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  1. Have you put the worker pictures in the right folder?
  2. I kinda wonder which old territories footage they have access to, to be honest...
  3. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    Yeah, he did. Personally, not a fan of his product but I can appreciate why he does it.
  4. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    That's possible. He's done shows in my area as well. In which area do you live?
  5. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    Yeah, he could actually just take the roster in the original data and go along with it. Unless all of them have been removed in recent updates.
  6. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    Lutte Internationale 2000 did exist. It still kinda exist to this day as Jacques Rougeau still does tour shows during the Holidays every year. He plans to have one final big show next year with Hulk Hogan as his special guest. As for its roster in itself, it's mostly comprised of his students plus many special guests. Troy's link will give you a few of those.
  7. Since it's not official yet, I wouldn't change this right away but reports say that Anthem is looking to move Impact Wrestling to Canada on a permanent basis - Toronto, to be more precise. So it might be a good idea to think about switching their location.
  8. EWR Real World Update: September '17

    .....and you have something wrong with that? I myself like to have more workers in the database. Of course, removing dead wrestlers & staffers is only logical but still, where's the problem? If you prefer a thinner database, no problem.
  9. EWR Real World Update: September '17

    I haven't downloaded the latest versions since you started trimming down - I personally like having so many options of workers to choose from to sign so I always kept the bloated version...How many are they now approximately in the latest version, just OOC?
  10. EWR Real World Update: September '17

    Isn't Elias' Encore named Drift Away now?
  11. EWR Real World Update: September '17

    Why not just putting Nikki Bella on hiatus instead? (If it hasn't already been done)
  12. Add a TV deal for WWE with TVA Sports. Late night slot
  13. -Add a TV deal for IWS with RDS starting in October. I don't know yet the TV slot they're getting but given the IWS product, it's probably gonna be a late night or graveyard slot.