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  1. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    There should be a supplementary rule that says if a division ends in a 4 way tie there's a mandatory 1 day playoff. 2 two quarter games, winners go another 2 quarters. Winner advances.
  2. Seems like his run as coach fizzled out
  3. Thanks dude! Go Aurora Beams! PEW
  4. Can i get a link to the league, i forgot to bookmark it
  5. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    Is that how Foles' salary is guaranteed? I thought it was over 4 years
  6. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    I thought the benching of Foles was completely idiotic - Minshew is hilariously memeworthy but he's not shown that his ceiling is clearly higher than Foles; especially consdering Foles lost a child during the offseason and then broke a clavicle so it's not like he's been 100% this year. Played decent against the Chiefs before he went down to injury Did ok versus the Titans He played good vs the Colts (not his fault the Colts put up 33 points and had two 100 yard rushers) Bit of a dud vs the Bucs but everyone has a bad game here and there... For example guys like Leonard fournette who in the 3 games Foles has started has averaged a whopping 52 yards per game
  7. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    Let's go Giants! Clap-Clap-ClapClapClap
  8. So just read about auburn and Alabama, and oh my, that is just fan freaking tastic
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