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  1. John Silver and Alex Reynolds have been signed to AEW, as confirmed last week. In fact, they joined The Dark Order last night.
  2. The only way it would do that would if you saved a new game with the updated data and such in a slot currently taken by an old game.
  3. The closest I've seen for TEW 2016 about what you ask is a 1987 mod and a 1991 mod. IIRC, the 1991 is called Rising Storms.
  4. If you have enough save slots left, it shouldn't be a problem for you to juggle both games.
  5. Xavier Woods suffered an Achilles injury at the last WWE house show in Sydney, Australia, no timetable yet for his absence but I assume it's gonna be close to a year.
  6. Considering that all 3 brands interact together a lot, why not just lump them all together?
  7. Rush is the new ROH World Champion. Angelina Love is the new ROH Women of Honor Champion.
  8. Remove Josh Bodom from RPW-UK as the promotion cut ties with them following the incident where he and Sha Samuels beat up a referee in their last event. Vacate the Undisputed British Tag Team Titles since RPW-UK stripped Bodom & Samuels of their titles.
  9. Forget that. Ricochet denied the reports of any injury or retirement for Kacy Catanzaro.
  10. If technically Kenny is allowed to work other promotions - regardless if they're in the game or not - by his contract, why would you keep him unsackable?
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