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  1. I'm getting back into designing, so my work isn't gonna be too good for now. Also does anyone have any tips on getting back into it? Rate /10 please. =D
  2. I love it all but the Summerslam font. That's the only flaw. Everything else is perfect. So that gets you a 9/10 Mr. Dawson.
  3. First wrestling graphic I've done in a long while. A few months, maybe more. At first I was happy with the way it turned out, but now not so much. Anyway ratings and comments are appreciated. Edit: Hmm.. it seems to have gone smallers. I'll try and get it to resize, but until then, that's the basics of it. Ratings are still welcome.
  4. Image AND Link don't work. I look forward to seeing this though, I love your work.
  5. He IS overrated, but he is still an EXCELLENT musician.
  6. The dude Syxx Pac is kicking.. is it Konnan? I give the Raven one a 9/10, I'm using it right now. The Sacrifice one gets a 7/10 for me. Some of the cutting was a little iffy. All in all a good job. Well done man.
  7. System of a Down -- I hated them when I heard Chop Suey. I then started to like that song, then I liked Toxicity, Question and another one. The Killers -- I hated Somebody Told Me, then it grew on me and now I find it enjoyable. Trivium -- Hated them to begin with. Started to like Pull Harder and found myself enjoying their album. The Darkness -- I can admit I used to take the piss out of them all the time, but then I realised they were like a modern classic rock. Foo Fighters -- I'm in love with the song Best of You. I can now sit through most FF songs, whereas I couldn.t. Jimmy Eat World -- I just didn't like them then I started to like The Middle and another song they did. Linkin Park -- Absolutley despised them at one point. Then I got into Numb, and voile, I enjoyed them. My Chemical Romance -- Took the piss out of them too, then listened and liked Helena, Im Not Okay, Demolition Lovers and Ghost of You. The Offspring -- Cant Repeat, I love that song. I used to always consider not serious, but yeah. They're quite good. White Stripes -- Seven Nation Army and Blue Orchid are two of my favourite songs right now. I used to turn the channel over when they came on. Velvet Revolver -- Same, I used to hate them 'cause it was a 'Sell Out' kind of thing with GNR. Now I wub 'em.
  8. I am seriously disturbed that you've been on websites with pictures of people with chunks out of their body. Other than that, pretty good. 7/10
  9. When can we expect the results?
  10. Yeah, how do you get those diagnal line thingies on images in Adobe Photoshop [7]. They look so awesome and I can't for the death of me find out how.
  11. You cannot upload .psd's with transparent backgrounds, you need to make the background of the image reflect the webpage's.
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