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  1. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    https://twitter.com/Eagles/status/1183874347615821827 Lmao torched
  2. Someone taught Vince that wwe puts out video games and now look what happened
  3. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    Sounds about right for the Ryan era Falcons
  4. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    100% confusion - "Dan, you didn't close your eyes, how do you expect to hit a pass downfield if you don't close your eyes, we talked about this buddy"
  5. GROWL Wrestling Updated - Faction Feuds starts! (Week 1's weekend action)

  6. No maybe not but twitter videos throwing against no defense will do/is doing even less
  7. That's on him but if he wants to show the NFL he has the chops to play, workout videos are nice but lighting up a scoreboard is a lot nicer.
  8. Here's a potential starting job for Kaepernick
  9. Oh man, he's going to Lex Luger' them isn't he?
  10. It's almost as if getting to spend 90+ million dollars on players makes a big difference on the outcome
  11. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    Almost guaranteed he beats the Patriots
  12. His breaking madden series had me doubling over with laughter a few times
  13. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    Ugh :S I can't say I blame him for being upset with the team though - an 84 million qb, two stud receivers, a league leading rusher, an all pro tight end, and a rookie stud TE and we are going for 3 yards and a cloud of dust most plays and can only put up 6 points
  14. First official action entry of my Fire Pro game is up - read up on who prevailed!

    1. lanky316


      Will you be uploading and posting the actual matches at any point? Or saving that for just big PPVs ;) 

    2. JMarushin


      Probably not - but that'd be cool to do!

      I don't really know how to record anything and a lot of times I am working (both at work or home) or doing stuff at home/ being with the family while I have batches of matches run (and take little notes on the big spots and finishes) 

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