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  1. Having major buyer's remorse at the moment - like sick to my stomach - I know it's just a game but I rarely ever splurge for myself on a game and I did for FPWW and now it's not working. I posted on Steam but haven't seen responses on there yet. Trying to contact SC directly too. I may end up asking for a refund.
  2. Tried that - to no avail. I verified the game files as well and that went fine but didn't do anything. I've tried the basic restarting the PC, I've tried shutting the PC down fully, nothing there either. IDK if there is anything in the menu that I could do, if I even could access it or use screenshots to navigate it. I'm at a loss unfortunately and haven't found any form threads or anything with fixes.
  3. I'm laughing through the tears of frustration haha
  4. This is what my game looks like
  5. Brightburn looks pretty friggin awesome - but also, it's basically the plot of DBZ if Goku didn't bump his head right?
  6. Can somebody screenshot a few things for me from their fire pro games? Trying to figure out how to fix mine
  7. I mean, sure Joe, it's not really your job, but also...don't be a dumbass Bit different situation though - Favre is a HOFer and the Packers were HIS team. Flacco is coming into a new franchise and team with (yes, a superbowl win, but also...) not a totally sterling reputation as a starting quarterback
  8. Probably wouldn't ever happen but it would be tight if they could do something with AEW or with some of the other bigger promotions - ROH, IMPACT, MLW, NWA, etc.
  9. Watched a bunch of movies this last week/weekend: Ocean's 8: 7/10, it was fun, most of the cast did really good, what honestly kept it from going higher was Sandra Bullock as a lead, she doesn't have the cool factor that Clooney/Pitt have for the leading parts of Ocean's 11; Cate Blanchett did good with her part but Bullock was a drag Insidious: Last Key: I think we gave it a 5/10, it was decent like the rest of the series but I always get disappointed with Insidious because it never goes deeper; Last Key had a real good opportunity to tell a much more intriguing story and instead it felt like they got a bit lazy The Nun: 6/10, I gave it a 7, wife a 5. It was a bit on the nose but I really liked the story - it added that layer of conspiracy to it's aura of terror. A few issues with some of the character's decisions not necessarily matching what their character was portrayed as, but ce la vie The Conjuring 1, we settled on a 7/10 for it, overall it was a good, solid movie with a decent cast and a well told story - not sure why we didn't rate it higher. Case 39: 4/10, if you are ever in charge of a movie that isn't like Bridget Jones Diary 6, please don't cast Renee Zellweger. Maybe she'll be good in the Judy Garland biopic but in most roles, she's just such a downer That stinks, I was looking forward to watching it
  10. Has anyone ran into an issue where fpww starts up as just a thin bar. Like the screen goes black amd the window is maximized but the the parts you can actually see is just a thin bar of color in the middle?
  11. If you are in North American and on the PlayStation 3/Vita these days go get these gems, seriously amazing games and for dirt cheap
  12. Watched Crazy Rich Asians and came in with no expectations really and wow it was a really nice movie, enjoyed it a lot. We gave it an 8 out of 10.
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