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  1. Ok, here's the new deal Bret over Razor Taker over Diesel Bam Bam over Kamala Owen over Duggan Luger over Backlund quaterfinals Bret over Taker Bam Bam over Owen Luger gets a BYE semifinals Bret over Bam Bam Luger still BYE finals Bret over Luger. This is the new plan.
  2. Kevin Nash is Diesel. Kane was not even in the WWF in 1993.
  3. Then I guess it could be a triple threat or Luger gets a BYE. But I still want Bret to have the BYE
  4. fake kane? Kane's not in the WWF in 93! Neither was Faker taker! He was in 94.
  5. Faker Taker wasn't around in 1993. HBK and Bearer are managers not tag team partners.
  6. Ok this is my dumb falt. I should've explained it better. Bret/Razor Taker/Diesel Bam Bam/ Kamala Duggan/Owen Backlund/Luger Bret over Razor, Taker v. Diesel ends in double countout, Bam Bam over Kamala, Owen over Duggan, and Luger over Backlund. Bret over Bam Bam and Luger over Owen Then in the finals it's Bret and Luger. (Only now do I realize Bret won't get a BYE. :/)
  7. Yeah I guess, I'm just tired. And I'm waiting for replies on my new thread
  8. Oh ok. Diesel and Taker ends in a double countout, Bam Bam over Kamala, Owen over Jim, and Luger over Backlund. Then Diesel over Bam Bam, and Luger over Owen Bam Bam goes over Luger and then Bret goes over Bam Bam to win the tournament.
  9. Oh ok, Bret's getting the bye. Also I just want the first round matches not the entire tournament.
  10. I meant the style of it, just add one more match to it
  11. Here are the matches for the first round. Bret Hart v. Razor Ramon Diesel (w/ Shawn Michaels) v. The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) Bam Bam Bigelow v. Kamala Jim Duggan v. Owen Hart Bob Backlund vs. The Narcissist Lex Luger (w/ Bobby Heenan) Make it look like this.

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