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  1. Ahh, got ya, thanks. I am sure there's gonna be some of that with this whole thing, yeah.
  2. Yeah I saw Sarah Spain and around the horn, not sure what concern trolling is though. I get that for Kaep, the lawsuit may have simply been about recouping money and not about anything else and that's fine but I'm just saying he had the chance to expose the systemic issues in the NFL while still winning back that potential money that he lost. I am disappointed that it came to a settlement because the nfl has a surplus of money, they basically print it off, that won't hurt them like taking the L in a big lawsuit. The end result is the NFL loses some dollars but doesn't have to change the way that it does things. He may go on to do a lot of good social justice work, that's good, but felt like he had a platform to get some change enacted. The talk of sellout maybe is a bit too far, i cant say i wouldnt do the same in his spot, but I think people being disappointed in this outcome are justified feeling that way.
  3. I'm not disagreeing with the fact that there was a lawsuit and that it was settled with money being exchanged. At face value, those are, indeed, fact. However, there is a section of people following this case that supported Kaep in his fight against the NFL. Who were told to "Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything " in a major advertising campaign (which, I suppose, I shouldn't ascribe any meaning to the campaign beyond "Buy Nike"). And who saw Kaep in a position, through this lawsuit, to embarass a major corporation that had/has issues related to systemic racism and suppression of free speech, etc. The outcome of that lawsuit is a settlement that allows the NFL to bury any potential negative consequences/embarrassing evidence. He may be satisfied with the outcome of the settlement, which is good for him. But understandably there will be many people who feel he sold out due to the juxtaposition of his message and the terms of the settlement being lots of money for him and little to negative consequence for the league. As a person, that's not his problem, you are correct but if people feel his social justice message has been undermined by the settlement's terms, I think they are justified in that feeling.
  4. I disagree @livid , @Pooker I think k sums it up pretty well. He had the chance to have a legal body declare essentially that systemic racism exists in the NFL. He can go on in his work of Social Justice, and that's fine and good, but it really feela like he took hush money here.
  5. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DmMVEk3WsAACHq1?format=jpg&name=large ...until the NFL offers you millions of dollars to stay quiet about it. He made a whole ad campaign about sticking to principles no matter the cost, etc. and then let the NFL, which knew it was toast then, buy their way out of the toaster.
  6. The difference is Kaep took the money and ran, rather than force someone, on legal record, decree that the NFL did wrong.
  7. I used to when my hometown or my wife's hometown (her town's only left last year) had rental places yeah
  8. Awesome job, cool movie! I appreciated the Dance Dance Revolution scene lol
  9. My only knowledge of Gang of Four is that they had a song on the original Karate Kid soundtrack
  10. I just re d/l'ed CK2 and will get the GOT mod again soon, love that game!
  11. Haha, thanks, yeah I definitely think we have different approaches, probably different goals. I wanted a mod where I could play as AEW/ROH/IMP/NJPW etc. and not have the wwe release 100+ workers right away 😛
  12. Good deal I didn't do the WWE complete justice, if someone wants to play as them, they may need to do a little tweaking first for accuracy's sake.
  13. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5in675zd66h5d49/DATA.zip/file I took the latest Real World update from @mkpunk and split WWE into 4 companies with the hopes of getting rid of the massive talent dump that comes with beginning a non -WWE game. I know when I play I always hate that the WWE releases so many people out into the talent pool. I also added the NWA as another promotion with Billy Corgan in there. It's not 100 percent perfect but it makes playing a different company more enjoyable for me personally.
  14. Anyone watch America's Got talent the champions? Because w00f this season is tough to watch

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