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  1. If that's the case, I definitely remember playing an 1986 mod with EWR a while ago but I can't remember where I found it.
  2. In the GDS forum, in the mods thread, Genadi has several mods that include an 1987 mod (The Golden Age).
  3. As well as Gunner, Evie, Nixon Newell & Axel Dieter Jr.
  4. Check on the GDS board, there are many real mods in many eras.
  5. Check The Mod Squad's mods in the mod thread on the GDS board. His mods come with picture packs. He has an 1987 mod including pictures as well.
  6. Technically, it's not that they killed off the Abyss character. The viewer is usually aware that Joseph Park is a split personality of Abyss. It's just than in kayfabe, Joseph Park believes that Abyss is a different person. So, Abyss could pretty much pop up at Slammiversary during that tag match. But I digress
  7. Add a working agreement between IWS & NSPW as they're now working together from now on.
  8. Wrong topic, you can erase this reply.
  9. One thing that could make it official: WWE officials asked Hojo to no longer use the Elbow Drop as her finisher since Bayley is using it as one of her signature moves.
  10. Yeah, that IWGP US title look more like the belt used in the Rocky movies than a wrestling belt lol
  11. Corrected and put in spoiler tag.
  12. In the Locations database, with the Colisée Pepsi being no longer active, the Centre Videotron should be added. 18 259 seats, opened September 2015. Basically the same other stats than for the Colisée Pepsi.