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  1. If we can snag the Ultimate and the Elite this time, that would be awesome.
  2. Don't bother getting them bouts or training them up if your not planning to use them. As for Pro'ing them, if you've never Pro'ed them before it looks nice in your catalog. Otherwise, just use them to train the cards you are actually using. Like was said earlier, if you are using the card, make sure to get all the bouts in all the stats played on both cards before combining them to make the best possible card.
  3. Also, did you say you are training Rare cards to Pro them, just to feed them to higher cards?
  4. My +5 wall dropped at 70 into Woods, and +3 became difficult at around 100. Didn't have the drive or time to do that many +1's this weekend. Still since the last team event I pulled an Elite Finn Balor, got Elite Aries from RTG, paired Hardened Baron Corbin, got Hardened Bliss from KOTR, grabbed a second one from MITB, and Pro'ed her. Not a bad week.
  5. 70 points into Ultimate Woods and the wall has come down. Farthest I've ever gotten in RTG. Rest of the weekend is busy, we'll see about grinding for Woods.
  6. Pizza, Hitman. Glad to have you aboard. ChrisO, no hard feelings man, we just need people who can put in maximum effort. Vipers, hope you can get built back up. Ace... You Suck Again
  7. @Ace if you are not going to be able to contribute, maybe a move down to the Vipers would be best case. Your cards can boost them up, and the participation won't be as big of a deal.
  8. His cards never seem to get better either.
  9. In an Elite KOTR. Was in a tie for 7th going into match 45, and playing the guy I was tied with. Energized and lost, which left me tied for 8th so I didn't bother energizing again cause I wasn't sure I'd even make the tournament and I certainly wouldn't beat the guy in 1st if I did. Got out of a meeting at work, and not only did I make the tournament, I beat the 1st place guy in two straight cause he never energized! I'll probably get destroyed now, but two Hardened's are better than one. Maybe I'll pair Rusev!
  10. I really want Jenn from that season to play again.
  11. Dropped 100 credits on Pick Doublers to make sure I got Rhyno (which I did!!) and every board reset after that was a Pick Doubler. Up until that point, I had pulled two. This game can be a real prick sometimes.
  12. Apparently after the episode aired, Varner's job fired him.
  13. Can barely work on Rhyno with all the god damn network errors today.
  14. Almost done with Big Show, hoping to get Rhyno in too. I wish I had the pull luck that some of you have. I've had 1 tier pull since hitting Elite and it was fucking Paul Bearer.
  15. That was something