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  1. Awesome, thanks ROcky, thought that was you
  2. @Rocky Feller Picture Show Is this something you did or who am I thinking of?
  3. I personally request that everyone changes their avatar/logo/mascot or whatever to something that isn't a generic Yahoo goalie helmet
  4. Does this first week count or are we starting on Monday? @Hell, It's About Time (awesome username change lmao) Because I need to pickup a defender but errbody is on waivers... :/
  5. Mika Zibanejad @North Of Seattle SeaCattle
  6. @Ruki I just took him, sorry
  7. RW Mark Stone, OTT @Lowerdeck
  8. Colin Miller, D, VGK @North Of Seattle SeaCattle
  9. I think we are fine on time - things have quieted down for me since this weekend so I won't hold things up as much and we only have 36 picks to make. I'd say if we we really felt we needed to speed things up - shorten the time up a few hours and if someone misses, give them the BPA
  10. @Malenko has 9F and 2D and needs to select 2 D and 2 G yet; after this round they'll have 3 spots left
  11. Oliver Ekman-Larsson, D, Arizona @Lowerdeck
  12. Getting my bearings this morning and then will pick - sorry for the delay
  13. Thank you, I really appreciate that. It is a medical thing kind of...here is the details if anyone is interested: On the hockey level...someone is going to get all the scoring chances and TOI in Ottawa and methinks Duchene will be one of those guys! Senators don't have to win for the Razor Leaves to win!
  14. Matt Duchene, C, OTT @North Of Seattle SeaCattle Sorry for the holdup...been a tough day peeps...think we're ok now though
  15. Having some issues with our little gir, will pick when I get home in a couple hours if that is ok

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