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  1. Remove Andrade and Zelina Vega from the "Tag Team" list. They were gaining momentum in the WWE's tag division for a few weeks before I looked to see what they were up too! lol AOP had NO chance it turned out.
  2. Update John Cena's "Starting Absence" to 4 weeks (He'll return in March for a RTWM build) Add "Gunn Club" tag team to AEW - Billy & Austin Gunn - Unit / Formed Jan. 2020 / Experience: None Add Alex Shelley to NXT Add "Time Splitters" tag team to NXT - Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA - Unit / Formed Sept. 2012 / Experience: Medium / Finisher: Outatime (Shelley & Kushida put all NXT teams on notice in a post DRTTC interview, so assuming he's sticking around for the time being in the tag division) Add "Simmering Tension" between Tama Tonga & Eric Anthony Not confirmed/No Update: At this point, I changed Jason Jordan to "Retired" and made him a Road Agent with Staff Member (Realistic) gimmick under his WWE contract. Up to you/players discretion. Remove Nicole Garcia and Brianna Danielson from WWE
  3. -Barrington Hughes was released by MLW. -Fandango revealed he had Tommy John surgery. That's almost a death sentence for a pitcher, but I don't know what it means for a wrestler. A quick glance at recovery times has it anywhere from 2 Years-12 weeks. I found an article by Olympic woman's wrestler, Katherine Shai, who detailed her journey with the injury. It took her a 1 year before she got back into active competition, so I guess that's the happy medium here? 1 year out.
  4. The AEW Tag Team and Women's championships need to be set to "Active". They're currently "Retired".
  5. MLW Event Overhaul -January: Zero Hour - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr) -February: SuperFight - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr) -March: Spring Break - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr) -April: Rise of the Renegades - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr) -May: Intimidation Games - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr) -June: Fury Road - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr) -July: Battle Riot - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr 30mins / Set AI Instructions: Hold Battle Royal) -August: Never Say Never - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr) -September: War Chamber - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr) -October: One Shot - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr) -November: Blood & Thunder - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr) -December: Opera Cup - Saturday, Week 1 (Set time: 1 Hr 30 mins / Set AI Instructions: All 1 Vs 1 Matches) **I laid this out to give MLW a "PPV/Event" for each of the 12 months. This is roughly based on what they ran between last year and this year. King of Colosseum was held in July of this year, but I did not put it into the schedule. Also, the times for the shows are roughly based off of YouTube but I gave Battle Riot and Opera Cup an extra 30 minutes for some flair and fluff. I debated giving War Chamber the 1 Hr 30 min time but the AI doesn't automatically book certain match types so unless you're running with them, no War Games match for that show. A lot of these shows also need first time or updated logos. This isn't 100% accurate, but I feel it helps tighten them up a bit.** 11/18/19 **After combing through, maybe take out MLW Spring Break and slot it in with Battle Riot? Then, you can move King Of Colosseum to July. Spring Break was Joey Janella's deal. Battle Riot may need a history to it. I'll get those details later when I'm on my laptop. I noticed Tag Teams in AEW need to be set for the company. The only ones at the jump are the Young Bucks if I'm not mistaken. ROH Signings: Dan Maff - 2 Years - PPA - Face Flamita - Undisclosed- Face MLW Signings: Alicia Atout signs as a backstage announcer *Tom Lawlor will not re-new his contract. He is set to leave in January. Set to Expire in 1 Month.* MLW also needs tag teams to be set. Ross and Marshall Von Erich especially as they are the tag champs. 11/19/19 Battle Riot for April* Battle Riot 2018 Winner: Tom Lawlor (July, Week 3) Battle Riot 2019 Winner: LA Park(April, Week 1) Kings Of Colosseum for July* **Before I forget the "biggest" piece of news, does CM Punk get placed in the database as a 'Personality/Non-Wrestler'? I haven't done it myself just yet but was just putting out the feeler.**
  6. Remove Nikki & Brie Bella from the WWE roster. Set their loyalty to WWE, though?
  7. Hello, Can somebody please doctor the AEW Tag to a silver background? Thank you.
  8. NWA just announced their weekly show, "NWA Power". It's slated to air weekly on Facebook & Youtube on Tuesdays and on-demand on Fite TV. Just squeezing this in if possible!
  9. Oh, for sure. I know I will be playing with AEW with this months release, but I have a feeling that the most meaningful moves are going to happen during/after the draft with WWE. Maybe even AEW has a surprise or two in the two weeks while this is happening. In any case, I just wanted to put out the consideration for it is all. Will still be downloading and playing regardless lol Looking forward to the release!
  10. Hey @TheWho87 With the draft happening on the 4th and 11th, would you maybe considering dropping the October update afterwards? I believe with the two extra weeks, this save can be the start of a "new chapter" save so-to-speak. While it may not be the Monday Night Wars (nothing will compare), there are interesting things happening across the board in the wrestling world! Just wanted to leave as a suggestion.
  11. The new announce teams for Raw, SD, and NXT were announced today. RAW: Vic Joseph, Jerry Lawler, and Dio Madden SmackDown: Michael Cole & Corey Graves. Renee Young is being labeled as a "Special Contributor". Maybe leave it up to the player to plug her in on commentary or make her a personality? NXT: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuiness, and Beth Phoenix It's being noted that this essentially positions Smackdown as the "A" show where as Raw becomes the "B". That was a bit odd to type and read back lol How the times are a' changin'.
  12. AEW's weekly show has officially been given the name "Dynamite".
  13. I *know* this isn't the correct thread, but it gets the most attention. Could someone cut the AEW Women's Championship on a silver background?
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