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  1. From a Spurs perspective I always had a soft spot for Gary Mabbutt as he's from Bristol and was really nice when I met him that one time. Steelers will likely always be Troy Polamalu as both a player and a role model. Cricket is Kevin Pietersen, I'm sure many people think he's a dickhead but his talent was immense. Timberwolves I haven't really followed long enough to have a favourite yet, although if KAT stays around I'm sure he will be. F1 is Jenson Button as he's a local boy and always embraced the fun side of things. Edited down to 1 each.
  2. Hearing the radio message telling Leclerc to stay behind Vettel in the first race of the season is just so infuriating, even if it is expected.
  3. I never in a million years thought they would back down or admit they over-reacted. A begrudging fair play to Disney, but this really should never have happened in the first place.
  4. I get so sick of players getting booked for celebrations. What possible harm is caused by Aubameyang putting on a Black Panther mask and doing the Wakandan salute?
  5. To be fair it's a really small part of it, and the documentary side of it is top notch which is what really matters. You even get to meet Christian and Geri Horner's donkeys. It's just something that always jars me, BT did it whenever they did shows of archive goals and had someone commentating from present day trying to feign surprise at a goal being scored. And after the Monaco episode I've somehow managed to find a way to dislike the Strolls even more.
  6. The only thing annoying me about the F1 series is the fake, post-produced commentary they're using throughout. It always sounds so forced and emotionless, as well as the F1 fan side of me knowing that nobody watching was interested in whether Carlos Sainz finished ahead of Fernando Alonso at Baku, and that no commentator was discussing it when they crossed the line. They're using the Sky commentary as well so it's even more obvious. In fact my favourite part of this was them using the same guy to announce title victories by Ayrton Senna, Damon Hill and Lewis Hamilton right next to each other.
  7. I really enjoyed it, may be a bit too much exposition at the start though, and I think I missed some dialogue whilst I was mouthing along to the soundtrack. Credits scenes spoilers below
  8. The Netflix F1 documentary series dropped today, I've only seen the first episode but it seems to be really well done.
  9. I'm really glad our new stadium is ready. Now why the fuck are we using it at the crunch time of the season when all the team are used to playing at Wembley?
  10. I'm obviously sad to see Brown go anywhere, but if he's going to go anywhere I'm perfectly happy for him to go somewhere completely irrelevant.
  11. In perhaps the least surprising news in modern history, Paddy Lowe has left Williams.
  12. I play WWE Supercard and Pokémon Go daily and Contest of Champions when I've got time, then I have a variety of games like Cooking Dash, Real Racing 3, Adventure Capitalist, Marvel Strike Force and WWE Champions to fill in more time. Then I have International Cricket Captain and New Star Soccer for playing when I don't want any time pressures. So yes, I play a lot of mobile games, probably more than I play my consoles because I can watch TV and play them at the same time.
  13. Take a moment to think about how Sergio Ramos is feeling right now, then when you've finished laughing, continue with your usual business.
  14. HARRY! Just lulled them into a false sense of security in the first half.

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