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  1. ADG

    Bunch of Diary Logos

    Hey, none done as of yet so knock yourself out!
  2. That still makes no sense...Diesel/Taker ends with no winner, then Diesel gets back into the tournament and beats Bam Bam, who then moves on despite losing and beats Luger, but then loses to Bret in the final?
  3. I've found myself listening to a lot of latin music ever since I started dancing so things like salsa, bachata, kizomba and merengue music are still relatively new to me. In terms of my previous tastes I've been retreating more into what I know and enjoy ever since I bought a record player as I'm trying to collect some of my favourites on vinyl now.
  4. No, that's what I mean. The style of it doesn't work. You've got FIVE first round matches, that means two semi-finals and a fifth person, then two advance from that into a final and that same fifth person who is now a third person. You need to explain how you're working the tournament. Who is wrestling who in the next round if they get through? Who is getting the bye? Are they getting a bye? Is one semi-final a triple threat?
  5. Hello one and all, Coming cap in hand to people more creative in this realm than myself for a bunch of favours. Hoping one (or several) of you fine folk will make me some PNG logos for upcoming PPV events in my new TNA diary. It's set in 2002 so if you could use the era-specific logo that'd be wonderful but beyond that go nuts! Events I have coming up I could do with logos for are: International Incident ; Scars & Stripes ; Brawl on the Bayou ; Xtravaganza ; Maximum Impact ; Collision Course ; Once More With Feeling ; World Women's Invitational ; Road to Glory ; Big Trouble in Little Rock ; Hardcore Havoc ; The Fight Before Christmas ; One Night in New York and NWA 54th Anniversary Show Also if anybody would like to make a graphic for a segment called Around the Alliance with "Mean" Gene Okerlund feel free to do that too! Thanks in advance!
  6. That's one match too many for the first round to make it look like that bracket.
  7. Hello, I was hoping somebody would be good enough to oblige me with a signature image for a potential new diary. Request #1: Working title at the moment is Band of Brothers and it's an ECW 1994 diary; if it would be at all possible to base it on one of the promo images from the HBO show with a bunch of the ECW roster that'd be awesome. Think something like this: ...but with Cactus Jack, Shane Douglas, The Sandman, Too Cold Scorpio, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Paul E. Dangerously et al. Request #2: Graphics for ECW Hardcore TV and ECW Ultra Clash (the first big arena show). Thank you in advance for anybody who attempts this.
  8. ADG

    Far Cry 5

    So I just got captured by a hunting party. I was flying a helicopter at the time...
  9. That bit where AJ comes out to his stepmom damn near had me crying.
  10. ADG

    Canvas Design

    Hello one and all! Hoping one of you may be able to help me out with an idea I've got. Happy to also throw a few $$$$ your way for this as well as while I don't imagine it's a big job really I need a fairly fast turnaround because I've only now thought of this and would need it ASAP so I can get it printed and stuff for Friday. Basically my work bestie is leaving on Friday for pastures new; for the last 6 months we've had this tradition I send her a joke every day. I had an idea to get the best jokes incorporated into some kind of design and get it printed on canvas/poster and framed. If somebody wants to do it I can send you all the jokes. Thanks all!
  11. I've been to the cinema a bunch of times by myself, it's excellent. You can sit where you want, see what you want, eat and drink what you want, you don't have to worry about the person next to you getting out their phone and LIVE TWEETING THE FUCKING FILM (seriously I went once with a girl who did this), it's dope.
  12. Installed the GoT mod but the region names are all still European even though the Kingdoms are all GoT ones. Anyone know what I've done wrong? Tried Google and Reddit but couldn't find anything.
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