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  1. That's not the same one. I said "newer", which this logo is technically from 2014. One with the new updated WWE logo.
  2. I figured since I haven't seen a newer NXT logo here is one if someone would like to put it on a background.
  3. Could someone modify this for me by taking out the ring and changing the blue to a neon green on a grey background?
  4. Does anyone have this on a grey background?
  5. Does anyone have these on a grey background? If not could I have them put on one, Thanks
  6. Could someone put this on a background without the WCW logo for me? Thanks!!! You all are just TOO SWEET
  7. http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=534865
  8. Could I get this out on a grey logo background?
  9. Could I get this 6 on a background please? Thanks!!! 🤡 IPW New Zealand IPW Australia WCPW Championship WCPW Tag Team WCPW Women's WCPW Internet
  10. If I create a development league, can I end the relationship between us and the company will still be used in game?
  11. Could someone please put this on a grey background?
  12. Could someone make an AEW Thunder Logo with the WCW Thunder Logo? Thanks
  13. Thanks Lukkearthur!!!!
  14. Could Anyone doe this on KyKy? Thanks
  15. Could someone please put this on a background without the WWE logo?? Thanks!! I'm going to use it for a weekly women's event

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