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  1. Add Tully Blanchard to AEW. He's the new manager for Shawn Spears. Tony Schiavone also appeared in the Road to All Out 1st episode but I don't know if it's a one-off for AEW.
  2. Remove Santana & Ortiz from Impact Wrestling. They're also done after Slammiversary.
  3. In short, if you download the July data but don't start a new game over the one you've already got, you'll be fine. If you wanna use the July data, start another game and save it on another slot.
  4. Oh, no worries, I understand how much work it is for you as it has to be pretty challenging every month. Like I said, you're doing a great job with it and I'll always take whatever update is being rolled out monthly
  5. As I said earlier this week, because of things out of my control, I'm reverting back to EWR (major thanks to mkpunk for his updates, you're a lifesaver, man!)...One of the things that I missed most about the EWR game was the massive worker database. I know that some people will disagree with me but hey, I got a brand new PC so whatever 😛 ) Long story short, I wanna know if there's any chance there could be a return of this pretty soon. If not, that's not a problem, I'll be perfectly fine with what @mkpunk does, just wanted to know given it's been ages since I've used EWR.
  6. Thanks, man. Much appreciated. For some reason that'd be too long to explain, I'm reverting back to EWR over TEW and I'm glad you keep giving us those updates!
  7. Set Charlie Morgan as Retired. She announced her retirement today due to injuries.
  8. Remove Scarlett Bordeaux from Impact. She's been released this morning.
  9. Set Atsushi Aoki as Deceased. He passed away in a motorcycle accident earlier today.
  10. Oooh, good thing I haven't had time to try it yet!
  11. SirEdger

    Belt requests

    I'm looking to have some completely customized title belts for my promotion called Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling The logo of the promotion is linked below. I'm not picky for the style but given the promotion is set in the mid-80s, I'd like the title belts to reflect that. https://i.imgur.com/vuSfLCS.jpg?3 I would need: Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship Atlantic Coast Tag Team Championship Atlantic Coast TV Championship Florida Heavyweight Championship No rush here. At the very worst, just DM me the pics when it's done. Thanks in advance
  12. Chelsea Green broke her wrist during last night's NXT TV tapings and had surgery this morning. Don't know yet how long she'll be out but I guess we'll know in time for the April update.
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