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  1. One thing that could make it official: WWE officials asked Hojo to no longer use the Elbow Drop as her finisher since Bayley is using it as one of her signature moves.
  2. Yeah, that IWGP US title look more like the belt used in the Rocky movies than a wrestling belt lol
  3. Corrected and put in spoiler tag.
  4. In the Locations database, with the Colisée Pepsi being no longer active, the Centre Videotron should be added. 18 259 seats, opened September 2015. Basically the same other stats than for the Colisée Pepsi.
  5. If you're that much of a connaisseur, why don't you put together your own update? You know, just so we can all witness how much of a god you are.
  6. Wow, didn't know about Gunner. This might explain why Impact went for Jax Dane to form VOW with Crimson.
  7. REDRAGONB is officially the Scott Steiner of this board.
  8. About the LU/Impact thing, IIRC, I think that Lucha Underground would allow contracted talents to work Impact, but only without their LU characters. But since I'm not 100% sure, let's wait and see.
  9. Not sure, but if I'm correct, picture it like the National Wrestling Alliance but with no official name to it. I think that it's basically easier to proceed with talent trades than just a working agreement.
  10. And to think that GameTV is on my actual basic TV package at home. Guess I shouldn't be surprised since I recently saw them broadcast TNA in 60 & TNA's Greatest Matches on random occasions. But yeah, I think that GameTV being the size of Fight Network is the right setting. Also, to be included in the May update, from her Twitter account, Taeler Hendrix is parting ways with ROH.
  11. CTV2 is also available in Quebec as I have it in my TV package with TELUS. And I'm assuming you meant TVA Sports and not TV Sports.
  12. If you wanna add 1 more Quebec promotion, North Shore Pro Wrestling is a solid promotion as well.