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  1. @mkpunk I am currently in the process of updating the overness stat for the main roster talent (Finished RAW, Working on 205 Live, then moving on to SmackDown Live). However, the reason I am posting here is because I have just remembered that Jazzy Gabert should no longer be under contract with WWE as it was revealed in December 2017 (according to Gabert) that WWE had rescinded their contract offer to her after discovering she had three herniated discs in her neck. You can confirm this information on wikipedia as well. Rename her to Alpha Female.
  2. To be honest, I've done that myself as well when it comes to WWE talent. I am currently working on helping @mkpunk boosting some of the superstars' overness and gimmicks. I'll test this theory out and see how it works. However, I don't know what his thoughts on the subject is. Update: I sent you a list of everyone who would be considered a cruiserweight (205 and under) using this idea. I think it would work as I didn't have to change any gimmicks for it to work.
  3. Ronda Rousey is in the update if you are playing as WWE, she is most likely found under "None" in the roster split section as that's where I found her during my initial save testing out the new NXT data.
  4. As Jmac said the basic game will most likely be WWE, Chikara, PWG, CZW, WWN, Shimmer, ROH, Impact, Smash, CMLL, AAA, and Crash. While, the more in-depth game will feature all of the above and AAW, Beyond, HOH, WrestleCircus, ECCW, Alpha-1, NJPW, AJPW, Noah, Progress, ICW, Rev Pro, wXw, and DDT. I am assuming that what this means is he will work on the more in-depth version of the game but will make an alternate version from that data for those who don't want to have non-north American companies in the game. This will accommodate both fan bases. Also as a diary and match writer who uses EWR as a base, I have run into the issue of having multiple events per month. However, I don't worry about it due to the fact that I can simply use the 1 pay-per-view already set up to reflect any major changes such as titles changing hands, specialty matches and tournament finals. In regards to any other match I have planned, I simply write the match without booking it. This allows me to fit all of the matches/segments I have planned for my diary in that event. Also, another example is I have split WWE up into three different companies, RAW, SmackDown Live, and NXT. This allows me to control each brand via three different saves and allows me to do multiple events in any given month. So in regards to NJPW's multiple day events, there is a ton of ways you could work around it. Personally, I don't watch NJPW but I would love to see it put in the game as a playable company as it makes the game more realistic to the current wrestling industry as it is the #2 company in the industry today. I am a fan of EWR, not TEW, so I welcome any changes that Jmac puts into the game. If I have a problem with something later on, then we could discuss it but for the time being, let's see how it goes first before we criticize his decisions as he is willing to make the updates for the game and he should do so as he pleases.
  5. Out of curiosity, how long do you think it'll take to release the updates? I ask only because I've been thinking of starting a game but don't want to find out that an update will be out on February 1st and I have to restart the game for example. Also if you need any help with the updates I'd be willing to provide information on WWE/NXT as that is mainly what I watch nowadays.
  6. His in-ring name is actually Maxwell Jacob Feinstein and he should have the Feinstein Armbar Special (submission) as his secondary finisher. Also he should have Maria Manic set as his manager according to Prowrestling.wikia.com Is there any chance you have stats for the rest of the wrestlers you recommending adding to CZW and Shimmer on the first page? I mainly want CCK but would like to have the rest if possible as well. lol CZW: Chris Brooks, Kid Lykos, Josh Briggs, Jimmy Lloyd, Dave McCall and Nate Carter Shimmer: Hudson Envy, Kellyanne, Heather Monroe, Jessica Troy
  7. What he means is if you want to add somebody to the game or change one of the Statistics of a worker, for example Rosemary's Charisma from 50-something then you need to recommend an adjusted number in this topic like 67 or 76 for example. (This was just an example and is meant no way to determine what her actual rating should be as I have no clue lol)
  8. Non-KyKy Mae Young Classic Participants: Note: This is the best I could do and I made these for my own personal use. However, I felt I should share them in case anyone else wants them.
  9. Thank you for converting this over to EWR. I do know I downloaded it already and am going to definitely be playing this.
  10. I can't download the picture pack as I can't open it once its done downloading for some reason. Could you possibly post the pictures here so that I can download them please as I really want to have the picture pack to go with the database?
  11. Does anybody have stats for Lana Austin? I'd like to add her to my EWR Database.
  12. I know I didn't do the Wrestle Kingdom 11 or Sakura Genesis logos but here are the rest. Hopefully these work for you: @No1Thuganomic @Kurenai @mrcdb
  13. I'm hoping this is what you wanted. If you need anything else, don't be afraid to ask and I'll try to help. Also I'll try working on some of the other requests here but can't promise they'll turn out as I have never done the belt graphics before.
  14. @Rocky Any chance you have a June or July 2006 update with ECW as they started in June 2006. I'd really like to play it almost like SVR 2008 GM Mode if you can find a split save. Otherwise I can try to edit it myself but I couldn't find a working update for June or July 2006.
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