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  1. The problem with anyone they cast is that we already have one, maybe even two portrayals of the major X-Men characters in the last twenty years. Regardless of what you think of the films themselves, the Jackman/Stewart/Janssen/Marsden/Grammar/Berry/McKellen iterations were able to stay more relevant than their younger replacements, they made the roles their own, and the "b-level" characters like Rogue, Iceman, Pyro etc. all were perfectly fine. It's going to be hard for anyone to come in and not be directly compared to them, and nostalgia usually wins out in these situations.
  2. That all of the new breed of players are "worse than amateurs" and that he would "have to lose an arm and a leg to fall out of the top 50". It's incredibly insulting, unfortunately given how three players of the final 8 all made their tour debut in 1992 (himself, Williams, Higgins) he does have a point that there's not a strong enough group of new players to send the older guys packing.
  3. Great drive from Max, it's crazy how extreme heat is the Mercedes weakness, and the UK of all places delivered it. I'm sure it was tyre-related. Honest. Sending him out on the shitty soft tyres was madness though.
  4. I won one! I am disturbingly happy to win something that took about ten minutes. Grabbed the crown a split second before someone on the other side of the gap.
  5. Finally completed Paper Mario Origami King
  6. I've got to three finals, 2 grab the crowns, which I wasn't even close to, and one grab the tail. I had the tail for 90% of the round but lost it at the last moment.
  7. He's still 4 tenths quicker than his team-mate who has had infinitely more time driving the car.
  8. God damn Hulk. There is absolutely no reason he should be out of Formula 1.
  9. I'm really enjoying Avengers too, every character feels different to play as, but each enjoyable in their own way, and the boss battles have been fun. I might give the beta a rest after today and wait for the full release so as not to get too ahead of myself.
  10. I would but I've bought and used three remote raid passes today. Got a Deoxys though!
  11. Can't believe I forgot the entire concept of a Nintendo 64, so I need to include: Bob-omb Battlefield Dam Handicap match vs. The APA
  12. Schumacher as well for me. I went in with a narrative that a new team would look for every opportunity to gain sponsorship opportunities and the son of Michael would be the best way to get some recognition. He isn't doing great.
  13. Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton on his 8th World Championship.
  14. It's only free on PS4 this month as part of the PS+ monthly free games. I have it installed, just need some time to play it!
  15. After another spectacular race in what might be my favourite track of Montreal (qualified 9th on mediums, grid penalties pushed me to 7th, stayed in 6th until the pit stops then overtook on the softs to finish 2nd), I came down to Earth by qualifying 20th in Paul Ricard, but fought my way up to 10th due to the inverse tyre strategy and overtaking Perez at the final corner for the point. It wasn't the cleanest of moves, but oh well. I actually prefer a race like that though, I really shouldn't be finishing 1st/2nd in my brand new team.
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