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  1. Indeed, good luck Jam.
  2. 1990 and 1993 I used 1991 as a basis with Justxyank's approval and built on each from there. I had already done a lot of work on 1991 when part of the mod squad. Clearly I edited rosters, titles etc and added promotions. 1985, I utilised 1987 and built backwards from there. Again, I did a lot of work on 1987 and then edited rosters titles etc and added promotions. I was given permission on discord, by Chris Koumpis (seeing as we're using real names now), after he was banned from GDS and did the whole "you can all use my data now, I don't care" thing. So, take the base...look at my builds, compare what's new, what's added. I also added cuts to pic packs, provided numerous ones to Just and Chris, then added my own for 90. 93 & 85. 80 at the time was a conversion, tidy up and work on. At the time Alv had given me permission, he then took it back and I haven't released 80 on here or worked on it since.. I didn't use Matt's 85. though did do some work on it for him in the past. So didn't just convert that and there is no 90 or 93 by Justin to convert. I've also been given permission to utilise BurningHamster's 1996, but that may go on permanent hold to be fair.
  3. Yes. I am. The same Kenny who owned and promoted Scottish Championship Wrestling back in 2002 to 2004. Just to provide more for Mr Villain to go on about. I was able to work on stuff because, having had a heart attack, I had plenty of spare time. So, of course they weren't as good as they could have been. I've had decent feedback, that'll do me. Don't need to be held up as a God or whatever..."helped new modders". Fuck sake, go through the various sections of game data and edit it. It's really that simple. If you want a world class quality mod, then you'll need to wait for them. If you want someone playable, then there's plenty out there. I have never once claimed a mod to be finished, merely stated it was a release. Now, did I slag the Elite group...yes. Did I slag my mum earlier today...yes. Did I slag my brother a fortnight ago...yes. Will I slag someone tomorrow...no doubt.
  4. As a Scotsman, you kind of get called that on the playground and basically run with it as hello from then on. "Awright ya cunt". Genadi can get fucked though, lying twat that he is. He gave permission, then took it away because I was complaining. I was only complaining because he took the permission back. So, he was basically saying he took it back because of my reaction to him taking it back. Ask him how Swerve is going, the game he was working on to go against TEW...yet he's so loyal to GDS. Ask him about all the screens he would share from other chats, then slag Adam or Derek or anyone else. Ask him about accusing people of feeding Swerve features to Adam, which he then claimed appeared in TEW2020...I believe Jaysin was the last one he accused, not to his face of course. Ask him about all the Mod Squad drama, about how most of us took a hiatus through boredom of his pish. Finally, ask him when the fuck he'll ever release Summer of Punk. As for "friend", have you actually met the guy? Funny thing is, I've literally no idea who you are.
  5. Yeah, I did quick sweep some of the workers in my mods and removed gloomy or mercenary here and there whilst also adding some stuff. I've just not gone through all of them, clearly. I'll eventually get round to playing the game, but playing as one promotion obviously means you miss out on others. Sadly, you can't sort the workers by an attribute in the editor. I do though have to wonder why it became broken, clearly the previous versions of the game didn't throw up whatever issues people are now seeing with regards to the backstage area. They certainly could...pay me 35K a year and I most definitely will.
  6. I'm pretty sure I closed the AWA, but it wouldn't take anyone long to add them back in. Their last TV taping was in August.
  7. Okay, to cover the story... I utilised the Mod Squad's 2001 database, which I worked on for the UK and European data, some other bits and pieces and spent days testing at that time. By that point, I'd gotten sick of filling so many US, Canadian, Japanese and Mexican gaps that I just didn't bother. Having done it on 80, 85, 97 and whichever other mods Genadi is claiming sole ownership of. Hence, when I came to work on my February 2002 mod, I spent a lot of time...nearly a month...filling the gaps of missing Canadian, Japanese, American, Mexican, UK & European workers (over and above the work done for 2001). I've added promotions, title belts, changed some logos etc, added more of my own cuts, filled out rosters and ensured the rosters are from that month, around that month or any additions make sense. As it's TEW2020, I've also edited the Mexican and Australian venues, added more venues, sorted the European and Welsh ones in to the correct region and tested various other things that 20 changed, not to mention trying to get realistic touring schedules for Japanese promotions. Apologises to Jam for filling his thread.
  8. Good luck with it. I've a 2002 ready to go, but can't get a response on permissions...
  9. I've received permission to release another mod, based in 1996, but this is going to be a long build as there's so much stuff to wade through and fix before I even start to tackle the actual start month and get the world sorted.
  10. Opening post now amended to feature Strive to Survive.
  11. How far along are you and do you have a doc noting how many promotions you'll have etc? I got involved in one of these for 2016 and, whilst the work put in by everyone was great, it went nowhere due to a lack of renders...by lack I mean none. I can't even check on GDS to see how that one has progressed, not to mention I can't get on to ensure I actually created the characters I noted out.
  12. So, I've decided to release my 1985 mod. I had permission for it on 2016 and quite frankly don't see why I need to ask for permission to convert, work on and then release for 2020. That, to me, is a whole new level of mod blocking that I don't think anyone else has to deal with. I've tried engaging, received no response and been banned from GDS, bethebooker and various discords over this (I'd also highlight I've not had one single warning, ever). I've only ran one test year, so not actually finished yet and it turns out Adam's recent update highlights broadcaster coverage errors. They're not critical, so I don't think I'll deal with them to be fair. I was using Asaemon's 2016 broadcaster pack and really don't want to mess about importing the old broadcaster pack from an earlier release of my 2016 mod. Strive to Survive is coming to 2020. Oh and here's a thought... WCW, historically mod makers have tinkered and played around with things so that Jim Crockett Promotions has a financial meltdown and WCW come in as a new promotion. Has anyone asked Adam if he'd consider adding Ownership change as a narrative in 2020? You could just rename etc of course, but that leaves Crockett in ownership.
  13. That's where Google comes in. That said, some do take it to extremes.
  14. Ah, 2001 in to 2002...just a shame you're starting from scratch and not wanting to import. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecause. I've created a fair number of UK and European workers and promotions previously. May even have created more for the 02 mod I was working on.
  15. At the moment, nothing mate. Took long enough to get 93 up to speed and then also go back to 1990. I do have my October 1985 converted, but not done much work on it for the reason mentioned above (plus I couldn't test it on the trial). So far I've been banned from GDS (again), banned from bethebooker and really hoped I'd leave all the drama behind after my heart attack in December. I just want to mod and release those mods. I do have another that I'd worked on for TEW16 and was hoping to release, can understand why that was blocked as the permission was maybe a bit flimsy. 85 wasn't though as that's been on here and HOPW for a good while, but I don't want to start any drama on here by working on it and then releasing it for TEW20. I don't think any of the above is a rant, merely the facts as they stand at the moment. I feel I should be able to convert and release my 1985, fully accept my mod from the 2000's is probably treading thin ice on permission.
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