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  1. Would someone be able to put this on the silver logo background?
  2. Heres a few updates for AEW: Adam Page (Face with Cowboy gimmick) Allie (Rename to The Bunny, Bunny for short, set as heel Manager for Andy Williams and Pepper Parks, Gothic Gimmick?) Andy Williams (Rename The Butcher, Butcher for short) Cody (Set as Face, Remove Brandi Rhodes as manager) Darby Allin (Set as Face) Dustin Rhodes (Upper Midcard with Old School Face gimmick) El Lindaman (set as face with Foreign Star gimmick) Fenix (Rename Rey Fenix, Fenix for Short, set as Heel) Isiah Kassidy (Set finishers to Life of the Party and Superkick (both impact)) Luchasaurus (Set Finishers to Tombstone Age and Tail Whip (both Impact)) Michael Nakazawa (set to Face) Penelope Ford (set to Heel) Pepper Parks (rename The Blade, Blade for short) Santana (Heel with Street Fighter gimmick) Shawn Spears (rename primary Finsher to C4 (Impact)) Sonny Kiss (set gimmick to Fun Babyface, AEW is not risky enough for Gender Bender Gimmick) Stu Grayson (set gimmick to Evil) T-Hawk (set gimmick to Foreign Star) Wardlow (set as Heel with Bodyguard gimmick) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rename A Boy and His Dinosaur to Jungle Express rename LAX to Proud and Powerful remove Takehiro Yamamura from Strong Hearts Stable Remove Adam Page, Brandi Rhodes, and possibly Cody from The ELITE stable, set Kenny Omega as leader Set Luchasaurus as Leader of Jurassic Express Stable Add BBB Stable in AEW with The Bunny (leader), The Butcher, The Blade as members. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possibly add QT Marshall back into the game Rename Raven's Ash to Melanie Cruise, add to AEW under open contract as Heel with Lackey gimmick and set Brandi Rhodes as manager
  3. Can I get this Kris Statlander on kyky?
  4. I am looking to start a WCW game set in early 2001 before the purchase by WWE, and am needing a banner for my game. I was wanting to use the logo that WWE used during the invasion I am wanting World Championship Wrestling on the banner along with the logo, if possible. Im looking for a banner that will really pop out that may be used for a diary in the future. Maybe in the same style as this banner, but instead of blue, there would be red, of course. If anyone could help me with this, I would truly appreciate it.
  5. Hello everyone, I am bringing back Global Force Wrestling in my EWR game and would like a custom logo and banner for it. I am wanting the logo to be on the silver logo background. I would like the logo to be dark blue with gold accents. I will leave the design up to whomever would like to try. For the banner, something the same color with the same logo or variation of the logo with "Global Force: The New Era of Alternative" on it. I truly appreciate anyone who does this as I would like to use these for a future diary in the dome as well. I will even be willing to pay someone once the work is done. Thanks in Advance!
  6. Along with those two pictures, would someone be able to cut this Wardlow on kyky as well?
  7. Could I possible get these pics of Teal Piper & Brandon Cutler on kyky? Please and thank you?
  8. Good afternoon all. I am starting a wrestling blog site and would like a logo for the site. The name of the site will be Squared Cirlce Jefe. I will leave the design up to you and will be willing to even pay for the logo. I figured I would see what some of the great talent on the boards can come up with. Thank you!
  9. Could I get these few on KyKy please and thank you?
  10. I was going throught the WWE Roster and noticed a few thing not mentioned earlier in the thread that need to be tweaked:
  11. Would someone be able to put this ROH logo on the silver background logo and make an EWR banner to go along with it? I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. Would somebody be able to cut these two pictures of Bronson Reed (Jonah Rock) and Dexter Lumis (Sam Shaw)on kyky? Please and thank you.
  13. That's awesome. Any chance of cutting that logo onto the silver logo background?
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