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  1. Oh, my bad. I thought this was on the TEW thread, not EWR.
  2. Maybe putting Alex Shelley on hiatus is the better option here?
  3. Remove Neville from WWE as his contract officially expired today
  4. Remove Jim Neidhart as he passed away this morning.
  5. Nice. I'm definitely open to try this on TEW 16!
  6. Well, look at how NXT is set up in the database and set it up the same way. Although it's gonna be probably a pain in the ass for you with the editing and everything but it's feasible.
  7. Didn't Marc Harris simply work the Orlando tapings and nothing else?
  8. https://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/53373/Update-on-Ayako-Hamada-Not-Jailed-Retires-from-Wrestling/
  9. Set Ayako Hamada as "Retired". EDIT: Hamada was sentenced to probation, that could lead to 18 months of prison in Japan.
  10. Johnny Saint is the authority figure. Can you technically put him in charge?
  11. From what has surfaced online, here's what the NXT UK brand will look like for a roster: Mark AndrewsTravis BanksTyler BateJoe Coffey Mark Coffey Joseph Conners Noam Dar Eddie Dennis Jordan Devlin Pete Dunne Jack Gallagher Sam Gradwell Saxton Huxley Amir Jordan El Ligero Dave Mastiff Trent Seven Ashton Smith Tyson T-Bone Flash Morgan Webster Wild Boar Kenny Williams Wolfgang Isla Dawn Jinny Killer Kelly Charlie Morgan Nina Samuels Toni Storm
  12. If WWE no longer has the trademark for the Hart Foundation, I can't see why MLW couldn't use it.
  13. Nevermind this. Rather rename them to "The B-Team", as it was revealed on RAW tonight.
  14. Rename The Miztourage "DnA" as this is the name that Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel will using going forward.
  15. Have you done some editing in the database prior to starting that game? You might've accidentally deleted it?
  16. The general consensus is that the GRR Match itself was the highlight of the show....for many reasons lol
  17. In Nikki Cross' case, some reports say that they're planning a Shayna Baszler vs Nikki Cross feud, thus why she hasn't been called up with the rest of SAnitY.

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