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  1. As if I wasn't pissed off enough already with the situation, the event card this week is Jinder fucking Mahal.
  2. I think the colour schemes this year are great purely because every team looks different to everyone else, Haas going greyer doesn't make much of a difference other than making them less red, thus less like Ferrari, so it's fine by me,
  3. In "you couldn't make this up" news they've had to replace Fernando Alonso's engine before qualifying for the Indy 500. I guess he's used to it.
  4. It's my last day of my current job on Friday, I might try suggesting if I can stop working after 26 minutes and see what happens.
  5. Just another Harry Hat-Trick. 7 goals in 4 days must be some kind of record. I'm thinking 11 goals in two consecutive away games must be as well.
  6. I'm enjoying Injustice 2 even if I am really bad at it, I guess I'll learn eventually. I'm interested to see what Multiverse is but I'm concentrating on the story mode for now. As far as the voice acting goes I think it's good, but for me it's weird hearing the voices I'm familiar with from the Arkham series speaking from completely different models of the characters. Considering WB owns everything involved I don't know why they just don't use the same models. Also I have no idea what they're going for with Joker, basing his look on a young Jared Leto version with a bad impersonation of Mark Hamill's voice just doesn't work.
  7. I remember once +1ing for an entire Sunday to get 180 points for a Survivor Bo Dallas. Now I'm getting the WM card on the first day.
  8. This is so beautiful to watch.
  9. UL was Roode, ELs were Ember (my third) and Owens (a pro). I'm still training UL pros so EL pros are a bit meaningless now.
  10. Speaking of Battlegrounds when are the Hitmen starting our new one? Could it be a little before the team event starts?
  11. Both Stroll and Palmer have potential to improve but we're judging the field on what they are now, and the best comparisons we have are inter-team battles in (essentially) the same car. Both Massa and Hulkenberg are regularly qualifying in the top 10 whilst Stroll and Palmer are either fighting to get out or not getting out of Q1. And if we take today into account, Massa had a puncture on the first lap and a very long pit-stop including a front wing change and still managed to catch and pass Stroll by the end of the race. I'm sure that there's an element of a 1st driver/2nd driver dynamic in both Williams and Renault but so far the differences between their drivers are staggering.
  12. I would happily have watched two more hours of random Spurs players being brought out. "He was at the Lane for three seasons and only played six times at left back, but he had gorgeous hair, Paolo Tramezzani!"
  13. Weirdly I got 2 EL Paiges (I already had 1 but never mind) and an UL Asuka. I nearly have Black but I have so much training to do that I'm going to keep RDing until the time expires just for the picks.
  14. It's getting hard to look past Alonso as the best driver in F1 given what he's doing in that car. It's also getting hard to look past Lance Stroll being the worst.
  15. Bisping/GSP appears to be off, Dana has said that they're not willing to wait until October for GSP to be ready when the fight was originally planned for July. Bisping is going to face Yoel Romero instead, where he will be mauled.