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  1. The third team is the Clippers which is almost as bad. All big money markets where he can be the likely face of the franchise (probably even ahead of Porzingis due to being American).
  2. I'm still on part 2 so I've no idea what the ending is, but I would hope that the success of Spider-man will spawn a franchise, maybe even for other Marvel characters if they can get the licences. I'd put it on a par with the Arkham games which I didn't think a superhero game would ever get near to.
  3. Not a great day to be a T-Wolves fan. Jimmy Butler demanding a trade, Towns and Wiggins both unhappy as well, the whole basis of the team seems to be falling apart before it even fit together.
  4. That said, I kicked someone off a roof into another building, they slammed into it pretty hard then fell headfirst on to the roof of a smaller building between the two. No webbing is saving them.
  5. It really was dire. I gave up on it as soon as it became apparent that nothing was changing. I'm still baffled how Baku can produce such exciting races every time when Monaco, Valencia, Singapore and Melbourne struggle so much.
  6. There's so much to love about Spider-Man, but the one thing that stands out to me is how the music stops when you're standing still or walking around, and then bursts into life when you start swinging. It really adds to the excitement of moving around the city
  7. Chris2K

    NBA 2K18

    In positive news I finally found some new commentary discussing LeBron's move to the Lakers. The game in question just happened to be opening night, Cavs vs. Lakers, and nothing was said until 9 minutes into the second quarter. Cleveland also weren't even mentioned, only Kahwi not going to the Lakers as well. It really does feel like a roster update which is really disappointing, I can only think that they can't really find ways of improving it which is more than can be said for the WWE series.
  8. Chris2K

    NBA 2K18

    It's not going to stop me playing it relentlessly, but the lack of updates in NBA2K19is really disappointing. The first game I played had the exact same presentation as last year, starting with David Aldrige telling me how Kyrie Irving has moved to Boston, followed by the exact same Kevin Garnett commentary from 2K18. Also I have no idea why they've removed the City jerseys from last year but kept the unbranded 2017 jerseys. Also the soundtrack is god awful. At least the menus look nice.
  9. Let's not also forget that Naomi Osaka, half-black, half-Japanese, is now white and blonde. But hey, close enough.
  10. Chris2K


    That ovation for the hundred was something unreal, completely deserved for a wonderful player and a really nice guy. And a hilarious way to get there as well.
  11. I'm really enjoying Spider-Man too, I'm another who has spent more time swinging and exploring than doing the actual story missions. I love how they've included proper Marvel landmarks as well as the real-life ones, just wish I could go inside the Sanctum Santorum. And my biggest squeal moment so far...
  12. Reports are circulating that Kimi is buying a stake in Sauber, staying at Ferrari for 2019, then swapping with Leclerc and driving for Sauber for a bit. Because of course.
  13. To be fair, at least according to the adverts, Serena has had a tempur for a while.

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