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  1. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    Bet he cries as much as he did when he threw an interception
  2. Just wikipedia'd ROjas to see who he is, half brother to Moises Alou, found this jewel on Moises' page:
  3. Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2 U were way better than we were expecting!
  4. What's everyone's feelings on the effects of PED on stats and HOF stuff. Like @DMN said, Bonds was a legit talent at the plate, but would he have been a HOFer without the roids?
  5. Demon Clowney - is he from AAA or CMLL?
  6. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    I've got some other people they can take as well if they want more Vikings staff people. Mike Zimmer would make a great DC!
  7. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    Just one more half until I don't half to listen to GB fans brag about a sb win
  8. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    State Farm would lose their collective gourds of it was KC/GB
  9. Yeah typically I did the same thing myself, only used the 2x colorless for specifically colorless decks. But yeah, that's the rationale behind that Machop. Frick I want to play that now haha dang it
  10. Because technically the Low Kick and Punch are the same number of cards since the colorless energy cards at that time were double energy. Then it gives you the option to add an earth energy to that for a bit of extra...kick!
  11. oh man I have a Hensley Meulens rookie card somewhere hahaha
  12. I do casually, though I don't really have anyone in town to play with right now.
  13. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    I'm with ya on that, you cant force them and I don't think any minority community would want something like that just handed to them. But that independent party idea at least sounds intriguing, if nothing else it could help better enforce that everyone is getting a fair shot. And maybe the Rooney Rule needs to be increased?
  14. JMarushin

    NFL 2019

    Let's go anyone but the Packers - I really just don't want to listen to the packers fans in my area and social media gloat about it
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