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  1. @Rocky have you tested it? How does it play? does WWE jettison half of its roster still right away?
  2. I think to help the "too busy" item that Liam mentioned you could tweak it in a few small ways to improve the overall look and easy-ness on the eyes Slide the Hot Ideas and coffee cup art up a little Move the main text up about half of how much you move the coffee cups Shrink the Uncle Sam down in size just a hair or two Move the bullet points over a few bumps I think doing those would better spread out the white space ane make it easier on the eyes wothout sacrificing any pf the content. I like the poster and think it fits the event pretty well! I am no designer but those are my two cents!
  3. So I have been working on a mod for Spring of 2001 - a time of major change in the industry - and I was hoping I could enlist some help with a few tasks. Here's the description of the mod. TL;DR - It's a historic fantasy mod combining the end of WCW/ECW with the start of TNA/ROH with Stampede thrown in I need help with a few things to round out the game and maybe some EWBers could help? (I used some 1998 data from @Mancuerda's fantastic mod and had @Rocky fast forward it 3 years to reflect changes in skill for many people) A big item are younger rookie wrestlers, like ones that debuted between 2000 and 2003. I have a big list that I got from a website of people that debuted between 2000 and 2002 - would like someone(s) to go through it, pare it down some (get rid of people that didn't have much of a career possibly), add those that should be on there, and develop stats for them. Also on my to do list is to: Change some finishers (low priority) Check salaries (medium priority) Add Tag Teams in for major promotions (medium priority) Check Staff for WCW, WWE, ECW (lowish priority) Do some Graphics for the background (low priority) Maybe figure out AAA or CMLL (low priority) General looking out for mistakes Anyone out there up for helping out?
  4. I may go and do that yeah! And add some promotions too to flesh out a scenario
  5. Ok, cool, thanks @Owen - in your opinion do you think the stats are pretty accurate for that time? Examples of some weird ones: Goldberg 50 Brawl, 0 Speed or Tech Lex Luger 28 brawl, 0 speed or Tech Billy Kidman 20 Charisma Kevin Nash 42 Brawl, 0 speed or tech Do those seem right for 2001?
  6. Ok cool awesome, I will take a look! Have you tried either of those out before @Owen or anyone else?
  7. Are there any good EWR mods for Early 2001 (around the death of WCW) - something like the 1998 one that @Mancuerda did - I want to play a "last days of WCW game"
  8. I downloaded it and was going to take a look but there is no file listed as EWR_Button so the game wont open for me right now
  9. We need y'all to vote!!!

    1. Lineker


      Voting doesn't work! Look at Brexit! And Trump!

    2. Stick Stickly
    3. Benji
  10. Hello community, So I've wanted to take @Mancuerda's AMAZING 1998 mod and convert (in a sense) to a 2001 mod; essentially I want to use the workers file from it advanced 3 years into the game so that the workers naturally develop or decay (depending on their age) and then changes the rosters to fit an idea I have for a 1st quarter of 2001 mod. Does that make sense? Would the 3 years of change accurately represent most wrestlers change in ability? Would anyone like to help me?
  11. In EWR, does worker potential get set somehow? Like if I made 2 new workers in the file editor, say Eddie Edwards (really good) and Giant Gonzalez (really awful) - is there anyway to set it so Edwards has a ton of potential and Gonzalez does not other than just their starting stats? There isn't like a potential stat or anything is there?

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