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  1. For the longest time I thought Peter Dinklage was British because I'd only ever heard him doing a British accent, apart from the episode of 30 Rock he was in where I assumed he was putting on an American accent.
  2. The Dutch GP is officially back in 2020 This quote from Jean Todt is a little concerning: Isn't that something that should be done before they agree to race there?
  3. Chris2K

    Formula E

    I've watched several, they can be a bit of a grind at times because the layout of the circuits really doesn't help overtaking, but then you get mad finishes and any crash usually results in a multi-car pile-up due to the lack of space. I'd watch more if there was ever any proper advertising for them, I assume because the races are spread over so many channels (BT, EuroSport, BBC and another one I've forgotten) that they don't promote the races very often and I never know what weekend they're running and which channel the race is going to be on.
  4. Brighton have sacked Chris Hughton, evidently because somehow keeping their mediocre team up and getting to the FA Cup semi final wasn't enough. Just ridiculous.
  5. Four Premier League teams in the four European final spots and the likely league champions aren't even one of them. Surely there has never been a stronger league in modern history.
  6. Best fighter intro conversations so far:
  7. Holy crap I can't even. Just in tears. Absolutely amazing.
  8. Hopefully this will be the year Trump needed to reach the potential he's always shown, and can carry it on for a while to come. His play is so much fun to watch when he's on form. That double from Higgins and the subsequent reaction from the crowd was probably the highlight of the final though.
  9. I don't even know if we're keeping EndGame things in spoilers any more (I mean it's nearly two weeks, surely anyone interested in this thread would have seen the film by now?) but to be on the safe side, below relates to a major incident in the film and a casting decision relating to it.
  10. Didn't it fall right into the hot zone of the dawn of 3D screenings? In the sense that it came out in both formats as a pretty big deal and therefore justified people seeing it multiple times.
  11. $2.1 billion dollars in its first 11 days, making it already the biggest grossing Marvel film ever. It's also reached the $2 billion mark quicker than any other film, beating previous record-holder Avatar by 36 days.
  12. I don't like reverse grids either, I'm certain it encourages sandbagging to get a better position for the next race which seems completely out of the spirit of racing itself. I do remember being a strong proponent for the elimination/knockout qualifying format they tried for one race and scrapped, and I am willing to admit it was in fact an utter disaster.
  13. I loved the one-lap qualifying, constant action, no traffic related issues, no tyre choice impacting the race setup issues, just driver skill with the uncertainty of the weather. Of course it did usually result in the Trulli Train come race day.
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