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  1. I had the same thing with stranger missions re-appearing, and it was frustrating to me as well. I just ended up ignoring them, but if I was 100% hunting it would have been even worse I imagine.
  2. Just tried playing again for the first time since November and I am just so bad now. I lost two games convincingly online in the lowest league on Rivals, then lost to the worst Squad Battle team for good measure. It's a shame but I'm so far behind that I think I'm going to have to give up on the only game I've ever been half decent at.
  3. Just finished it completely and watching the credits.
  4. Also I can't help looking at Micah and thinking he is an ancestor of Michael PS Hayes.
  5. Spider-Man and RDR2 for me, Super Mario Odyssey might still be the best game I've played all year though even if it was released last year. Oh yeah, and Smash Bros. Ultimate. And Detroit Become Human. Please can people mentioning things I've forgotten.
  6. Chris2K

    2018 in sport

    (Sir) Alastair Cook's final game was just utterly incredible, from his making a century in his final innings to Jimmy Anderson taking the final wicket of his best mate's England career to become the most successful fast bowler of all time. Granted I watched a documentary on it last night so it's fresh in my mind. The Timberwolves winning in OT in the final regular season game to get into the play-offs ahead of the defeated Nuggets was the one and only highlight of their year. The World Cup was fun from start to finish, even outside of the England matches. Also Spurs finished ahead of Arsenal, so that was nice.
  7. I started the epilogue in spectacular fashion...
  8. Just finished it this evening and it's so emotional at the end.
  9. There's a BBC headline entitled "Jon Jones: I'm the comeback story people want". He really doesn't have a clue does he, unless he's just completely trolling, but I genuinely think he believes he is a hero in all of this.
  10. I've started watching the 4 and a half hour video of every conceivable Detroit Become Human ending. The vast majority are not full of festive cheer.
  11. You get experience points from making captures, you then send your unneeded captured Pokémon to Professor Oak as per Pokémon Go, he gives you candies that boost the stats of whatever you're using. The harder the catch (and if you get a streak of catching the same Pokémon going) the more experience points get generated. It all goes to the six party Pokémon as well, not just one of them.
  12. It does seem a bit one-dimensional as an "adventure" mode, I still long for the days of The Subspace Emissary which was just so great, not just from the story perspective but in that it forced you to fight as different characters as the storyline progressed. Also I miss trophies, and the bios that accompanied them, particularly now there are so many different games being covered that I haven't played and would like some kind of background information on the spirit characters. This is all a bit nit-picky though as I'm still playing it whenever I get the chance.
  13. Full details on the UK TV dealings from the Observer newsletter: I did wonder why I could never find it on my Sky box.
  14. Isabelle and that damn fishing pole. The only thing is if she misses she's wide open for attacking for a bit. I've become obsessed with getting new spirits from the spirit board, more than doing anything else in the game. I'm still sticking to playing as DK like I have in previous games, apparently I hate change.

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