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  1. Turns out that the station I was watching Impact on will keep carrying the show after all; only Saturday nights at 7 PM. I'll take it.
  2. I think you should go for Ring of Honor. It'd definitely be easier to build the roster for them around that time than the others.
  3. Well, that's possible it wasn't added yet but anyway, if you wanna remove them from the database, go for it.
  4. ECCW had a show as recently as last week (E11EVEN).
  5. I just went to the GDS board to see what all that fuss was about and Jesus Christ, Gennadi and his minions are so full of themselves. Now I remember why I only go on the GDS board when there's a patch for the game to download.
  6. Set Rhyno as Retired. After his match vs Heath Slater tonight, during a commercial break, he announced his retirement to the live crowd.
  7. Nick Aldis is the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Willie Mack is the new NWA National Champion
  8. Doug Williams announced his retirement at today's PROGRESS show in Wembley.
  9. Oh, my bad. I thought this was on the TEW thread, not EWR.
  10. Maybe putting Alex Shelley on hiatus is the better option here?
  11. Remove Neville from WWE as his contract officially expired today

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