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    Unlike some Aussies, I don't tamper with balls.
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  1. PantherFan59

    NFL 2019

    Seriously? Well done Ryan Tannehill..
  2. PantherFan59

    NFL 2019

    A simple question from a biased Carolina Panthers fan.. (I was the first and only Aussie to buy his jersey) Is Luke Kuechly a Hall of Famer?
  3. a lonely man, bit of cricket... likes The Miz.. fuck I am an asshole

  4. Travis Head needs to learn to convert his 50s into hundreds.. or bowl better off "spin" (be honest, he doesn't turn the ball) Siddle into the squad for Boxing Day... and as a big James Pattinson mark, I think it might be time for Michael Neser to make his debut... he can bat, doesn't seem to be injury prone, and is a geniune swing bowler... our tail could average like 80 with the bat combined
  5. PantherFan59

    NFL 2019

    Jameis Winston makes Kyle Allen look talented 😐
  6. NSW on fire, I hate that state.. yet our PM is taking a powder?

  7. He's the BBC and he is not a jackass

    it's the BBC 

  8.  CSAMH -- I was the nice guy

  9. Had a look.. Austin Theory!!! bring on the women.. ahem.. please
  10. Decided to try and help Americans understand cricket, however, I fear it may confuse them more. :D

    1. OctoberRaven


      Cricket? Nobody understands cricket. You have to know what a crumpet is to understand cricket.

    2. NakaFORKY Plaza

      NakaFORKY Plaza

      I was totally going to post that quote Oro but wasn't sure if it would go over people's heads...kind of like Cricket....

  11. Taken from cricinfo with a few edits
  12. Both Australia and New Zealand have lost key bowlers less than two full days into the 1st Test match in Perth. Australia eventually bowled out for 416, thanks largely to Marnus Labuschagne making 143, which is his third Test century in a row (having made 185 and 162 in his only 2 innings against Pakistan). The Kiwis were hampered by a calf strain to Lockie Ferguson, who was replacing an injured Trent Boult. New Zealand (as I type this) are 61/2 after Starc and Hazlewood each took wickets in their opening overs. However, Josh Hazlewood is unlikely to take any further part in the game, having strained his hamstring. Matthew Wade's already rolled his arm over (though he was bowling as quick as Tim Southee apparently), and I wouldn't be surprised if David Warner has to bowl some dodgy medium pacers if the Kiwis dig in. -- Meanwhile, in Pakistan, the first test match in the country in 10 years was disrupted by rain on day three, with Sri Lanka adding 19 runs in just 4.4 overs of play happening. So that's heading for a draw. -- Finally and in keeping with my interest in the lower levels of cricket, the United States are currently on a tour of the United Arab Emirates, where they have beaten the UAE twice (by 3 wickets and 98 runs respectively) beat Scotland by 35 runs. If rain falls and the wicket becomes wet, the ball may not bounce predictably, making it very difficult for the batsman
  13. No-one likes Roxette, except me ..

    R.I.P. Marie Fredriksson

  14. after two months... my depression will be addressed

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