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  1. Chris2K

    Cover Songs

    This is stretching the term cover to its limit as it's by the same band, but I think a-ha's acoustic version of Take on Me is so amazing.
  2. Chris2K

    Cover Songs

    I enjoy pretty much anything PostModernJukebox cover, when they don't overly pretentious that is. Personal favourites are Dream On and Black Hole Sun
  3. To save you watching it, it's #6, so in the unlikely event that Nico Rosberg ever does come back he'll have to choose something else.
  4. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    See now I don't want the Chiefs to win because of the dick who barged straight into the back judge and just left an old(er) man on the floor whilst stamping off throwing a tantrum because that man had the audacity to be correctly positioned for the job he is doing.
  5. What baffles me is that almost the entire fanbase want Waluigi in the game, but they seemingly refuse to do it. So instead we get Marth clone #5.
  6. If we're being very specific then the Iron Spider suit that Spider-Man wears in Infinity War/Endgame was introduced in Homecoming, also Ned was in the reunion scene in Endgame. I very much doubt Marvel Studios are not treating the events of standalone films as happening even if they don't directly reference them, they've had Tony Stark, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, skrulls and mentions of kree cells and the Far From Home post-credits scene with Fury clearly sets up a future MCU storyline. I'm sure Feige is heavily involved in the Spider-Man films too as that was one of the bargaining issues during the brief breakdown in negotiations.
  7. Even if you take into account that it "has" to be played (I'm sure there are players relying on the majors for ranking points and the money to make playing on the tour worthwhile) just because it's called the Australian open doesn’t mean they can’t hold it somewhere else. There must be plenty of places around the world that could hold the tournament where there aren't bushfires destroying more important things like houses, livelihoods and animals.
  8. I thought Poch would be hard to beat for crazy sackings this season, but sacking a guy after winning two consecutive league titles and top of the table this season has probably pipped it.
  9. I don't like Leto. I really don't like horror films. But then the Vulture shows up...
  10. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    7 drives, 7 touchdowns, good grief. In video game terminology this isn't switching on easy mode, this is getting an extra controller, putting it as playing as your opposition, and just leaving the controller to do nothing.
  11. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    Years of supporting Spurs have prepared you for this, it'll be fine.
  12. For some reason I just look at that photo and think; "Beta Ray Bill".
  13. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    I feel I should point out that I would quite happily have Tomlin as our head coach for as long as he wants the job, although I'm probably not in the fanbase that is part of the problem.
  14. I quite enjoy it purely for the ridiculousness of it, but yeah the guesses are truly insane. Ignoring Dr. Ken's madness, the "serious" guesses from Davina et al are in another universe. It is at least better than the UK's attempts to do Lip Sync Battle with guys off Hollyoaks as the big names and Professor Green as the like-for-like replacement for LL Cool J.
  15. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    The "no away team named after a bird has won a playoff game where the opposition team is also named after a bird" stat may be my favourite in the history of sport.
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