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  1. Haas have confirmed Magnussen and, for some reason, Grosjean for 2020. Meanwhile Kubica will leave Williams after 2019, leaving his seat at Williams the only one feasibly available for Hulkenberg.
  2. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    We've now traded next year's first round pick for Minkah Fitzpatrick, I assume to play cornerback, but perhaps to be backup QB. I value him as a player, but I value that draft pick more given that it's likely a top 10 at this point.
  3. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    Whilst I'm not defending it, and I would probably prefer Kaepernick as a player, Vick does have experience with the Steelers playbook, and it's not liked its changed much since he retired.
  4. I realise this is a TV show moment rather than video game related, but...
  5. Chris2K


    Great performance from England to at least avoid losing the series. Sad to see the end of the Channel 5 highlights show as they move to the BBC, Mark Nicholas is the best presenter since Richie Benaud so hopefully he finds a spot. Isa Guha seems to have the BBC spot locked down, but I think it was Gower's last game as well so there would be an opening at Sky.
  6. Chris2K


    When Geoff Marsh's least talented son is ripping through your batting line-up it's worrying times.
  7. Brundle and Rosberg pointed out that Leclerc just completely disrespected the agreement with Seb in qualifying by not being close to giving him a tow even if they hadn't completely mistimed everything, so it seems very clear that Charles has forced his way into being the #1 driver both on the track and through mind games.
  8. Isn't Kane missing a pen one of the signs of the Apocalypse?
  9. Chris2K


    One of Theresa May's last acts as PM has been to give Andrew Strauss and Geoffrey Boycott knighthoods. Boycott in particular is long overdue. At least she got something right eventually.
  10. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    Well in that time alone he seems to have established himself as the definitive #2. I thought when they drafted him that they were looking for a clone of Ben, which is fine if it fits the offensive scheme we're running (although that's not working either based on last night), but a like-for-like replacement for someone like Roethlisberger isn't exactly moving with the times. I can't say for certain how well he'll do until he plays against a proper NFL defence and I don't see that happening until Ben retires. I also don't see us tanking either (although trying and still losing is an option) so he may end up being the future if we can't get a Tua or a Herbert, or possible even Hurts.
  11. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    After that performance I wouldn't be averse to us tanking to get Ben's replacement sorted.
  12. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    Brave move from the Jags by cutting the power in the stadium to try and outfox the Chiefs, not sure it will work though. It's nice that Dolphins turns into Lolphins so easily. I think it will be happening a lot this season.
  13. It's alarming how Vettel has fallen in terms of his standard of driving. From making the mistake to just strolling (pardon the pun) back on to the track however he feels like, he just seems like his confidence is shot and his brain has gone with it.
  14. Let's hope the crowd are more respectful than last year.
  15. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    On the slightest of plus sides, he signed an hour too late to be declared eligible to play against the Steelers on Sunday night. I didn't need that extra humiliation when we get thumped.
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