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  1. I'm going to try and get to the Bears/Raiders game.
  2. Got Texans/Jags tickets. Anyone else going? I'll tag @Dan on the off-chance he ventures on here...
  3. Lineker


    England have won the toss and will bowl first.
  4. USA vs. France is going to be a cracker.
  5. Newcastle have confirmed that Rafa will leave the club at the end of June.
  6. I'm finding F1 really hard to watch with the Mercedes so dominant.
  7. Sam Kerr just absolutely skied her penalty!
  8. Nice opener from Egypt, right before half time.
  9. Lineker


    We are in trouble against Sri Lanka here.
  10. Wimbledon vs. MK Dons is the clear standout.
  11. Opening game is tomorrow evening.
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