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  1. https://twitter.com/HKane/status/1197062755313958913
  2. I just feel sad. Sad that a great manager has left our club, sad that someone who seems to be a really decent guy has got the blame for so many other people's mistakes, sad that the club is run by a chairman who thinks this is a good decision, and sad that any slight hope we had of remaining at the top has gone. Thank you for everything Poch.
  3. Oh Ferrari, you are hilarious. If this finishes Verstappen, Albon, Gasly I may explode with glee. Aw, boo. FUCKS SAKE. Poor Albon. Yay for Gasly, might be Sainz sneaking on to a podium too... Seeing as Lewis has admitted he's at fault can't they just do the penalty now and get Sainz up on the podium like they did with Verstappen/Raikkonen in the US a few years ago?
  4. I'm enjoying it so far, the Wild area is a great mix of things and it's a very good balance of Pokémon available in my mind. As for Dexit, my favourite Pokémon is the Mareep family, which has been available in G/S/C, HG/SS and as a horde encounter in X/Y. I'm very much used to it not being available.
  5. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    Just completely embarrassing, it's inexcusable and has no place on a football field. Losing to the Browns... just horrific.
  6. Chris2K

    NFL 2019

    If you'd told me five weeks ago that we'd end up beating the Rams this season I would have laughed in your face. Thank God for the defence though because our offense is so, so, so bad.
  7. Now the BBC seem to be the leading candidates to win the battle. It says something about a show when literally every broadcaster in the country is fighting to get it.
  8. No post-credit scene/announcement as expected so I guess we just wait and see. I also wonder if we'll see a second Champions series after a tenth series if it moves channel, it would almost seem like a new timeline for the show.
  9. This might just be more on that same report, but it looks like this is going to be the last series on UKTV: https://tbivision.com/2019/11/01/exclusive-avalon-pulls-taskmaster-from-uktv-as-channel-4-circles/ I'm watching the past series on UKTV Play at the moment so I'd better get them finished quickly.
  10. That's a bugger, it's on a real roll at the moment. On the flip side a delay might help Alex/Tim and the rest come up with new ideas for tasks, and a bigger budget would be interesting for both contestants and tasks.
  11. Hulk . Also some minor news from the weekend is that Lewis Hamilton won his sixth world title.
  12. That and the swarm of Everton players surrounding him forcing his hand. Apparently Son is absolutely distraught, and if there's one footballer who doesn't deserve to feel like that it's him.
  13. If I were to start playing Yakuza should I begin canonically with Yakuza 0 or go in release order with Yakuza Kiwami?
  14. I'm on such an easy setting there's no such thing as a ball, everything is in the strike zone. It has to be a timing thing, although I wish I knew why it was checking my swing when I'm going for it. I'm also willing to bet that impatience is a major factor
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