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  1. Grand Slam Singles Winner.. Daniel Nestor is a multi-time (I think) doubles champion. And the WWE are giving her a customised Women's title..
  2. arrogant aussie.. Mike Atherton, Englands best Leg Spinner.. mike atherton has a bowl
  3. Aussie Rules: I was at Doug Hawkins 350th, and final game at Princes Park.. Not a great deal, to anyone, except he'd played 329 games, and Fitzroy acquired him.. I was also at the MCG, when Matthew "C U next Tuesday" Richardson celebrated the Death of Fitzroy, after Richmond had already smashed us. Cricket: Saw a kid from New South Wales play a wonderful innings at the MCG (68 on debut), and thought in 10 years this kid is going to be a superstar? He died 7 years later. That "kid" was Phil Hughes.
  4. PantherFan59

    NFL 2019

    100th anniversary of the NFL and, tonight Green Bay 10 - Chicago 3 😶 Compared to 100 years ago What has the CFL done to you? Aside from kick Johnny Football back to your side of the border
  5. Congratulations to the Thai Womens Cricket team on qualifying for next years T20 World Cup. Your reward is playing: England, Pakistan, South Africa, and the West Indies.. Assuming Peter Dutton lets you into the country, that is.

  6. England had a bad day on the field, but nowhere near as bad as this Aussie Journo 😄 Meanwhile, in other Non-Ashes related news, Afghanistan are 271/5 having recovered from 77/3 in their only Test against Bangladesh with Rahmat Shah (102) making history as the Afghans first ever Test centurion, and they could very well have a second century maker with Ashgar Afghan 88 not out. And in women's cricket, Bangladesh have qualified for the ICC Women's T20 World Cup next year and will be joined by Thailand! Unfortunately for Thailand though, they're grouped with England, South Africa, the West Indies and Pakistan.
  7. I had memories of flashbacks of Dwayne Leverock when I read that... Except Cornwall is taller. Yet I still don't think he's the heaviest Test player ever... Warwick Armstrong (back in the early days of test cricket) was erm, quite large.
  8. Jofra Archer to destroy the Aussie top order? Lyon for wrist spinners against England
  9. Idea.. the 12 test nations + 1 from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia and the Middle East which would look like Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe - Qualified Europeans: Jersey, Guernsey, Scotland, Denmark, Norway and Netherlands Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, plus 3 more (there's an east coast country that I am forgetting) Asia and the Middle East: Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Israel and ?? I'd love Canada in a Cricket World Cup again.. can't see a way for it to happen. What I did.. if I wasn't given out, is I stood my ground... what goes around comes around in life and in cricket. I've played an attempted slog (i'd call it a drive, but it was an attempted slog), through cover, missed it and was given out caught behind, even though I was nowhere near hitting the ball C-Mil, is he from Jersey, or Guernsey? I get those to mixed up
  10. I don't boo anyone.. except maybe Piers Morgan... et al Broad refusing to walk? Is that what the issue was? fuck, I thought it was about the lollies incident I never walked back in my day.. admittedly, not under TV scruitiny..
  11. Firstly, I am Australian.. I loved Eddie Guerrero, who used cheat 2 win to basically become WWE Champion. Does it make me a hypocrite, that I want the English to Boo Steve Smith and David Warner for cheating?
  12. Firstly, I am Australian.. I loved Eddie Guerrero, who used cheat 2 win to basically become WWE Champion. Does it make me a hypocrite, that I want the English to Boo Steve Smith and David Warner for cheating?


  13. Love the concept, and yer dedication to it... are you going to continue these? like in for certain years or whatever?
  14. after so many test matches, some impressions... one has to ask... did I really have a bowling action?
  15. not you is it? good.. something about him makes me wanna tune up the band
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