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  1. Hey guys! smackdownhotel.com just released a complete roster database, for most wrestling promotions, through their entire history. Not only you can see the Rosters by Year (to see all wrestlers that appeared in a company in a certain year), but you can also choose a specific date in history and see the exact Roster of a company in that specific date! Every single brand change and promotion change for every wrestler is accounted for, in the their exact dates. And all of this comes with a clear and accurate visual representation: each wrestler in each date appears with the actual ring name and actual look (picture) they had at that exact time of their career in that company, as well as the background of their brand. For example -- this is the link for the WWE Rosters: https://www.thesmackdownhotel.com/roster/wwe/ Should be an incredible resource for historical mods and scenarios!
  2. Can anyone make any recommendations on ratings for making Magnum TA in my game??
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