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  1. What time would you like it started?
  2. Asylum was fine for me on PS4, but City had some game-breaking frame rate issues if I tried to go from one end of the city to the other. A restart always fixed it but it got a bit annoying. That said, City is such a good game it's still worth getting.
  3. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2 comes out on August 21st. This trailer makes me both incredibly excited and absolutely petrified about having to deal with how hard it looks...
  4. That's one of the most exciting races I can remember in a long time. Shame about Stroll losing second but it's a great result for him, and I'll be eating my words about not deserving his F1 seat for a while it seems.
  5. Lewis has to pit to fix his head device, Vettel has a stop-go penalty for the Hamilton incident, so it's now a fight between Ricciardo and LANCE STROLL for the win.
  6. This has been such a crazy race, and now we have Seb driving into Lewis, seemingly deliberately. I love Baku. It so obviously shouldn't be a race track which cranks the difficulty up to 11. And now Kimi and Sergio have un-retired!
  7. I've just added a WM33 pro Swann so we've moved up to WM33+, so it would take a lot to knock us out of WM33 tier now. Your cards should be fine Kats.
  8. It was Bellator's biggest show of the year last night, I shouldn't have laughed when, in his pro debut after three years of Bellator hyping him as being the next mega star of MMA, Aaron Pico tapped out in 24 seconds against a nobody. Also Matt Mitrione knocked out Fedor and Chael grinded a win over Wanderlei.
  9. McLaren will be at the back of the grid for Baku as both cars are having replacement power units. These will be their 7th power units of the season, they're only allowed to use 4.
  10. 33 HHH for a Pro. Don't forget to get your achievements from the new page, I grabbed about 1300 credits in total.
  11. I think they wanted to give Holly Holm a title to begin with to milk her win over Ronda for all it was worth then having her face Cyborg, but when she lost to de Randamie those plans went up in smoke for at least the time being. Plus they just love title matches to headline shows even if the title itself is worth about as much as a Christmas cracker.
  12. Germaine de Randamie has been stripped of the Women's Featherweight title for refusing to fight the number one contender, that being Cyborg. The vacant title will be on the line in the co-Main Event of UFC 214, Cyborg facing Invicta Featherweight champion Megan Anderson. It should be noted that the UFC cares so little about this division that they don't even bother doing rankings for it.
  13. You could probably save some money and just buy one of them, they're pretty much the same.
  14. Sigh.
  15. That screenshot looks like the long-awaited PS4 port of WWF Betrayal.