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  1. We rented Paradise Hills and Fantasy Island from Redbox night. Paradise Hills we each gave a 7.5 out of 10. Good acting by an interesting cast and a plot that has you really wanting to know what happens next and what happens at the end. Visuals were stunning! Really enjoyed it (though there were a couple things I wanted to see/know more about). Fantasy Island ended up with a 6.25 overall from us (6 from me, 6.5 from my wife, or vice versa). Very interesting horror take on the old show to set up a solid premise. Campy but fun. A central question drives the suspense forward in a way that allows for some neat twists and turns. A few funny one liners as well added to the comedy part. Overall we enjoyed both!
  2. We watched The Lighthouse and Vivarium yesterday. The Lighthouse was intriguing and had good performances but overall we were disappointed in it based on the rating it had received and the hype surrounding it. Vivarium on the other hand we thought was great and underrated. Strong performances, a generally creepy setting and plot with enough mystery to keep you unsettled but wanting to know more
  3. Does anyone partake in the totally legal pastime of emulation?
  4. We watched Hamilton on Disney+ last night and wowsers...that was incredible! So freaking good
  5. Think I am going to give the 1990 one a try; going to see what I can do to save the AWA! hahaha
  6. Why did the mod go from 328 companies in June to like 47ish in July? Just curious why so many were removed
  7. Oh yes, they are fine movies. My daughter (2) has watched them a ton of times by now. This is going to sound like I am high (I'm not though) but the disturbing part is if you start to think about the details of them. Like the anatomy of the cars - they've got tongues, what do they use them for? Where's the brain located and what is it? Do cars die of old age or health reasons beyond being demolished - I know Doc Hudson died because the actor playing him died (or something like that) but why did the character die and what from? In reality, you could keep a car running for eternity with the right parts and mechanics. Are there baby cars or how do they reproduce? Why do they reproduce? Do newer cars get built, are there personalities programmed, do they have souls? Also, they do like NASCAR style races but if you think about it, in their world thats basically like the equivalent of track and field or cross country, which are really not popular to that level in our world.
  8. The more in depth you think about the movie Cars the more screwed up and weird it feels
  9. How close to reality do you want the game to be in terms of like, the business and schedule side of it?
  10. Wife and I are watching a Let's Play of "Song of Horror" and we have really enjoyed it, a great horror game with cool mechanics, characters, story, and lore. We are about 2/3 of the way through and super loving it!
  11. I used roll20 as a player for the first time about a month or so ago.and it worked fine for me, easy enough
  12. "Hi Drew, I have a question, JMarushin for EWB Sports. Does straight up murdering a dude on camera largely due to the color of their skin Honor the flag then?"
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