with Leicester, so I'll give some updates on that.
  3. WWE Supercard

    Why is my account gone after the update?
  4. NXT Mod

    Awesome! thanks man!
  5. NXT Mod

    All good, take your time!
  6. NXT Mod

    Thanks, man. Just reply to this when it is ready.
  7. NXT Mod

    Is anyone able to make me an NXT mod from the time when Sami Zayn became the NXT Champion? Thanks!
  8. G1 Climax.

    I don't have wineskin. It was already there when I downloaded it.
  9. G1 Climax.

    it isn't running through anything. It was a straight download from chrome.
  10. G1 Climax.

    I have a mac so I can't get TEW.
  11. G1 Climax.

    But can you run it everyday like the G1?
  12. G1 Climax.

    So it isn't possible to do it day by day?
  13. G1 Climax.

    How? How?
  14. G1 Climax.

    Is it possible to run the G1 Climax on EWR?
  15. NJPW G1 Mod.

    Is it possible to get an up to date NJPW mod and run the G1 on EWR?