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  1. Rickard Rakell @North Of Seattle SeaCattle
  2. We are on @caucasianheat Happy birthday?
  3. Ohhh - so the weekly matchups will be head to head still but based on accrued points and not categories? This isnt a rotisserie style league then?
  4. Haven't heard people describe Lucic as Generational before, but hey good for him!
  5. Yeah I just assumed we were doing head to head with goals and assists weighted more...didn't affect my draft at all but that's what I assumed
  6. @Lowerdeck He was already selected
  7. Mikko Rantanen @North Of Seattle SeaCattle
  8. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L92oQm--YV06s-kHOd6YuHa-RiDe6jZVJ5p0bAltM_c/edit?usp=sharing Pick Tracker
  9. Seth Jones, D, Columbus @Lowerdeck
  10. Frederik Andersen, G, Toronto Maple Leafs @North Of Seattle SeaCattle
  11. Matthew Barzal, C, NYI @North Of Seattle SeaCattle
  12. Ok my bad Vladimir Tarasenko, RW, St. Louis Blues Aleksander Barkov, C, Florida Panthers

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