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  1. Let's Go seems fun in a nostalgia way but I'm concerned at how easy it seems to be. Maybe I'm not the age bracket it's aimed at. In unrelated news I have changed the notifications on my phone to play the "Pokémon Evolution complete" jingle from R/B/Y and it has made me very happy.
  2. I don't think I have the words to explain how I feel about that. Something along the lines of complete confusion mixed with utter delight.
  3. I think I might just give up on this season and wait for the regime change in the summer. Saric and Covington don't really offer much other than depth, and the only positive to come from this might be getting KAT motivated again.
  4. Yeah, that's not a good thing to be doing. Speaking of that, Dr. Helmut Marko has stated he believes Ocon did it on purpose because he has the Mercedes drive in 2020. #OconspiracyTheory
  5. Like I say, I'm against unlapping in the first place, but if you look at it from the hypothetical that they were racing for position Verstappen was ahead and on the racing line, Ocon didn't back out and hit him. I'd love to know what Max said on the team radio after the race that caused them to bleep out five seconds of dialogue.
  6. Wow, Ocon is a clown. I'm not a fan of anyone unlapping themselves to begin with. The best part is that they keep showing the replay from Verstappen's camera, perhaps not realising that he's flipping the bird at Ocon as they drive away
  7. I bought it, the only reason I was hesitating was due to the amount of animal killing/being killed by animals that I hate in games. It seems too good a game to let that get in the way, even if I killed more wolves in chapter 1 then I did people. Ended up stuck hunting the legendary bear with my new horse, L'il Sebastian. After the initial encounter I carried on going after it, and when I found it I forgot I had my binoculars equipped. Safe to say they didn't help and the bear killed me. I'm after revenge now but I'm incredibly tentative after watching the cut-scene of the first attempt.
  8. So Vettel had an incident at the weigh bridge during qualifying where, among other things, he drove directly at a steward trying to stop him going on the scales before they were ready. He does have these bizarre moments of anger-fuelled madness.
  9. I have to assume you were having tennis balls thrown at you by Rhod Gilbert? The video games task may be my new favourite of all time due to the effort four of them put in. I'm disappointed in the overall winner though as I thought at least two other people deserved it for their performances over the series.
  10. When I couldn't find it I was a bit stunned they didn't have it seeing as my 2DS does.
  11. Vietnamese Grand Prix confirmed for 2020 onwards. If you like long straights into hairpins on streets too narrow to overtake on then you're really in luck. I mean, they've literally said they've used Monaco as an inspiration for part of the track. It's scary how blind people are to what the fans want to see, no matter who is in charge of F1.
  12. Hmm, in my next two friendlies I lost 4-2 to Morecambe and 4-3 to Exeter. Fearing a defensive issue I have loaned another midfielder and signed another striker on a free transfer. EDIT: Pfft, what defensive crisis, take THAT Hemel Hempstead!
  13. I've got the mobile version as I'll never have the time to commit to the full game. Starting a game as Vanarama South's Chippenham, whose stadium I can see from my house, for the very first time was actually quite emotional. EDIT: FIRST GAME MADNESS
  14. Of course I'm Level 34
  15. Just imagine how quick the Red Bulls would be all season with a consistent engine. Meanwhile look how slow the McLarens are in comparison. So embarrassing,

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