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  1. HunkyPants

    WWE 2K19

    I was ill all weekend and decided to create a whole new universe - WCW!! I am currently spamming the downloads to fill in some gaps but my WCW Nitro roster currently has: Sting Big Show Ric Flair DDP Savage Scott Hall Rey Mysterio Chris Jericho Goldberg CAWS Kidman Psicosis La Parka Scott Steiner Raven Kanyon Buff Bagwell Am saving up to get Eddie Guerrero, Kevin Nash, Booker T and Lex Luger. Will also download a few others so I can get some other brilliant CAWS. Just had my first Nitro and DDP became US Champion, Ric Flair cheated to beat Sting to become WCW Champion and Rey Mysterio won the Cruiserweight title in a 5 star ladder match against Kidman and Psicosis. I am LOVING this game! I might make another show and have ECW as my other roster.
  2. HunkyPants

    WWE 2K19

    Brought the Hardcore Championship back to Monday Night Raw and Elias reigned supreme for 2 months until I had a brutal, 4 star No Holds Barred with Baron Corbin who is now holding the gold. On Smackdown!, Almas was crowned the newly re-instated European Champion and is currently locked in a feud with Tye Dillenger, heading for a blow off match at Summerslam. First ever WWE 2K game and I am LOVING Universe Mode. I love how a seemingly basic match on Raw between Nia Jax and Sasha Banks can end up being a 15 minute, amazing rated match that has me on the edge of my seat. The highlight is the Cruiserweight Division - it's so much fun and have recently put Mysterio & Balor in, along with some excellent Murphy & Neville CAWS. Oh, and Lars Sullivan upset Black and became NXT Champion on my first show!!
  3. I LOVED Deadpool 2. Thought it was much better than the first. Some highlights: MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW!
  4. Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction. Although he, at times, gets to do the naïve humour that makes him so funny, it's actually a really nuanced role that he absolutely nails. Highly recommended. Also a massive YES to The Grey. Superb movie that isn't really an action film at all. It's a survival film and it's really well acted by everyone.
  5. Hey, Does anyone know a decent PSD website for wrestling graphics? Was using PSD Dream but doesnt seem to work anymore
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