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  1. Hello community, So I've wanted to take @Mancuerda's AMAZING 1998 mod and convert (in a sense) to a 2001 mod; essentially I want to use the workers file from it advanced 3 years into the game so that the workers naturally develop or decay (depending on their age) and then changes the rosters to fit an idea I have for a 1st quarter of 2001 mod. Does that make sense? Would the 3 years of change accurately represent most wrestlers change in ability? Would anyone like to help me?
  2. In EWR, does worker potential get set somehow? Like if I made 2 new workers in the file editor, say Eddie Edwards (really good) and Giant Gonzalez (really awful) - is there anyway to set it so Edwards has a ton of potential and Gonzalez does not other than just their starting stats? There isn't like a potential stat or anything is there?