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  1. Here's my second historical mod, previously an exclusive over on HOPW. I haven't written a long story on this one, just the links. I will give the below notes: NJPW & WCW start out of the NWA. The NWA has a separate promotion, along with the alliance, to replicate what appeared to be their attempt to run stand alone shows. For all you fans of Puro, there are some sexy new logos. My heart attack may have cost me a trip to Wrestle Kingdom (I should currently be in Tokyo), but I did find the Toudoukan shop. This is slightly updated over what I released on HOPW and the discord...not even sure what that one is called now. LINKS: 1993 Data 1993 Pics
  2. This has previously been housed over on GDS and HOPW, I'd now like to also post it on here. This is version 1.4, featuring a few recent worker additions and various tweaks across the database. I hope you enjoy playing and please post any feedback. So, why October of 1985 I hear you all ask. Well, from a personal viewpoint it's because ASW started on Screensport during October 1985. But, let's take a look at the game world in a slightly broader manner. America: WWF The WWF are building towards The Wrestling Classic, with Andre battling Heenan's Family and Hogan having various challengers for his WWF belt. Fans are also getting to enjoy The Bulldogs vs The Hart Foundation. JCP The leading promotion of the NWA are progressing towards Starrcade. The Rock N Roll are battling the Russians, Flair has been defending around the NWA and even Harley Race is working outside of JCP. Closer to home, Ronnie Garvin has been put forward as a challenger to Flair and Tully is running through anyone he faces. AWA It's Pro Wrestling USA time, which is difficult to sim so I've not tried too much. The promotion have just run the first Superclash and all the member parties are friends, for now (just ban David from the dressing rooms Greg). The card saw the likes of Giant Baba, Mil Mascaras and Kerry Von Erich make appearances. Flair made a title defence, the Freebirds defeated the Road Warriors and Gagne, Hall & Hennig defeating Bickwinkel, Stevens and Zbyszko is a torch passing moment that should assist with propelling the promotion forwards. The push is now on for Star Wars in December. WCCW Days away from the Cotton Bowl Extravaganza, where the Von Erichs take on Chris Adams and Gino. How will things look come Thanksgiving? CCW Ron Fuller is thinking big, unfortunately CBS didn't come on board. They have moved to arena TV though and have Gordon Solie on the mic. Just who is "The Bullet", the Armstrongs may well know. Plus, Jimmy Golden is easily one of the most under rated workers at this time. CWA Lawler has just lost to Flair at the Great American Bash in Memphis. Mid-South Bill has lost his TBS slot and is months away from going national as the Universal Wrestling Federation. Elsewhere Bob Geigel is not yet trying to compete with the big two, Florida is still trying to recover, Dick the Bruiser is still battling away and the ladies of America are about to get their GLOW on. Japan: Unfortunately, the first incarnation of the UWF has just closed and Sayama has left the business. Sadly, this also means less Japanese exposure for workers from the UK. There is still only one Joshi promotion, that doesn't change until mid-1986. AJPW appears to be pushing along, Gordy is there and Misawa is continuing the Tiger Mask name. NJPW is also just moving along, with Inoki and Brody battling fairly often. Rest of the World: As usual, not much is happening in Oceania with Steve Rickard running shows in New Zealand. All Star, in the UK, have found a slot on Screensport and are putting on a superior product to that of Joint Promotions. Joint, meanwhile, maintain their stranglehold on the ITV deal and Big Daddy maintains his inexplicable spot on top. In Canada, the Harts are just about to regain control of Stampede, Al Tomko is looking to make a stand and Dave McKigney and his bear are still doing their thing. Otto is king in Europe, as he takes Germany and Austria by storm. Finally, EMLL are the top promotion in Mexico with the UWA just beginning to struggle. LINKS 1985 Data 1985 Pics
  3. There's also a 1985 and a 1993 mod...both available over on HOPW, though perhaps not the latest versions. Both should be getting converted and updated once 2020 is released. I'll possibly get the latest links up on here shortly. * Quick note, the above makes it pretty obvious I was previously going by the username TsuMirren on GDS. I've changed my username for here, life landed a heart attack on me and at 46 I'm so not interested in drama.
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