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  1. Kats, the spot is open on the team. If your Supercard name is something I won't recognize, please leave it in here!
  2. Do we have anyone looking for a Wrestlemania 33 team whose cards aren't going to knock us out of WM33 tier? Possibly temporary, possibly longer, preferrably not Ace.
  3. Finished Orton off in RD yesterday afternoon, though the rest of the weekend may get screwed up, so I hope I get to finish the 33 Brock. Battleground coughed up a 33 Nakamura, ULT Ziggler (which I have already Pro'ed) and Ult Big Cass (who would have been a Pro, but I trained away his pair several weeks ago) who will be fusion fodder.
  4. Ended up with 33 AJ Styles, Ult Nikki Bella, and Elite Fusion Fodder Happy with the Styles. Never had a good AJ card before.
  5. After we got WM33 HHH this morning I went looking for something to train him up with. I was looking at all my Ultimate singles and was like "I hate to use those, I could still pair them." Then I saw my Ultimate Fusion Cesaro and was like "I never use the fucking Fusion Chamber anymore, I'll train Trips with this!" and I did...... As we all should remember by now, this Fucking Game Hates Me!!!! So of course, Wrestlemania 33 Fusions are dropping in the new update tomorrow. You guys enjoy them, I'll have one next month.
  6. Tell him to take care of himself. This is just a video game, not that important!
  7. Sounds Good!
  8. 2 Elites cause my luck is horrible, and WM33 giant 70's sideburns Randy Orton cause the game likes giving me wrestlers I hate. At least it wasn't Ellsworth.
  9. As far as I can tell, what cards you are dealt is totally random. I have been the best deck and I have been the worst deck, and my Ranked Tier hasn't varied much. No worries. Real life comes first over a video game. Do what you can when you can. If it's going to be a long term thing, we could look into replacing you, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  10. It has been started, and I made sure we are in 33 this time!!
  11. The accidental Ultimate Battleground isn't a total bust, I paired Ultimate Ziggler!
  12. I started the Battleground. Battlegrounds have been started since the last Team RingDom. Why did people still have shit cards in!! Edit: Oh well, shit happens. It's just a video game.
  13. Got my Ultimate BRAAUUUNNN paired, and it put me into WM33. Pulled Asuka for my freebie. Now have two 33 divas, in my first three 33 cards!
  14. Back home from vacation. Thank you guys for doing the brunt of the work while I was gone. Shall we hold off on another Battleground until Monday, and then try to get off this losing streak?
  15. @King Jaffellis Joffer @R.W. If you have time, try to use your remaining attacks. You two have good enough cards, and while I don't know if we can win, we may be able to reach the next reward tier.