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  1. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Bobby Portis has punched Nikola Mirotic during practice and broken his jaw. The Bulls are entertaining off the court, if not very good on it. Holy shit Gordon Hayward's leg
  2. The Robot Wars Thread

    The next series starts on Sunday (8pm, BBC2), same format as before except that the 6th finalist will be decided by a "Ten Robot Rumble" where 10 of the losing robots from the heat compete all at the same time with the winner getting the final spot.
  3. According to Meltzer he wasn't hiding it, the commission knew about the infection and cleared him anyway. Madness.
  4. NBA 2K18

    I've started a new MyCareer because I was getting annoyed at being referred to as DJ when it made no sense given my actual name. So my character is now called Danny Justice. This harkens back to 17 when I changed my character's surname to Preston to match the Pres moniker, and 16 when I changed race to fit Spike Lee's bizarre narrative of identical twins being able to be different races.
  5. FIFA 18

    I ended up making 120k from my Baccas, so 100k profit. I'll probably be doing it again. With the money I bought Barzagli, Koulibaly, Manolas, Benatia, Insigne, Callejon and Icardi and still have 46k left. Serie A is fun.
  6. FIFA 18

    Trying out a quicker way of grinding coins by searching for just one player and selling them on rather than just buying whatever I can find. Only made about 500 coins on this run but the previous hour I sold 10 Baccas for 900 coins each after buying them for 450 each. The bigger bulk probably isn't working in my favour.
  7. FIFA 18

    If anyone wants Carlos Bacca I'm currently selling 99 versions of him. The 100th listed is an Antonio Rudiger I got in a Squad Battle reward pack.
  8. FIFA 18

    I played one game after my download became active at midnight and managed to lose 2-1 to the FUT Team of the Week. Then I spent an hour on a Spurs career buying the usual array of young talent to develop. The cut scene negotiations are fun to begin with but soon become fairly repetitive.
  9. Cricket!

    There's video footage of Stokes in Bristol going absolutely apeshit and swinging punches at two guys just constantly for about 90 seconds. Ironically, this means he will almost certainly not be going to Australia.
  10. FIFA 18

    I've bought a lot of packs in the past. I simply don't have the time to grind the auctions or playing games to earn coins.
  11. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Maybe it's karma for not getting involved in the Trump stuff, but losing to Mike Glennon's Bears is just awful. No offence Srar.
  12. Favorite TV Show themes

    Obviously. I also love Brooklyn Nine Nine's theme. I even have a dance routine for it.
  13. FIFA 18

    It's a bit hit and miss at the moment, but during the time it was working I got a TOTW Pablo Perez from Boca Juniors. It's the first TOTW I've had in a long, long time. Unfortunately nobody wants to buy the bugger.
  14. Formula One 2017

    It's Singapor-ing with rain and the start is carnage! And Fernando got such a good start as well
  15. NBA 2K18

    Some of the created team logos/uniforms look outstanding. Granted there's still a load of crap to sort through, but the ones that are good are damn good.