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  1. New name won't be unveiled straight away. So for now they're just going to be "Washington".
  2. Warhawk will be able to post again in a few days time and able to share his thoughts on the new name, provided it's done in a civil and respectful manner. I'm sure he will - let's not provoke him now
  3. Yeah. Fairly boring event.
  4. All hatred needs to be stamped out.
  5. Saturday is looking like it's going to be a total washout with lightning storms forecast. So we're probably looking at either Sunday morning qualifying, or FP2 times being used to set the grid.
  6. You clearly don't know me well enough.
  7. If the world survives Corona I'm coming over.
  8. The Jags have announced, that in compliance with state and local authorities, TIAA Bank Field will seat approximately 25% of its capacity at each home game this season.
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