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  1. As i said, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt finally made their Comeback at #RunRickeyRun and saved Joey Janela, they're also now announced for Joey Janelas Spring Break. Young, Dumb and Broke against Luchasaurus, Stunt and Jungle Boy ❤️ Promo Poster:
  2. Thanks for the tip, i'll definitely do this the next time ❤️
  3. Edited the Names next beside the Picture in my Post
  4. (ギアニー・ヴァレッタ / Gianna Valletta) ("Irish Luchador" Electro)(Hana Kimura)(Fabian Aichner)(Sareee)(Hideyoshi Kamitani)(KaeLeyRay)(Naoshi Sano)(Pete Dunne)(Prince Ahura)(Lucas Steel)(ディラン・ジェイムス / Dylan James) (Scotty Davis)(Kouta Sekifuda)(Eri Wakamatsu)(Giulia)(Yusuke Okada)(Shiki Shibusawa)
  5. I've never created Wrestlers so far, didn't got an Insight on Stats so far but i'll try to get one later today :)! Oh, didn't know that he was Champ there, so i'll just edit him for my Diary ^^' For Janela, he's Announced on several Events this Year: Same for Orange Cassidy: Following Wrestlers can also be deleted from GCW: Azrieal (Just 2 Matches in 4 Years for GCW) Ellis Taylor (1 Match Overall) Jeff Cannonball (2 Matches in 2019) Scotty Vortekz (4 Mathces in 4 Years) Arik Canon (Didn't even find Profiles on Wrestledata or Cagematch for him) - or maybe drop him to Lower Midcard or smth like that. Robert Anthony should be renamed to his alter Ego "Egotistico Fantastico" for GCW Pushes: Orange Cassidy & Joey Janela as Main Event Jungle Boy (when added) as Midcard Marko Stunt (when added) to Upper Midcard Ruckus to Midcard or Upper Midcard Lucky 13 to Lower Midcard
  6. Created also the Pictures of the Wrestlers for GCW which needs to be created:
  7. Shouldn't the Risk of GCW be raised to 96% for Death Matches? Also add/create these Wrestlers to GCW Roster for 2020: Takashi Sasaki (3 Appearances in 2020, 2 in 2019) (Midcard??) Blake Christian (3 in 2020, 13 in 2019) *needs to be created?* Matthew Justice (6 in 2020, 11 in 2019) Danny Havoc (3 in 2020, 1 in 2019) *from Non-Wrestler to Upper Midcard (??) since he tours again with GCW* Effy (3 in 2020, 9 in 2019) *Also got an own Show for Wrestlemania Weekend at GCW* Isami Kodaka (3 in 2020, 2 in 2019) (Lower Midcard??) Orin Veidt (3 in 2020, 8 in 2019) *needs to be created?* AJ Gray (2 in 2020, 7 in 2019) *needs to be created?* Alex Zayne (2 in 2020, 11 in 2019) *needs to be created?* Mance Warner (2 in 2020, 12 in 2019) *has already 3 Promotions - maybe replace AAW, he was only 8 Times in 2019 there!) *Maybe as Upper Midcard?* Masashi Takeda (2 in 2020, 5 in 2019) *needs to be created?* Joey Janela *Set him to Open like Jungle Boy, as he competes for GCW and AEW like Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt, Orange Cassidy* Drop him in AEW from Main Event to Midcard or Lower Midcard, lol! Kikutaro (3 in 2020, 7 in 2019) Logan Stunt (7 in 2019, brother of Marko Stunt!) *needs to be created?* Homicide (6 in 2019) Bold ones are from the GCW/Freedoms Shows in Japan Change Rickey Shane Page from Midcard to Upper Midcard or Main Eventer since he's the GCW Champ. Edit: Missing GCW Pictures from the February Date:
  8. Okay, in the future i'll make them face closer, no problem
  9. So, back at home, here are the others:
  10. I'll do the others when i'm back at home:
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