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  1. after so many test matches, some impressions... one has to ask... did I really have a bowling action?
  2. not you is it? good.. something about him makes me wanna tune up the band
  3. My apologies... But I am looking for Dakota Kai pics and the search option is not co-operating.
  4. American Football - Current: Luke Kuechly - I have a borderline man-crush on him, and my 'claim to Keek fame' is that I might have been the first, if not only Australian to buy a Kuechly jersey. All-Time: Troy Polamalu - For the reasons that were mentioned above. Aussie Rules Football - Current: Jeremy McGovern - Just a gun player for my Eagles. All-Time: Doug Hawkins. Came from the same suburb of Melbourne as myself, and we even attended the same high school, and had the same history and geography teacher, albeit at different times. Basketball - Current: Serge Ibaka - No real reason, but whenever I played NBA2k games, I tended to sign him, though I don't have to now, as he plays for the Raptors. All-Time: Tyrone 'Muggsy' Bogues - Someone his size having a reasonably successful career in the NBA gave short guys everywhere hope and he was in Space Jam. Cricket - Current: Kane Williamson - I think he's the best batsman in the world quite honestly, but he doesn't seem to get the recognition because he doesn't play for Australia, England or India. All-Time: Mervyn Gregory Hughes - He was fun to watch with both ball and bat, and had a charisma that not a lot of Aussie cricketers had in his day. Tennis - Current: Eugenie Bouchard - For... reasons. All-Time: Martina Hingis - Aside from having a crush on her, she was a good player and I remember her winning an Aussie Open ('97), and most of my cricket teammates being pissed off for it for some reason, which amused me.
  5. hahahaha at the BBC World Service thinking Trudeau has rock star status.. Maybe outside of Canada..

    1. Lineker
    2. completeunknown


      Yeah, I get the impression that he's not as well-liked within the country. He has sort of a golden-boy status with those outside of it and represents Canada well and all, but I get the sense that he's similar to Barack Obama in that it's wonderful to have a well-spoken, worldly person representing your country (oh, how nice it would be...), but that his actual governing achievements leave something to be desired or are even occasionally counter to his image (i.e. Obama and drone-strikes)

  6. Antonio Brown playing for the Browns.. He'd enjoy torching his former team twice a season, I reckon.
  7. I doubt we could even beat Ireland fun innings to watch.. Aaron Finch bowls, pretty handily I thought.. half expected Tim Paine to whip the gloves off and bowl himself.. That's what I'd have done. Let's ignore the cheats, and remember that there is no Starc and Hazlewood this time around. Though I think Starc is overrated
  8. Only Edmonton would consider talking to Terrell Owens...

  9. If it were my mother, i'd give her a CD full of Vuvuzela, mainly because we don't get along.
  10. the one place I thought I could escape the Commonwealth Games, and Lineker starts a thread. well I count 438 athletes from Scotland and Wales we have an aussie.. a pom.. we lack a Canadian (suck it Chelski)
  11. controversial? I've never liked the EWB orange.

    1. Rocky Champ Champ

      Rocky Champ Champ

      Eh, it's more a preferential thing. Good for some, not for others. Pretty much like most things.

    2. PantherFan59


      agreed.. good point

  12. turns out you can... also turns out my call for a one year ban has happened.. except now the players association are getting involved
  13. Our BBC Correspondent (James Mann) can quote me on this. Steven Smith, David Warner and any other member of the so-called leadership group in Australian cricket, should be suspended for at least 1 year from all forms of cricket. What happened over the weekend was a disgrace. And no, I didn't wake up shocked and disappointed. I woke up shocked and pissed off that we would stoop to such a level. For the record, I never thought we had the best bowling attack in the world. But that's a discussion for another time.
  14. you can do at least one thing.. I checked it for copyright:


  15. this place has always needed cricket, said CSAMH.. but it was Chris2K, who thought it was a good idea

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Owen


      Huh, okay :P Maybe I understand. That's a solid maybe. Can't say I've ever seen Total Drama Island but I know that there's a character called Owen so that's something.

    3. PantherFan59


      at least consider my removal of Lightenin.. imagine writing his voice

    4. ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster


      This place HAS always needed cricket.

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