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  1. Hype Thread for Virtual Basements upcoming untitled wrestling game. Here is a a video produced by Viking Sized Gamer and a link to their Twitter page to stay up to date on roster announcements, etc. https://twitter.com/VirtualBasement/status/1266025098080813057?s=20 https://twitter.com/VirtualBasement Announced Roster (As of 6/1/20) https://docs.google.com/document/d/12nKVBYwtAI4pEwiLOyWv_-g1gJKjgoj3CPvHF5F0Lu8/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Anyone willing to help me with this?
  3. Would someone be able to make me a banner for my EWR game? This is the logo that I am wanting on the banner I'd like the style of the banner to be similar to this one With the logo in the background and All Elite Wrestling in the front and red instead of the blue, of course. If anyone can help me out with this, I would truly appreciate it. (Also, would someone mind moving this to the requests forum? Thank you)
  4. Thanks man! Would you mind doing one more for me? Im also possibly looking for a new EWR banner with the logo in the spoilers if anyone is willing to help
  5. Could I get this AEW logo (just AEW) on the silver logo background?
  6. Could I get this TJP on kyky?
  7. Anybody wanna make this 205 Live logo on the silver background I posted above?
  8. Could I get this pictures of Donnie Janela and Cabana Man Dan on kyky?
  9. Could I get these pics of Tyson Kidd in a mask on the kyky background?
  10. Would someone be able to put this IPWF logo onto the silver logo background for a scenario that Im working on?
  11. Coming up soon: Southpaw Regional Wrestling vs. Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation
  12. First post updated with an updated WWE Universe Scenario. Enjoy!
  13. Would someone be able to cut this picture of Cody Vance onto kyky?
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