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  1. Bernie Ecclestone is due to become a father again at the age of 89. His eldest child is 65.
  2. After seeing it on Outside XBox I downloaded House Flipper. Despite being someone who despises all forms of manual labour I am utterly addicted to this game, probably because I don't actually have to do any physical labour and can re-paint a house in five minutes.
  3. I'm kinda disappointed by how they treated Debbie, it feels like they were more interested in the big shock of her stealing from the evidence room which pulled the rug out from everything she'd been involved with before. She was so much fun in the first episode, and I'm left feeling her entire arc was pretty much a missed opportunity for a new supporing character.
  4. Monaco completely cancelled as there's no chance of them being able to re-organise it for another date. So some good news, at last.
  5. Ramon Foster has retired. Not only a great guard but a great person, played almost every game since 2012, and chose to retire rather than play for another team whilst also allowing the Steelers to save 4 mill in cap space.
  6. Sorry, I meant the main money-makers specifically for WrestleMania/UFC London shows are the gate receipts. The money they've got from those deals is already in the bank.
  7. Which is even more bizarre given that the XFL was one of the first leagues to be put on hold. Both UFC and WWE's main money-maker from these events is gate receipts, which they are going to have to refund either way, so running the shows at a loss when everyone thinks they shouldn't is just strange.
  8. Dana just needs to let it go. Every other sports league/organisation has gone on hold, and yet he's trying to pretend that nothing is wrong. The utter selfishness is mind-boggling.
  9. I think it's safe to assume this race isn't going to go ahead, even if it takes all the teams withdrawing to get it to happen. Saying that it wouldn't surprise me if Ferrari refused to budge and we end up with just Vettel and Lelclerc doing procession laps on Sunday.
  10. Gobert's an absolute idiot but the league stopping seems like it was going to be inevitable anyway. The only question now is how long it lasts, and whether they cut the regular season off now and just start with the play-offs when it returns, or maybe even just call the season off altogether.
  11. Here's the new F1 opening with the best F1 music that isn't The Chain: Highlights include the footage of Nelson Piquet punching Eliseo Salazar, and Max Verstappen's intro being on a backdrop of when his dad was engulfed in flames during a pit stop.
  12. The non-Ferrari powered teams have properly kicked off about the FIA's investigation into Ferrari's engine last year, the outcome of which has only been described as a "settlement". The teams are quite rightly asking why, if there was enough evidence for Ferrari to pay a settlement, there hasn't been any in-race punishment for the many races they were seemingly using an engine that didn't meet the regulations. Also it's no coincidence how Ferrari (and Haas/Alfa) were noticeably slower in qualifying after the decision was made at the US Grand Prix.
  13. Just for snooker in general I've always been amazed at any professional player's ability to control the cue ball, and I speak from my many failed attempts to try and execute even the slightest bit of spin. I'll add any 9 dart leg as well, again from trying and failing to get even one dart where I want it to go.
  14. I haven't watched the video for a while, but as it's Baddiel and Skinner in the 90s I apologise if there's anything in there that doesn't come across well in 2020.
  15. Along with Le Tissier I don't think anyone has scored more instant classics than this man.
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