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  1. Remove Nikki & Brie Bella from the WWE roster. Set their loyalty to WWE, though?
  2. Hello, Can somebody please doctor the AEW Tag to a silver background? Thank you.
  3. NWA just announced their weekly show, "NWA Power". It's slated to air weekly on Facebook & Youtube on Tuesdays and on-demand on Fite TV. Just squeezing this in if possible!
  4. Oh, for sure. I know I will be playing with AEW with this months release, but I have a feeling that the most meaningful moves are going to happen during/after the draft with WWE. Maybe even AEW has a surprise or two in the two weeks while this is happening. In any case, I just wanted to put out the consideration for it is all. Will still be downloading and playing regardless lol Looking forward to the release!
  5. Hey @TheWho87 With the draft happening on the 4th and 11th, would you maybe considering dropping the October update afterwards? I believe with the two extra weeks, this save can be the start of a "new chapter" save so-to-speak. While it may not be the Monday Night Wars (nothing will compare), there are interesting things happening across the board in the wrestling world! Just wanted to leave as a suggestion.
  6. The new announce teams for Raw, SD, and NXT were announced today. RAW: Vic Joseph, Jerry Lawler, and Dio Madden SmackDown: Michael Cole & Corey Graves. Renee Young is being labeled as a "Special Contributor". Maybe leave it up to the player to plug her in on commentary or make her a personality? NXT: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuiness, and Beth Phoenix It's being noted that this essentially positions Smackdown as the "A" show where as Raw becomes the "B". That was a bit odd to type and read back lol How the times are a' changin'.
  7. ITV UK announced that they'll be airing AEW TV and PPV.
  8. AEW's weekly show has officially been given the name "Dynamite".
  9. I *know* this isn't the correct thread, but it gets the most attention. Could someone cut the AEW Women's Championship on a silver background?
  10. Does this mean Mark Cuban is going to get added to the database? I'd love to have a "Shark Tank, I'm Out" submission match between two guys who are trying to come up with a submission finisher and need to get it over in order to give the winner a World title shot. IDK. lol Just having fun here.
  11. With NXT now officially moving to the USA Network for a live two-hour show, is it time to open them up as a playable third brand under the WWE umbrella? I guess I'm not sure what you would replace the developmental territory with, but this seems like they're acknowledging they've gone past the idea of it being developmental. I thought this would be a fair topic for discussion?
  12. AEW -For loyalties, I set Cody, Brandi, Bucks, and Adam Page. I left Omega to None for a couple of reasons: I, personally, think he makes the jump if AEW doesn't get to where they hope to be. Also, he has a year shaved out of the others with 4 years while the others are locked in at 5. -I would also set a Loyalty to Tony Kahn as well. -I bumped the popularity of AEW up to 55% in Great Lakes and South West, bringing them up to Cult. WWE -Going off the sheets and because, why not, I maxed out the Undertaker's contract to 10 years and set Loyalty to WWE. His unwavered loyalty is something that is a very rare trait, in any line of sports and entertainment. -Maybe replace Kapoor with Paul Heyman as Booker? Bischoff apparently isn't doing much on the creative side, thus pretty null and void for game purposes. -Simone Johnson, daughter of The Rock, has been training at the Performance Center. Add to database? -Injury: Bobby Lashley had bone spurs removed from his elbow, estimated to be out until November. AAA -Cain Velasquez debuted for AAA at Triplemania. He is rumored to be doing more matches this year. Add to database? MISC -SWA (Storm Wrestling Academy) is closing it's doors.
  13. Well, I couldn't play it because I have TEW 🤣Whoops. I didn't pay attention to the tag. I was wondering why there were multiple files haha. Ah, man, that's a bummer. But, since this is pretty cool and your trying to pull it together, I don't mind continuing on with suggestions and the like! I haven't played EWR in a long while so I forget what the setup/layout for all characters and their roles in the game. With Stan Lee & Jack Kirby having passed, are you keeping them alive in this universe or trying to keep it "current"? If there are Year End Awards, maybe you can make awards after them? To fill out the writers, here are some names you can run with (I tried to stray away from DC writers, but some of these guys bounce between both so I gave them consideration just to pad it out) -Jim Starlin (The Infinity Gauntlet) -Jonathan Hickman (The Fantastic Four) -John Bryne (Days of Future Past, Dark Phoenix) -Mark Waid (Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, S.H.I.E.L.D.) -Ed Brubaker (Uncanny: X-Men, Daredevil, Secret Avengers) -Fabian Nicieza (Thunderbolts, Daredevil) - Christopher Lost & Craig Kyle (X-23) -Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Universe/Ultimate Spider-Man) -Louise Simonsen (X-Factor, New Mutants) - Brian K. Vaughn (Runaways) -Peter David (The Incredible Hulk) -Chris Claremont (X-Men) - Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk) - Jason Aaron (Thor/Avengers) - Donny Cates (Venom) -Ta-Nehisi Coates (Captain America/Black Panther) -Mariko Tamaki (X-23) -Ryan Spencer & Nick Ottley (Amazing Spider-Man) -Phil Brooks 😏 (Drax the Destroyer) The titles in the parentheses are the comics they have written or were define by. Also, there is a power ranking but I forgot to do that as I was writing, I'd be happy to help flesh them out if you choose to go this direction. All of these writers are Marvel writers, for the most part. Also, I'd give Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan a manager or personality role? Could I suggest maybe diving into SHIELD agents as backstage personnel? I assume Nick Fury is an active character/authority figure? I hope this finds you well and I'd be happy to continue to help along the way if you'd like.
  14. Hey man, Just browsing the threads and this caught my attention. I downloaded the file but it didn't work. All of the files for the DATA we're separated so I don't think the game recognized it? In any case, based off your description here regarding staff, why not get the writers/illustrators of either the movies and/or comics for personnel. Also, bring in Bruce Campbell's Ring Announcer and add Bonesaw McGraw as a wrestler maybe? (If they're in there already, disregard) Are you strictly going for the MCU/actors presence or is it kind of open ended?
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