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  1. Did he ever actually get found guilty of any of these things? The audio transcript didn't ever really seem that damning to me - idc about the football side of it, but judging from that transcript, she never really says he hit her or hurt his son - maybe it's just her phrasing or I missed something, but it's not like we have the Ray Rice Uppercut video that makes it explicitly clear what happened.
  2. Yeah the cast did pretty well, saved the movie for me, but there was a lot that was off for me and didn't work after the first quarter of the movie. The sudden deaths lacked impact because of the character build was slow, which is fine, but it resulted in a lack of emotional development to the characters which really deadened the shock of those moments A lot of the mystery was either blown early or never revealed at all. In a couple of cases that worked but in many others it did not. The entry of Hemsworth's character changed the dynamic of the movie in a really boring way. Overall I was really excited for the movie but honestly found myself really bored and disappointed, which was a shame because it spoiled several good performances. My dos pesos
  3. Funny bUT super sad 😕
  4. We're not hosting an inter galactic kegger here!
  5. Bad Times at the El Royale had a lot of promise but was extremely underwhelming. As a couple we settled on a 5 out of 10 (though I personally gave it a 4 which was rounded up from a 3.5)
  6. Yay! Hoping she was kept out for maintenance' sake to be available for the finals
  7. Yeah, seemed like a lot of smoke with no fire. I think Gogo has the measure of it - something to rally around
  8. I thought that seemed like much ado about nothing?
  9. pew pew pew MURICA - fiiiiiiirst blood
  10. Yeah that's a lot going against a guy then unfortunately
  11. Once again we do battle gents, may the best ladies win! (Spoiler - they're American! )
  12. Over the weekend we watched: The Institution - A James Franco project - we gave it a 5 out of 10: It had a nice setting, Franco was good, the rest were decent - lacked depth in the story though; seemed like they wanted to do more and then for whatever reason just said screw it, let's wrap it up. Disappointing I Still See You - Really cool movie with a cool concept. Bella Thorne and the Kid from the 100 did alright - the story verged into a little too much of a Young Teen Novel sort of story that I thought took away from the concept but c'est la vie. The story was pretty cool and engaging, probably could have seen "the twist" a little earlier but c'est la vie. Overall, we very much enjoyed it. 7 out of 10 stars!
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