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  1. It was a lot better but far from perfect.
  2. Finished watching last night. Enjoyed the race. Hats off to Giovinazzi for the job he did this weekend, too,
  3. We'll have the Oakland Chargers within ten years
  4. Poor Oakland tbh.
  5. Hue Jackson: Osweiler to be treated as Browns QB... until he's not
  6. Really recommend that people watch this tomorrow night.
  7. The free footy tonight is Portugal vs. Hungary on ITV4 and Belgium vs. Greece on Sky Sports Mix.
  8. No joke on nothing, I am 99% certain that guy works in the BBC IT department and fixed my computer yesterday.
  9. I mean, it's still early to say after one Friday's running - but I fear you may be right.
  10. 35 grand; how will they cope?
  11. "Osi Umenyiora walked away a winner at the 2017 Royal Television Society (RTS) Programme Awards in the Sports Presenter, Commentator or Pundit category. Umenyiora won the award for his NFL coverage on BBC Two, specifically for his work on Race to Super Bowl 50, NFL This Week and The NFL Show." Fully expecting a US network to snap him up as soon as they can. He's great.
  12. I also meant the ex-Fulham now Celtic Dembele, anyway.