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  1. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Don't worry, there's no incredibly recent evidence of Roma overturning a first leg deficit against a better side at home.
  2. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    The Wolves didn't get swept! Take THAT #1 seeds!
  3. The Emirates FA Cup 2017/18

    Far be it for me to be overwhelmingly negative, but I think that might be the straw that breaks the camel's back and makes Alli and Kane decide to leave in the summer, maybe Eriksen too. If we can't win a semi final at our home stadium we're probably never going to win anything with this team.
  4. Avicii, EDM DJ, Dead at 28

    I love The Nights as well but it's got a real tragic meaning to it now. It's all about his father telling him to live life to the fullest, and essentially the illnesses he's suffered from constant drinking and partying him have likely ended up being responsible for his death. R.I.P.
  5. General Television Thread

    I don't know if it warrants its own thread, but Dale Winton has died
  6. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    If the Pacers end up sweeping the Cavs that would just be fantastic. What would be even better is if BT could show more than 1 game a day, but I guess three hours of ESPN Classic Boxing has to take priority.
  7. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    When I was young I was pretty scared of Kane's mask, but I was only a child. I have now grown into an adult and I am even more scared of Joel Embiid's mask. Also go Wolves! Try to avoid the inevitable sweep!
  8. 2018 Commonwealth Games

    I read that headline wrong the first time and got very confused. I missed the "& Johnson-" and thought I'd gone back in time to 1984.
  9. Formula One 2018

    Great finish, shame Bottas didn't get quite close enough for a proper overtake attempt. Fantastic race for Gasly as well.
  10. The Thread Where We Discuss Golf

    Mainly because he's a dick. I still have memories of his behavior at the last two Ryder Cups, but his behaviour in most occasions is just boorish.
  11. The Thread Where We Discuss Golf

    I sure would like a final round meltdown from the overnight leader tomorrow. I can't stand Reed, plus I'd love McIlroy to get the slam.
  12. Formula One 2018

    Vettel on pole, Hamilton 9th after a 5 place penalty, but the big story is Pierre Gasly getting 6th (net 5th) with a Honda engine. Either the Toro Rosso chassis is sensational or Honda have stepped it up big time. It also turns out I'm automatically inclined to type Gastly instead of Gasly.
  13. They're trying to get Anthony Pettis to move into the title match, but he weighed in at 155.2lbs so if he does fight Khabib it won't be allowed to be for the title. Pettis is only free because Michael Chiesa had to withdraw after getting cut by the shards of broken glass from McGregor's trolley throw. This is the most insane card ever, moreso than the show that got cancelled.
  14. Premier League 2017/18

    Given we're in WrestleMania week it only seems appropriate to say: The streak..... is over.