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  1. WWE Supercard

    Not enough can be said about how good the Titan cards look compared to how hideous the Monster cards look.
  2. The Robot Wars Thread

    Holy crap Eruption, 10 Robot Rumble all the way to beating Carbide. The whole show was full of amazing battles.
  3. Francis Ngannou is a scary man. A scary, scary, scary man.
  4. Formula One 2017

    Now I have the guitar riff in my head from before every race. As for the last race of the season I gave up watching at about half distance, it may have been the most pointless grand prix of all time and what really is a poor race track in terms of exciting racing.
  5. WWE Supercard

    I somehow ended up managing to get the Ultimate, WM33, Summerslam 17 and Beast cards from this RD. A decent haul.
  6. The Ashes 2017/18

    I guess it's game over now, but in the mean time the ECB are investigating if Bairstow headbutted Cameron Bancroft in a bar a few weeks ago.
  7. WWE Supercard

    I've gone back to my WM33 save because my patience ran out. So if anyone wants me on a team let me know
  8. FIFA 18

    Weirdly, that's exactly my scenario from a jumbo premium and a premium players pack
  9. WWE Supercard

    I'm freed up now but the team is full, you may also have to lower the required tier to Legendary to let me in
  10. FIFA 18

    There's nothing more devastating when your last coin boost expires. Getting the correct amount of coins at the end of the game sucks.
  11. FIFA 18

    Give him to me, he's the last piece of my Serie A jigsaw
  12. WWE Supercard

    If you're willing to put up with my new, much worse team you can take my Google account one out and replace me with my Facebook one...
  13. FIFA 18

    I got hammered by a team on Legendary last night, only 82 rated but somehow had Ronaldinho, Rui Costa, Matthaus and a few other big names. At one point they scored a goal where they passed the ball four times and took the shot in the space of three seconds which to me seems physically impossible.
  14. WWE Supercard

    Well I've started back up, things are much easier than before when you're handed a WM Seth Rollins after logging in for 5 days. I even grinded +1s to get Ryback and Cesaro from the RTG.