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  1. In no particular order.... Screwed up the unlimited gold bar trick..... Fuck. I hate Micah Found the Legendary Fish area, haven't unlocked the fishing pole. Was carrying a bounty to my horse, a full sized buck running down a hill smashed into me and sent us both flying. WTF
  2. I can't seem to get the Surrender option to work either. I ended up with a $265 bounty after THAT mission, and when I went back to town, I walked directly into the sheriff's office and all they wanted to do was offer me Bounty Hunting missions! So I got in a fight to become Wanted so they would come to me, and all that happens when I press L2 is that I aim my gun at them, and that just makes things worse.
  3. So I decided I wanted the Ram skull to match my Alligator skull on Arthur's tent. So I looked online and saw that the Legendary Ram is somewhere West of Valentine and assumed that meant that I could probably find some regular rams out that way too. So I rode into Valentine and then headed out West. Found a lovely spot near a stream to leave my horse, got my bow and my rifle, and headed into the rocks.....where I promptly got bitten by a poisonous snake. My hat also fell off in the area where the snake was. So after performing a hat rescue, and then using a health tonic and some ginseng to counteract the snake bite, I headed back into the mountains.... I then spent an hour real time looking for a ram. I finally found one, and lined up an arrow to the neck, and just as I was about to let it fly, some dickhead rode by on a path on the other side of the ram, spooked it, and my shot hit it somewhere in the side. So I chase the bastard down, and kill it this time, all for a Poor Ram Pelt. I skin it anyway, and whistle for my horse. I load it on my horse, and as I am doing so, the red predator dot lights up. So I unsling my pump action and turn to see a charging grizzly!! I manage to kill the bastard, and decide to take his skin instead of the ram. I load it on the horse, and we make it about 30 feet away, when I hear more roaring and another grizzly comes out of nowhere and about kills my horse. I get tossed, but manage to get up before it can attack again and pump about 7 rounds into his head. I heal my horse, skin that bear, and head the fuck out of there. I saw the predator dot pop up again, but didn't stop to find out what it was. The moral of this story is, that the woods across the river, west of Valentine are fucking dangerous!!
  4. https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/29/18038258/red-dead-redemption-2-horse-cinematic-mode-fails These are fucking hilarious.
  5. Save Flaco Hernandez for last, that shit will take you clear back up into the god forsaken snowy mountains you started in. Make sure you pack a cold weather outfit on your horse. Oh, hey everybody. I'm addicted to this shit too.
  6. Popped onto PS4 for a couple minutes earlier and saw that @Benji is on Friday the 13th now!! Oh My, I can't wait to play a match with him and @9 to 5 so that Niner and I can take the boat and leave him behind to die!!
  7. Blehschmidt

    lmao Die Hard 6

    Die Hard 4 was better than Die Hard 2...... Yeah, I said it.
  8. I absolutely hated the new format for Final Tribal. Instead of the jury each getting a chance to speak, they all just talked over one another while the Final Three interrupted to try and defend themselves. It was awful. and the reunion show was bad too. Literally no one outside of the Top 5 (other than Lauren) got to speak, like at all.... Ridiculous.
  9. I'm already a member over at the Fire Pro board! Denizen over there, really helped me out a ton in getting my edit making game to the point it's at now. Looking forward to seeing what the Twitch announcement is going to be!!
  10. Most of my edits follow the same basic idea on Offensive stats. 5's across the board, with a bump in the stats that their Finisher and Specialty moves use. I think those two's total number tops out at 195, I have a few guys between 200-220 but they are my absolute top of the card guys. I've actually left the Ukemi on all of my edits the same. I understand the concept, but not enough to mess with it too much. I will try out a special skill for the two of them, and if that doesn't work I will start upping the offensive stats. I want them to dominate the tag team division, but not murder my main eventers on the rare occasion they encounter them.
  11. I have my edits set to friends only, I shot you a friend request on Steam. The edits in question are Thorn and Punishment. If you have a minute and wouldn't mind glancing at them, I would certainly appreciate it.
  12. I've made like 50 original edits, and almost everyone is working how I intended, but I have this tag team who are two giant bad asses, and they are routinely getting stomped by everyone I put them in the ring with. I just can't figure it out and it is driving me nuts!! Still loving this game though.
  13. Friday the 13th is fucking great. You should all buy it, so that I don't have to deal with lobbies full of rage quitting morons.
  14. WM33 James Ellsworth from Battleground is my parting gift. Fuck You Supercard!!
  15. I am officially burnt out on Supercard. For the last several weeks I have had all kinds of real life things happening, and they were a big part of what was keeping me from the game. But this past weekend I needed cards from RTG for the Fusion Chamber, and the thought of playing for them annoyed me. The 4 shards I put in for Team RingDom that netted me the 10 charges I got for Battleground felt like a slog. So I can't blame outside interference any longer, I am burnt out and I just don't want to play. So, once this Battleground is over, I am turning control of the team over to @Evafreak (unless you don't want it, please let me know) and I am stepping away from the team for a while. Appreciate all of the effort that everyone that's been on the team has put in (other than Ace, fuck Ace ) and I will probably be back at some point to play with you crazy kids again.

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