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  1. Watched the Kirlian Frequency last night. Really good, wish there was more, hope there's going to be more at some point.
  2. Sushi Go is awesome. Jaipur is also great for 2 players.
  3. Takuan

    The Sims

    This was something I that aggravated me about Sims 2. You had to spend the first few hours of every game reading a cookbook so no one would die horribly trying to make toast. I'm going to be getting a new laptop soon, and am thinking about playing The Sims again. The question is, which version? I've never played 3, but have heard conflicting things about it. Some people say it's terrible, others say it's the best of the series. I've played 4, and I like a lot of the quality-of-life and gameplay changes, but overall everything seems kinda dull compared to Sims 2.
  4. Takuan


    The two things I regularly watch on Twitch are Kitboga, who scams tech support scammers, and SCFL, which is a weird intersection of Pro Wrestling, David Lynch, and small town entrepreneurship. Plus I have my own wrestling show on twitch.
  5. I had no idea Super Dave was a just a character until today.
  6. So, I'm noticing the last time anyone said anything about mods in this thread was back in October. Since then there have been great strides in bringing The Mods to Fire Pro 2.0. The overwhelming majority of mods have been ported over, with even a few new mods being made(like in-ring interviews and Yarakuen Hall entrances). They can be downloaded at http://firepropc.com/
  7. I feel like this season was more consistent than season 11, but never reached the heights of the best of season 11. Even though Mac and Me was the best of the season, I didn't feel it was an instant classic like Cry Wilderness. My second favorite of the season was The Day Time Stopped. I fell asleep during Lords of The Deep, so I need to re-watch that one. Other than Mac and Me and The Day Time Stopped, it felt like a whole seasons worth of episodes from the earlier seasons that are OK but not really memorable.
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